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  1. Kanal-K1

    MOC: 2010 Lego City Hospital CC style

    Amazing! We have a big hospital in our city, with some of buildings 140 years old, built up during the era of Austria-Hungary empire, and your MOC is very close to their architecture. White colour is perfect, and, what I have to forepush - excellent presentation skills. Photos are perfect, text is perfect, blueprinted building plans are fantastic. Thumbs up!
  2. Kanal-K1

    Report about new Western sets addressed to TLG

    Nice idea, Klaus Dieter, nice letter, I hope that TLC will follow our prayers and revive WW theme... THE WESTERN BACK!
  3. This MOC picture had simply blown me down from my chair. Not only the train, but the whole scenery is FANTASTIC! Nothing else to say.
  4. Kanal-K1

    Petition for Western returning

    Great idea. you have my full support...If Western will return, I will buy sure...
  5. Kanal-K1

    Liebherr L 580

    Heavenly God! I felt down from my chair, when I saw next marvellous MOC made by LUGPol member. Thumbs up, my northern neighbor
  6. Kanal-K1

    City 2010

    I am not so much excited seeing the way, where City goes in 2010. Again there is big scale differences. Fire Helicopter is nearly same size as airport building, nearly same width as big plane. Most of those new sets are "Playmobilized", hopefully some Geobra designer had applied for a job at TLC....In fact, only one set, I am thinking about to buy, is the Waterplane....
  7. Kanal-K1

    Atlantis 2010

    To see some pictures of Atlantis serie, start seeing with this first picture on my Brickshelf, and continue to next... EDIT : Legomilk was bit faster, so just info, that you can see some more new 2010 sets in same folder..
  8. Kanal-K1

    City 2010

    To see some pictures of Atlantis serie, start seeing with this first picture on my Brickshelf, and continue to next...
  9. Kanal-K1

    City 2010

    Well, another one 2010 new set - 7207 Fire Boat See picture here
  10. Kanal-K1

    City 2010

    Pictures edited, no more pictures yet. Hope, that there will come finally some season, when last FD station will burn out into the sands of time, and some other theme will be used in City....
  11. Kanal-K1

    City 2010

    I am not sure, if it has been posted anywhere, or not yet, but today one member of my AFOL forum posted a picture of 7208 : See picture here It is weird. Only two good things are the cat and the tree..
  12. Kanal-K1

    Like a rhinestone cowboy...

    Amazing scenery...would like to have something like that at home in times of my childhood, to play with!
  13. Well....why more and more one adage comes to my mind : "The road to hell is tiled with good ideas"... I think I know, why....let´s have a bit of mathematic. Total average annual buying limit for one member is 400 DKK, what, counted with xe.com, is 53,74 Eur. Divided by that white brick 2x4 price, means, that with all those rules, conditions and frenzy administrative, one happy LUG member can take advantage of buying whole 895 bricks per year... In fact, based on stated conditions, LUGBULK seems beeing just an another megablocks, even initiated by a good will.... I said A, so I have to say B : If TLG wants to help to builders, better to make "Fill a bag" actions, where we can buy randomly mixed parts for kilo price. AFAIK same option is in Legolands, and had been in the past in Tesco stores worldwide. Such method means very easy processing for TLG (just distribute requested weight of randomly mixed parts to LUGs), avoids BL reselling too (as only totally crazy people would try to sort kiloware to BL shops) and gives option to buy enough parts for reasonable price.
  14. Nice idea, but rules are so tight, that in fact it is only for very big LUGs in big countries.... (I mean especially the rule about two displays per year). I would also like to say few words to all those fears about "someone making from LUGBULK basis of his BL business" : I have also BL shop, and I am pretty sure, that LUGBULK could never be basis of anyones BL business. With max 100 different elements, two orders per year, and 3 months delayed delivery, no one really can make some huge deal on it. Further on, I am quite sure, that TLG won´t become a maecenas making prices for LUGBULK extra low, voluntary loosing their profit on behalf of LUG members. I guess LUGBULK pricing will be bit below PaB.
  15. Kanal-K1

    10199 Winter Toy Shop

    Great set, for 100 USD worthy to buy.