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  1. Strimmer wire is also a possible solution. It pushes/pulls fine through the outer tubing but I haven't had time to work out a solution to connect each end.
  2. ChrisYe

    Accessing new website on iPad

    Same on Android phone using chrome.
  3. I usually just flick through the instructions. As I come across that part I check that I have put it there/used the right colour part.
  4. Can someone show how the B model outriggers work? I'm interested how they achieve the 2 stages of movement in one process.
  5. Love this! Very aesthetically pleasing how the red lines stand out from the body showing off that well known Porshe shape.
  6. ChrisYe

    Opinion on 42009 - Mobile Crane Mk II

    I recently bought the 42009 after seeing it drop in value. Its my first studless flagship set I've built. I really enjoyed the build, the models functions, and how it looks. This maybe because it was a new type of build for me (previously only built studded models). The only real disappointing aspect is the friction when lowering and raising the outriggers. Whenever I build my models I continually check that there isn't too much friction on the moving parts, however it seems nearly impossible with the amount of gears in the mechanism. Overall I still think its a great model though.