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  1. I just bought this set with the Dragon Dance set. My parents will bring them to me in US from China. Because Spring Festival is coming, the price is increasing. I also bought a lighting set for it. This set reminds me of the Spring Festival Eve dinners I had with my grandparents when I was a little kid. I love it so much, especially those dishes.
  2. nana

    10264 Corner Garage

    I have all modular buildings from Cafe Corner to Assembly Square. After seeing this one, I decided to stop my collecting of modular buildings. The Downtown Dinner and Corner Garage are still great sets. I think they started a new period of modular buildings by having normal minifigures and different styles. The main reason is I am out of space. 12 large buildings are enough for me to enjoy. Thanks to LEGO, Assembly Square is a perfect end of my collection.
  3. I agree there's not enough Christmas spirit in this set. At the first glance, I though it was a city set. I have all the other winter village sets. My winter village set up is already too big and I am not sure if I should continue collecting this line. Maybe I will wait one more year to see the next winter village set and decide.
  4. This CMF collecting becomes too overwhelming to me. I have the Lego Team GB Olympics, German Soccer Team, and two series of Simpsons that I don't really like at all. I bought them just because they are part of CMF collection. So I told myself I need to focus on the traditional series and only buy other series if I am really interested in.
  5. Thanks for another great review! I have all CMFs except Mr. Gold and two Batman series. I hate this distribution. It means I may need to pay $20 more for a complete set. I don't have time to feel and pick Percival in a store. As a both CMF and HP collector, I thought about buying two sets earlier. Now I think I won't.
  6. nana

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thanks! I followed that hashtag.
  7. nana

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Excuse me, but where can I see photos of the Bricktober minifig pack?
  8. nana

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    I have all new advanced fairground sets, Ferris Wheel, Carousel, and Mixer. This one is much more bigger and expensive. I may have to skip it and stop collecting for fairground.
  9. Thank you for your tips! Thanks everyone. It was super easy to check the open bag from 10257 because it mainly contains a few kinds of bricks of a large amount. It was relieved to find it was complete. I saw enough minifigure parts in other bags, too. As for 10255, it is not very easy because some kinds of bricks belong to more than one bags numbered 6. I don’t have time to check all bags numbered 6. I did see the AFOL, baby and that printed tile in other bags. When I put bags from 10257 back to the box, another bag was broken and bricks fell out. To my surprise, I found more tiny cracks on that bag. No wonder the first bag was open in the box. I have built more than 10 modular buildings and many other big sets. This never happened to me before. The bag from 10255 is open in the middle. It looks to me the bag wasn’t sealed well in the factory. The glue isn’t at the right place to stick two pieces of plastic together. I bought one set from Walmart. The other was from Amazon. Now I think none of these two bags was opened by humans. They were open in the box during handling and in different ways. I happened to buy these two sets with some defective bags. The chance is very small so I was worried at first.
  10. I just opened two brand new set, 10257 Carousel Set and 10255 Assembly Square. Their boxes are in perfect shape and sealed well. Both of them have a plastic bag (numbered 5 and 6 respectively) already torn open. Many pieces came out and were scattered around in the box. Is this common nowadays? This never happened to me before, but the last time I built a large set was 3 years ago. I am worried that these sets may be incomplete. Thanks.
  11. nana

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    At first, I thought Lego started a new line. This building reminded me of Simpsons house and market. Then, to my surprise, I found this would be the new Modular Building?! I still can't believe it, especially because minifigures in this set have the regular face. I have all the modular buildings. Recently Lego collecting became a bit overwhelming for me. It is still an awesome set. But since this line starts a new period, maybe it is time for me to quit collecting Modular buildings.
  12. Gorgeous! As a Chinese myself, this is amazing to me. Do you have any furniture or decoration inside the house?
  13. nana

    LEGO Ideas: 21310 Old Fishing Store (Fall 2017)

    Wo, normally the Idea set isn't appealing to me. This one is a must-buy as long as Lego keeps its color scheme!
  14. nana

    10255 Assembly Square

    This will be the most expensive Lego set I buy. I am not a big fan of it at the first glance. I like its interior more than exterior. I have all the modulars and going to buy no matter what.
  15. Your review is very interesting and helpful even after I bought the whole set of 16. I have been collecting CMFs for years. I have all the complete traditional and licensed series. How far do you think this line will go? Now with more than 300 CMFs in hand, I feel the urge to stop right here. It's becoming more than I can enjoy and they take lots of space.