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  1. Heroica RPG - Quest #20: Missing Minerals!

    "A fine mess this is..." Swindle launches some Dark Magic from the back row.
  2. Heroica RPG - Quest #20: Missing Minerals!

    "Perhaps the creature left a trail we could follow?" Swindle puts the torch low to the ground, to illuminate any possible tracks. "Anyone see anything?"
  3. Heroica RPG - Quest #20: Missing Minerals!

    "I think Master De'kra makes a good point. It doesn't appear to be hostile...at the moment...just in case..." Swindle steps into the back row and forms a cluster of Dark Magic behind his back, waiting to see if the creature attacks or not. "It never hurts to be careful..."
  4. Heroica RPG - Quest #20: Missing Minerals!

    Swindle takes out his bottle of venom, looks at it for a moment, and then decides against using it. He turns to the others, torch held back a bit. "Ready when you are, gentlemen."
  5. Heroica RPG - Quest #20: Missing Minerals!

    Swindle takes the ruby and polishes it with the hem of his robes, examines it, and then puts it in his pocket. Thank you, Master Tarn. I owe you one. Yes, now let's head back and go right."
  6. Heroica RPG - Quest #20: Missing Minerals!

    Swindle, who had been mostly focused on the path ahead, turns back to his companions at the sudden turn of events. "Are you speaking of false memories, De'kra? Or parallel worlds? There are plenty of theories about parallel worlds. You know..." Swindle drags the butt of his staff through the dirt on the floor, drawing a single line that splits into two parallel lines. "Like this?"
  7. Decal Wish List

    ED-209, you are my HERO.
  8. Heroica RPG - Quest #20: Missing Minerals!

    "That is a good idea, Master De'kra. I second the motion."
  9. [MOC] LOTR Argonath: King of the Eastern Shore

    First of all, awesome work. Seriously. Secondly, on the subject of color, I'd say you should consider the effects of the environment on the statue. The predominant feature of the Argonath is the river they run over. Perhaps the stone at the legs and the hems of the robes is impacted by continuous moisture? Also, since they're built mostly out of high cliff faces, perhaps there's been a bit of overgrowth where the figures meet the hillside? Keep the figure all one color, except around those areas. That might be cool. I eagerly anticipate the second king. Woah man.
  10. Heroica RPG - Quest #20: Missing Minerals!

    Swindle, sitting up in his bedroll, takes off his hat and slicks back a small wisp of white hair in defiance at Guts. He then turns to Dak. "I haven't noticed anything I'd consider particularly magical, although I wouldn't rule out the possibility. If we decide to go back to where the Spider was, I can double check. To be honest, I don't think that's entirely the answer. "I'd suggest we keep moving forward."
  11. Heroica RPG - Quest #20: Missing Minerals!

    "Job well done!" Swindle brushes some bat gore off of his hat, and takes a short nap in his bedroll.
  12. Heroica RPG - Quest #20: Missing Minerals!

    Swindle shoots at Bat C from the back row. "We can have them easily, gentlemen!"
  13. LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    I'm not really bothered by the stud, but I am...curious.
  14. Heroica RPG - Quest #20: Missing Minerals!

    Swindle pokes the skeleton gently with the butt of the torch, to see if he can find any kind of identification, or suggestion of how it died.