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  2. Ashoka

    The Penguin's MOCs and MODs # 6

    Yes that is exactly right, and with great mocs like this, the theme can live on. Pherhaps we can look forward to some of your mocs in the not too distant future? Ashoka~
  3. Ashoka

    The Penguin's MOCs and MODs # 6

    Amazing as always Penguin! I like the Poison Ivy goon and Mr Freeze the best! I also think the Max Shreck fig is a very accurate representation! Cannot wait to see more work from you Also just to remind you alex 12, Lego batman doesn't have to be a memory if we don't let it become one! Ashoka~
  4. Ashoka

    "By The Pale Moon Light"

    Cool Joker, great use of the hairpiece Is the red gun a custom that many bricklink sellers sell, or is it some kind of promotional? Bricklink doesnt register it as being in a set Also Penguin, looking forward to new mocs from you Ashoka~
  5. Ashoka

    The Penguin's Arkham Asylum.

    Wow penguin! This is truly amazing! I think the front of the building is amazing, but the highlight is the cell block! I really like the way that you have customized some of the characters The only thing that could be changed would be the lobby area, and the path infront of the building (I like the path, it just needs to be surrounded by something). Apart from that, I would go as far to say it is one of the best, if not the best!! The only other contender would be: and this one I really love the way that we are taken round as if actually there, as the ending is very good It would be good if we could see a comic or another moc including this fantastic building! I just have a final question which is: How big is your lego collection? And are your mocs built from sets you have already bought or do you order of bricklink? Thank you for showing us your fantasic moc, Ashoka~
  6. Ashoka

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    Yes we have known for quite a while, if you read back a page you can see this. Back on topic: Do you think we will get a new mold for the pirates or just printed head?? Ashoka~
  7. Ashoka

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    Does anybody know where I can find the solar sailer in the UK? Thanks alot, Ashoka~
  8. Ashoka

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    Yes exactly, it was all on topic, and thank you ADH015 for all of your help, very useful; I have made posts in the relevent areas I think I will be getting: Sep shuttle x1 Tank droid x2 Pirate Tank x1 (maybe x2) Dropship and AT-OT x1 I think the Y-wing is a great set, but I already have the figs, and it would take up too much room! I would only want the figs from the venator, so not worth spending all that money on it I dont collect OT but I think the hoth set and endor bunker look amazing Ashoka~
  9. Ashoka

    British, Chaps? (UK discussion)

    My local TRU has all the new sets, except for the solar sailer, which is the last one I need!! It is supposed to be a TRU exclusive? Thanks Ashoka~
  10. Ashoka

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    However in the video, the man showing the dropship said that it is a S@H exclusive, although it may be available at other stores aswell later on down the line. (Off topic: where can I get the solar sailer in the UK) My parents dont let me get it at all, I have to walk into town or to my TRU when they are out, I was almost caught with an RGS once, as they arrived home at the same time as me How will I get the Dropship and AT-OT??? Ashoka~
  11. Ashoka

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    Haha silly me, you knew which post I meant I wonder if the dropship will be available at TRU (for the UK atleast) I do not have a method of purchasing from S@H as my parents dont let me buy lego anymore Ashoka
  12. Ashoka

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    I am so happy with the Dropship and AT-OT however, for £166 they could have chucked in a new figure It wont be changed, although it was very nice to get a huge collection of clones It would also be nice, if when lego make more walkers in the future, they can be attatched to the dropship, so it remains compatable with all their walkers. Ashoka~
  13. Ashoka

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    Haha good point, but I still think it will be Gunray Its just a Prelim, TLG are probably deciding whether to print it, or make it a sticker, and how to cut down on using such a big sticker, I am pretty sure it will have it I am also pleased to see that the 10x10 tank droid dish is looking very printed Ashoka
  14. Ashoka

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    If I could I would put money on the fact that it is Gunray in the Sep shuttle Im pretty sure it is him, because of the torso, and colour. Lok Durd would have a dark blue and dark bley torso, not red and orange. Anyway I think the new sets look great: 7748: Very good, although boring figs, but finally I will buy this set because the tank droid is such a cool design. 8036: Fantastic set, the best in my opinion, will be getting this to transport seps around 8037: Really great design of the ship, but I'll pass because its so much money, and I already have the figs. 8038: Im a PT and CW fan and even I think this set is amazing!! 7749: Same as Endor, i don't usually like this kinda thing, but wow! 8039: I don't know what people are complaining about, I think it looks great, yes I do think it would have made sense to have a clone officer and Jedi, but I am sure there is time to get many good Jedi yet:) Ashoka
  15. Ashoka

    Batman theme in 2009

    Thanks for clarifying that Mr Spielbrick but... No!!! Please dont cancell the Batman theme TLG! Batman is my favourte theme, we only got 3 waves of sets, we need more! Ashoka~