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  1. 80 Dollar

    MOC: Stringer 2.0

    I really like this one a lot...would you mind sharing the .lxf file? I'd love to take a closer look at the arm...
  2. 80 Dollar

    Review: 11995 Hero Recon Team

    I got this message as well (Yeah, I caved and ordered one last week). I'm really curious what this "cool extra element" is...
  3. 80 Dollar

    Hero Factory 2011

    Too bad that the shipping + some other additional fees cost much more than the set itself. (for me) I'll consider buying one should they add the summer pieces later, though...(gold pieces make me happy) One day I'll have my Hero Factory version of Takanuva. :P
  4. 80 Dollar

    Hero Factory 2011

    I'm sure we'll see them IRL before the Toy Fair. ;)
  5. 80 Dollar

    Hero Factory 2011

    Can you please tell us which ones of the 2011 pieces have you designed or helped design?
  6. 80 Dollar

    Hero Factory 2011

    Is that purple I see on EVO? :) Awesome new pictures, thanks for sharing them.
  7. 80 Dollar

    Hero Factory 2011

    Yay! So many new pieces and we finally get bendable agori sized limbs! The helmets with utility pieces are a neat idea (granted, they look a bit weird on these pictures) and I like that we are getting Glatorian heads in new colors. :) The armor design on the good guys is a bit bland and the villains have very, very wild color schemes but they do feature some neat new pieces. (the torso piece on JetBug is just yummy and we get shin armor pieces) The names are a serious improvement over the last year and the 2.0 version thing is delightfully cheezy. :) (sorry for not being too negative)
  8. 80 Dollar

    Hero Factory 2010

    There are still no information about 2011 sets either, the Star Wars folks already have clear picture of the upcoming sets and we have nothing. :(
  9. 80 Dollar


    The mask looks awesome. Does anyone know if you can order one?
  10. 80 Dollar

    Hero Factory 2010

    Does anyone have The Drop Ship? I'd love to see some new pictures of it...
  11. 80 Dollar

    Hero Factory 2010

    WHAT?! That is so outrageous! You better PM him right away! </sarcasm>
  12. 80 Dollar

    Best Hero Factory Set

    Probably the Drop ship or one of the heroes, I don't really like the villains that much.
  13. 80 Dollar

    Hero Factory 2010

    Now I want my golden Hero...well, maybe next year...
  14. 80 Dollar

    Review: 7168 Dunkan Bulk

    So my Dunkan is defective since I can use his parts with old silver and they look the same... I shall shout and scream for a refund.
  15. 80 Dollar

    Review: 7168 Dunkan Bulk

    It is not, only Thunder (As far as I know) has the new silver, Dunkan has the old one.