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  1. The WarMocer

    Little Wars

    If anybody wants my advice, I think that brikwars is just the perfect wargame for Lego fans. Specially the rules are not as complicated as this. BRIKWARS 4 EVER!
  2. The WarMocer

    MOC: A busy shipyard

    Could you make a step by step turorial for the hull? Tried to make it in LDD Extended, but its kind of hard. Anyway, im really impressed by your more-than-perfect technique.
  3. The WarMocer

    Napoleon and his army - Version 2.0

    MEN! You should consider playing brikwars (! Now you just need (ironic) a few (/ironic) brickarms u-clips and bayonet! Your army would kick some (if tried) some modern armies into the garbage can! They are awesome simply so much BETTER than any other army ive seen!
  4. The WarMocer

    Heroica RPG - Marketplace

    Being tired of all that going around, Sancho decides to go to Gnomeo Shop's and to buy a Bedroll to sleep. He was now happy, and he could sleep. -Here's your gold, Gnomeo! -Thanks! And then he went to sleep. P.S.: These times I wont really have time to play... Gold Spend: 5 Gold Left: 10-5=5gold
  5. The WarMocer

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Fixed! Edit: Also fixed the picture.
  6. The WarMocer

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Long ago, in the land of the halflings: (Okay, maybe you don't want to hear about the LOTR with changed place names and characters name, now just some bit of storytelling) The dark lord Soraun long has passed away But much still wanted to go on a journey There was much adventurous souls but not any dark fool So they all headed to Heroica but its too long to tell for ya One day, there came one: His name was Sancho Praudfout. He traveled far to come to the Heroica Hall. -Hey, how is it in here? Hope there's enough quests for someone adventurous like me. (a voice in the room)-You, i don't know much 'bout halflings, could i learn more -(to himself)Oh! No! Not again, how will I explain him im just living a bit longer than humans but that im only half as tall as them. Need to find something creative to explain all of that stuff... Long time later.... -WOW! That dagger or throwing knife thing you call is perfect for me! A new rogue is coming! Long live the Halflings! (ya, im a fan of the LOTR, thats why my hero is a hobbit Halfling)
  7. The WarMocer

    [Tutorial] Sailing ships interior

    Thanks! I found right the tutorial i needed Now just need to go on BL a bit and do you think I should put punctuation in my previous post?
  8. Actually looking for cheap foliage pieces

  9. The WarMocer

    Roltic the Huntsman

    This is just WOW! Just one question: How much is thereof those foliage pieces? Anyway, GREAT!
  10. The WarMocer

    Review: 10193 Medieval Market Village

    Now that im convinced 'bout buying it, just need to save up some money...
  11. The WarMocer

    MOC: Temple of Lazarus

    Simply MAJESTIC! that blue pool... it looked like it was just blue tiles with some blue light on it REALLY impressed by your tecnics!
  12. The WarMocer

    Great Wall of China

    Agree to both the only thing missing is a closeup of the figs (altough i see 2 pictures that may be closeups)
  13. The WarMocer

    2012 Pirates?

    Need the classic pirates! Because paying 60 bucks just to get 2 redcoats and some "non-useful" (to me) parts is just quite too much
  14. The WarMocer

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    Oh Go*! Would like to have so much redcoats! Now need to go photograph my new pirate sigfig... P.S.: I have 3 basic redcoats and 1 "admiral" (that "officier" in POTC London Escape) badly cant find him... Here's my pirate sigfig (just need a name)
  15. The WarMocer

    [Tutorial] Sailing ships interior

    great tutorial that thing about the hull and the LDD extended rendition is quite brilliant! with that i almost have all i need to build a ship! now need to see how to make sails (surely a tutorial for that too, just need to find the topic) and, OF COURSE, A BIG, no, HUGE LOT OF BROWN PLATES and HINGES and stuff