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    [HELP] 42043 B Model Parts

    Thanks, I'm got a new job as an agricultural engineering lecturer, I've been an agricultural engineer for the last 15 years and need to a new challenge! Might well be able to use lego technic to demonstrate engineering principles too!
  2. theozboy

    [HELP] 42043 B Model Parts

    Spot on Jim, that's perfect. Thanks very much. Pretty sure I won't need those parts but I can look them out before I pack away my parts. Thanks very much.
  3. I'm starting a new job and having to move away. The new place I'm moving too is temporary and a lot smaller than my current place so I am unable to take any of my parts collection with me. I am going to take my built 42043 and built Jurgen's Zorex with me. My question is do I need any of the extra parts to make the 42043 B Model?
  4. theozboy

    Cleaning LEGO "aggressively"

    3M make a product specifically for removing adhesive residue, just Google it. It's great stuff and doesn't harm plastics. I've used it on all sorts of stuff, just squire a bit on and rub off with a clean dry bit of rag.
  5. Zerion is how it's pronounced I'm pretty sure, at least here in the West Country of England!
  6. Most trailer steering is accomplished by either steel cables or steel rods that are attached to a turntable on the 5th wheel. A small wedge shaped piece sits just to the rear of the king pin which engages in the slot on the 5th wheel. As the trailer twists on top of the 5th wheel the wedge is turned, pulling on one rope or the other which is connected to the wheels. Normally wholly mechanical. Or the wheels are just floating and the castor of them makes sure that they follow the vehicle track. If this system is used then there is quite often a lock out to lock the wheels straight ahead for reversing. For heavy loads such as your crane then I would expect it to be of the positively steered type. My experience is from a couple of years ago when I was an hgv mechanic, there may well be electronic versions now but I doubt it, as the trailer wouldn't be able to be used on any truck, as most trucks wouldn't have the electronics as standard to supply the data to the trailer. Also the trailer would need some sort of power on board to power any hydraulic system to steer the rear wheels. Hopefully I've explained this well enough for you to understand!
  7. theozboy

    8043 - The Bucket that Never Was

    Have received my bucket, I've just temporarily fitted it to my copy of Jurgen's Zorex excavator, I had a grab on it so need to refit the large LA and figure out some linkages. Thought I'd share a couple of quick photos with it on. I plan to fit it properly tomorrow and take some more photos showing the range of motion and to test it properly.
  8. theozboy

    [TC6] Hayter LT324 1/6 Scale

    Finally had some time to do a bit more, hopefully I'll be able to finish it in time. My new servo motor arrived today, so that had been fitted and works brilliantly. Spent a good few hours yesterday evening fitting a centre diff and remounting the xl motor. Took a lot of revisions before I had a satisfactory drive train. I've also made an auto valve, inspired by dot technics one on YouTube. Now on to working out the cutting units, the mock up I made was 2 studs too long and not wide enough by 2 studs, nearly right!
  9. theozboy

    [TC6] Hayter LT324 1/6 Scale

    Made quick mockup of a cutting head, it doesn't seem too bad, but haven't made the cylinder inside yet. The quick pneumatic lift I made lots it fine, the front ones will be little more tricky tho. I will have to measure the real ones when I'm back at work to see how close I am with the cutting head I've made, it looks about right to me but could be well off! Thanks ffor the advice with the motor, I'll have to rethink my XL motor placement and put a middle different in, there should be plenty of space!
  10. theozboy

    [TC6] Hayter LT324 1/6 Scale

    The real machine is hydrostatic with individual wheel motors, so yes, it's AWD. I was going to have just 1 XL powering both axles and have a drive shaft between both axles, but I may change that and have a motor per axle so I don't need to worry about a diff between the axles. Or I may make it an LT322 cos that's only 2 wheel drive! The only lego tyres wide enough for the front wheels are power pullers, so I scaled it from that. The real machine is fairly small, so although it's 1/6th scale, it won't be much bigger than Jurgen's PF backhoe, which I bought the power pullers for. I'm hoping I won't have too many issues with the size, this is my first proper MOC and it's proving to be a bit of challenge already! I may have bitten off more than I can chew...
  11. I've been meaning to make a model of one of these for a while now, we use them at my work for cutting sports fields. This competition is the perfect reason to do it, hopefully I can get it completed in time! The real machine - It's going to have an XL for drive, servo steering, M motor for spinning the cutting reels and an M for an auto valve for the pneumatic lift and lower. I haven't gotten very far yet, but have managed to get the wheelbase and widths right, need to build the rest of the chassis and come up with a design for the cutting heads. Rear steering axle is a slightly modified unimog axle, there's plenty of strengthening around the front axle to do. Not sure how I'm going to get drive to the cutting cylinders yet, the real one is all hydraulic and that isn't possible, but I should be able to work something out I think.
  12. That's epic! Don't post much (if at all!) but thought I would for this one... love it :)
  13. theozboy

    Preferences in MOCs

    I'd love to see a flagship tractor. All the other tractors TLG have done so far have been mid range models and I think a 1500 piece or so RC flagship would be mint. Lots of modding opportunitys building implements, you've only got to look at the kit that people built for the unimog!
  14. Very nice model, I reckon this one will be getting my vote. Playability looks spot on
  15. Some photos of my working place, the coffee table in the living room! It's not ideal but the best I can do in my small house. I just finished Jurgens Tarantula Trial truck using my freshly sorted parts. It took me about a week of evenings to sort my 10,000 parts... I did not enjoy that experience I can tell you... However, I built Jurgens truck in probably half the time it would have took me from the old storage setup - the boxes of 42009, 9397, 42006 and 8110! I'm in the UK and got the storage boxes from a place called Big Dug - £15 each for the smaller ones and £20 for the larger ones. I got 2 small and 2 large ones, one smaller one has got gears and pins in, the other has all my PF in. The large ones have liftarms and other bits in, all of my parts fit comfortably in them with a bit of room for expansion. I would well recommend them.