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    I graduated with a BFA in Illustration and Graphic Design in 2002. Since then I've determined that Graphic Design really isn't my cup of tea and have dug out a living for myself working within the toy industry, illustrating and conjuring up with new toy concepts. I'm currently a toy inventor with Bang Zoom Design where I have the pleasure of working with some of the world's best toy designers and engineers. It's a blast.


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  1. kidcharm

    MOC: Lamborghini Countach LP500S

    Beautiful work! This is the best 'studded' model I've seen. ...Great job!
  2. kidcharm

    [REVIEW] 7959 Geonosian Starfighter

    Great Review! Thanks for highlighting the price being a problem. ...It's a real shame. Some of the elements are larger, but they're not big enough to warrant that sort of cost increase.
  3. kidcharm

    LEGO Exclusive 10221 - Super Star Destroyer

    Why $400 and not $300? ...The price on this set is just silly for what you get. ...Come to think of it, $300 would probably be too much given the lack of figures or real features. Size alone isn't a feature worth $100+. ...And whoever suggested that there should have been a full assortment of the bounty hunters was spot on! That would bring up the value. As is, this set is a shameful dud.
  4. kidcharm

    Review: 7947 Prison Tower Rescue

    I gave this set a '4' but think it could have easily been a '5' with the inclusion of a few animals like a dog or a few birds or owls. ...although it does come across as a full and beautiful vision as it is.
  5. kidcharm

    Stilzkin Bridge Launcher

    Great work! ... It's amazing how much you could accomplish with that little motor. It really hung in there with the bridge being deployed!
  6. kidcharm

    10210 Imperial Flagship - UPCOMING SET!!!

    I can't believe my eyes! This thing looks great! ...and the price seems reasonable for the amount of pieces! Beautiful set. ...I wondered if there could ever be something to top the barracuda and this looks to be a big, sexy 'YES'. Way to go Lego! ...Please make more! I'll be spreading this around the office today.
  7. kidcharm

    The end of LEGO Pirates by mid 2010

    ...I love this theme and really hate to think that it would take a license being applied to it for success-sake, but it's the best move for LEGO. ...I'll still buy them. Hopefully when the pirates make their return, they'll leave the decals and crazy high prices (600pieces=$100) on the ocean floor.
  8. kidcharm

    Space Police 2009!

    Hopefully, those aren't all stickers... I love the Alien head, and the pictured set looks fun too. Thanks for the pics.
  9. kidcharm

    REVIEW: 8398 BBQ Stand

    Great review! ...Man, that beard is really making the rounds.
  10. kidcharm

    REVIEW: 7685 Bulldozer

    great review and really attractive set. ...I like the est number being on the side of the dozer. Convenient!
  11. kidcharm Official Pirates Page Has Appeared

    Pretty Good! ...Where's the preview section for future pirate sets? I really love the pirates theme! Hurry the new stuff along! :pir_laugh2:
  12. kidcharm

    7751 Ahsoka's Starfighter & Vulture Droid review

    Wow... the return of nice printed slopes. That's cool! ...It's still too expensive for the piece count, amount of stickers, and general size of the set, but it's cool to see TLG starting to get a bit more on track. 'On Track' being a return to beautiful, printed bricks. If all of the stickered bricks were printed instead, I would consider this a 'must have' purchase at $40. It would be a beautiful set and the cost would be justified in my mind.
  13. kidcharm

    8015 Assassin Droid BP review

    Why did this one get made? ...Talk about filler. When are we going to get a Cantina set, with Greedo and a bar you can build?
  14. kidcharm

    Review : 8019 Republic Attack Shuttle

    Sure, you may get a non light-up mace... But he still has those over-the-top big eyes on his little brown head. And when did Mace start having what appears to be puffy cheeks? ...Is this Windu chewing bubble-gum? I'd say this is another average set... The Gunship (7676) and AT-TE Walker (7675) are hard sets to follow. They were really good, bulky sets, even if a pinch over-priced. With the Attack Shuttle, the incorporation of a gun mech is nice but not enough. Thanks for the review! You're a model citizen within the Lego community.
  15. kidcharm

    Review : 8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack!

    Just an average set, but nice to have available. I saw some at one of the TRUs, here in Cincinnati. Thanks for the review!