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  1. That would be the same for all LEGO stores. Their registers are now restricted from taking percentages off of exclusives, this includes damage box discounts.
  2. It means "may" in the permissive sense. As in, were I to ask, "May I use this coupon on the Tower of Orthanc?" the store employee would have to say "No, unfortunately you may not." I have been told that this does not vary by store, manager, or clerk. The LEGO Stores' registers do not physically allow a discount to be taken off of an exclusive now, even if the manager tries to override it. Usually the employees are very good about doing what they can to make accommodations for a customer, but sadly it sounds like they are powerless to do anything but enforce the policy in this case.
  3. Dark_Avenger

    Ninjago 2014

    As I understand it from my local store, LEGO Brand Retail is supplied with product directly by the company, as they are essentially LEGO S@H outlet shops (minus accessories etc. that appear only online). They do not order select items out of a retailer catalog like Toys R Us or Wal-Mart might.
  4. Dark_Avenger

    Star Wars Duels, take two

    You may or may not remember the first six vignettes I created. Either way, I had planned to do another six or seven, as well as revise some old ones, so here's the complete collection: [WARNING: Revenge of the Sith vignettes contain spoilers from the movie! View at your own risk.] *** = new vignette ** = old vignette revised * = unchanged vignette The Phantom Menace Qui-Gon vs. Darth Maul*** Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. Let's face it; there's just not a whole lot to do with a flat desert terrain. I basically made this one for the sake of completion, and I'm a bit pleased with the detail I was able to squeeze out of flat sand. Obi-Wan vs. Darth Maul** Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. I didn't like this one the first time, and I don't like it now. On the plus side, I hate it less. I did my best to put some detail in the device the generates the Pink Force-Field of Plot Necessity, but that didn't come out too good. Fortunately I was able to put that thing from Jango Fett's Slave I to use as the thing Obi-Wan hangs onto. Attack of the Clones Yoda vs. Count Dooku* Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. Didn't change this one at all; in fact, these are the same pictures from before (same with the other two I didn't change). Of course, I kinda regret that move; this one more than the others needs a reshoot. The Clone Wars Anakin vs. Asajj Ventress*** Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. This one's sub-par in my eyes. I thought it was a good lightsaber fight to make a vignette of, even if it is EU. (Sorry if this doesn't make sense to those of you who haven't watched the animated mini series.) Anways, Anakin's standing on the ledge of the top of a temple on Yavin IV, and the ground in front of him is crumbling under his opponent. The bricks in the background weren't supposed to look like a wall; they're the blood-red sky. Revenge of the Sith Anakin vs. Count Dooku*** Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. I had some serious trouble thinking of a way to do this one sucessfully (more trouble than my little desert). The room they fight in is really open, and they never got too close to a wall, so I put them in a shallow pit at the foot of the stairs. Normally I'd exclude a duel with this much of lack in background options, but c'mon, is there any position cooler to have your minifigs posed in? Obi-Wan vs. General Grievous*** Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. Originally this was the worst vignette of the bunch; they were fighting on an all-tan block (cliff) with an all-tan background. Then I did some searching on line and figured out I had built the location of the fistfight; the lightsaber fight, apparently, had happened in the hanger station. This was lucky, because a hanger's a much better background. That's actually supposed to be a catwalk they're on, and the doorway's meant to be off in the distance. Before I saw the movie and realized about the catwalk, I had them on the ground with three rows of battle droids watching. It looked too cluttered anyways, so I took em out. I'm actually quite proud of this one now, especially because I was able to get a good fighting pose out of the stiff Grievous fig. (And why yes, I DID paint him to be more detailed! Thank you for noticing! :P ) Mace Windu vs. Palpatine*** Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. This one came out better than I expected. The first version had the window still intact, but all the 1x2 bricks made a distracting white grid that you couldn't see the buildings through. Thus, I left a couple shards of the window on the MOC and was able to find a way to mount the top (which worked really well). I kinda like my city skyline in the background, but the minifigs aren't posed too well. There really wasn't enough room to get them right in a length of 8 studs. Yoda vs. Darth Sidious*** Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. Here's another one that came out better than I thought it would. I was able to find a good way to make the central Senate pod, and the rest took off from there. I dunno why I put it on the huge spire; it blended in with the others too much at ground level, I guess. Obi-Wan vs. Anakin* Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. Didn't touch this one. Incidentally, it's still my favorite of the whole bunch. Obi-Wan vs. Anakin (aftermath)*** Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. This is actually the first and only vignette I was gonna do. After starting it those couple months ago, though, I realized that I had no idea what the scene looked like, so it became the action shot with the silhouettes (pictured above), then that led to the other five vignettes, than THAT led to... Well, you get the picture. Anyways, This had a problem similar to Tatooine, only the sand is black here. On the plus side, it's right by a lava river. Before I saw ROTS, Anakin was lying on his back, but I had to change it so he was on his belly and looking up at Obi-Wan. It's a shame that he blends in with the sand, but the goal here was movie accuracy. (I realize this isn't really a duel, but it's become my favorite dialogue in the saga; it deserves its own vignette, to be frank). A New Hope Obi-Wan vs. Darth Vader** Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. I detested the first one, but this one actually looks better, even though I only changed the wall. This version just looks so much sleeker, especially the light panels running from floor to ceiling. Not the most exciting MOC, but oh well. The Empire Strikes Back Luke vs. Darth Vader* Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. The last one that wasn't touched. It's still one of my favorites; putting those little orange lights in the stairs was a pain, but it was worth it. Return of the Jedi Luke vs. Darth Vader** Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. For the most part, it's unchanged; however, I took Snap Dracone's advice and plopped it on the ground. He's right; it does look better now. Too bad almost the whole thing and both combatants are all black. So there you have it. I'd love to hear any comments you guys have.
  5. Dark_Avenger

    Star Wars duels

    Last weekend, I made up a neat little vignette for the long-anticipated Revenge of the Sith duel. This weekend, I made five more (one from each movie). Phantom Menace - Obi-Wan vs. Darth Maul Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. Pic 4. Nothing to special with this one - did my best to work with what I recall as a fairly smooth room setting. One thing I like is that I elevated it to leave room for a pit, though. Attack of the Clones - Yoda vs. Dooku Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. (Apologies for the blurriness.) Ignoring the blatantly-visible transparent piece that suspends Yoda, this is probably one of my favorites. Originally, I thought it'd turn out terrible, but the rough wall and pipes give at least some level of atmosphere to it. Revenge of the Sith - Obi-Wan vs. Anakin Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. This is the first vignette I built, and it remains my favorite. I did my best to put major emphasis on the lava, and I'm happy to have opted for silhouetted figs. A New Hope - Obi-Wan vs. Darth Vader Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. I tried closing off the doorway with side walls, but it made it look far too round and compact. Not especially happy with the way the back wall turned out, and I feel that I did a slipshod job by going with another wedge-a-plate-in-the-studs-of-another-plate technique. The Empire Strikes Back - Luke vs. Darth Vader Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 1. I have to say, it was a real pain building the staircase so those thin orange lights were included, but I think it was worth it. I'm happy with the background, too (in case you can't tell, the solid blue bricks were meant to be the fog rising behind Vader). Originally, I tried making Vader a silhouette, but his helmet was too distinguishable, so it just looked like a Vader that hadn't been painted. Return of the Jedi - Luke vs. Darth Vader Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. Yes, I know the horrors of photographing black MOCs, but black's really the only color for the Emporer's throne room. Next to Obi-Wan vs. Maul, this is probably my least favorite. The elevator doorway looks okay, IMO, but everything else seems too plain. WARNING: FOLLOWING SECTION MAY CONTAIN EPISODE III SPOILERS Things to come: (Yes, I have another 6 vignettes planned) - Phantom Menace: Qui-Gon vs. Darth Maul (desert duel) - The Clone Wars: Anakin vs. that crazy chick with two red lightsabers (I think her name was Asajj or something) - Revenge of the Sith: Anakin vs. Dooku - Revenge of the Sith: Obi-Wan vs. Grievous - Revenge of the Sith: Mace Windu vs. Palpatine - Revenge of the Sith: Yoda vs. Sidious As y'all can tell, I have a lot to learn about vignette-making. Personally, I think I'm off to an okay start (I guess I just really like that Anakin vs. Obi-Wan, lol), but I'd love to hear whatever feedback any of you have to offer.
  6. Dark_Avenger

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    I heard from the Woodfield LEGO Store that they won't be released until the very end of January.
  7. Dark_Avenger

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    I agree, I think they just moved it so it didn't cover the logo in the middle. LEGO has changed things on box art for the sake of display before (I remember them switching the sails on Brickbeard's Bounty so that the skull and crossbones were visible). I honestly can't think of much more I could have hoped for in a first wave! I was holding out for a Balrog in the Moria set, but I'm sure that'll come along somewhere down the road. Probably one of the best moves LEGO has made: making an Uruk-hai battlepack with a wall section that can be added to Helm's Deep as many times as we want! I can't wait to see how they handle Minas Tirith!
  8. Dark_Avenger

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    I love the look of Jabba's Palace! It seems designed to have an interior and an exterior that actually resembles the building, with what I think is the gate on the first floor of that tower. IMO it's hard to find a better solution to getting the right shape to the set, especially considering the wildly inaccurate 2003 version.
  9. Dark_Avenger

    2011 Kingdoms + US prices

    Interesting theory, but remember that the set is called "Blacksmith Attack." So I don't think he'd be attacked by one of the knights he makes weapons for.
  10. Dark_Avenger

    Harry Potter 2011 Discussion

    I don't see what there is to be angry about? As it stands, we're getting in this set: - More paintings - A classroom with balcony - Mirror of Erised (?) - Cots for Gryffindor or Room of Requirement - Astronomy Tower with printed globe - Divination classroom (I'm guessing) All things considered, that's not a bad amount of detail for a $50 set with four new minifigs, and I certainly can't hold TLG at fault for not throwing interior decoration into underground areas that aren't even four bricks tall (not even enough comfortable standing room for a minifig). If you're so focused on having more detail in every room, well, isn't that what LEGO is all about? Being able to add to and rebuild things if they aren't to your liking? And you're right that TLG doesn't want to give away all their secrets - in the sense that we didn't get pictures of the Black Pearl, or the next modular building, or other exclusives that will be released toward the end of the year. Those are things that LEGO likes to surprise us with. But for standard retail sets like this one? They have no reason to hide anything about them if they're going so far as to build them and put them on display. Toy Fair is a big deal - LEGO wants all of their products to look as appealing and as close to the final product as possible so that retailers will order lots of sets. And with four months until release, they need to allow time to actually manufacture the sets and ship them out. At this point, it's very unlikely that LEGO will make changes or additions to what was on display. I think you're fixated on pretty wishful thinking at this point. And if the set looks plain bad? No one is forcing you to buy it. I know I'll be getting at least one to add to my Hogwarts.
  11. Dark_Avenger

    Harry Potter 2011 Discussion

    If they didn't have details in the lower level at Toy Fair, then I'm inclined to agree that they most likely won't in the final product. Those "caves" are only a few bricks high - they don't look like they're meant to be levels as much as decoration for the outside (so that the towers are in line with the elevated bridge). As far as finality at Toy Fair goes, well, take a look at the photos for Hogwarts from a year ago: Other than the minifigs (due to torso printing), all the details of the set look like they match the final version. And back then, the set was 8 months away from release - the Battle set is currently 4 months away. If TLG was planning on putting interior details in the set, I don't think they would add more at this point.
  12. Dark_Avenger

    Has anyone got AND combined all Hogwarts Castles?

    I combined my 2004 and 2010 editions and built them up so the architecture was consistent. http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=458682 I plan on redesigning the building all the way to the right when I get a chance.
  13. Dark_Avenger

    Lego Spongebob Squarepants 2011 Discussion Thread

    Great find! The picture isn't much to go off, but from what I can tell, Heroic Heroes will be a Mermaid Man (and Barnacle Boy?) set. The fig looks like it has white hair and something purple on its face (the starfish over the nose), and the building could very well be the retirement home. I'm really hoping on this one, as MM&BB were the only thing I wish LEGO had made before the line ended!
  14. Dark_Avenger

    8129 AT-AT White Sticker Sheet

    I just got the AT-AT a week ago and this happened to me, too. I was surprised and pretty disappointed!
  15. Dark_Avenger

    Harry Potter 2010 discussion thread

    I'm with The Brick Rat on this. I've always wanted more Diagon Alley shops after Quality Quidditch Supplies and the Knockturn Alley shop came out years ago!
  16. Dark_Avenger

    2011 NINJAGO sets

    I think he means the 1999/2000 theme WAS a historical theme, meaning this new one will be very, very different from that one.
  17. Dark_Avenger

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Cad Bane's Speeder zoomed in: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/KopakaX/...anesspeeder.png
  18. Dark_Avenger

    MOC: Wizard's Mountain

    Hey all - this is probably the first big project I've made from scratch in the past couple years (everything else has been modding here and there), but after several days and a whole lotta pieces, my wizard has a tower to call home! Just the tower: ...and the mountain: River of probably-shouldn't-touch-that-stuff: Entrance to the mountain, you can see the outline of the alter: Detail on the crystal lines running down the rocks: Cave mouth on the side of the mountain, with a path and stairway leading to the tower: Detail on the tower: Entire model from behind: A hole runs from the roof of the tower to the wizard's study: The study: Inside of the mountain: Alter: Staircase leading to the outside path of the mountain shown before: I built the model in halves: the tower and mountain separate (otherwise it'd be terrible to carry): Obligatory battle scene: The wizard at home: More various pictures in the gallery: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=397840 Special thanks to the Pick-a-Brick wall at the Woodfield LEGO Store - always a good and useful selection when I stop by!
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    Prince of Persia 2010

    Don't think this has been posted yet (if it has, I'm sorry): http://legetoys.dk/lego-132/prince-of-persia-273/ Pics of the sets, minus Alamut, from the same site KimT linked to for August Star Wars releases.
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    For anyone in Chicago area, I found all six Stars at the LEGO Store in Woodfield Mall - they got a bunch in on Monday. I can't speak for the rest of the brand stores, but it wouldn't surprise me if they're turning up in those too.
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    MOC: Wizard's Mountain

    Thanks Torax - I tried some windows, but they didn't work the way I wanted since the tower is zig-zagged on the edges, and I didn't just want them going all in a line up the front. I thought about doing some kind of design in the wall between the door and the top of the tower, but no ideas came - maybe I'll add it in the future. And I like to imagine the wizard can fly through the well to the top - makes it harder for enemies to follow.
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    Power Miners HQ WIP

    The groundwork you've laid lends itself to tons of possibilities - looking forward to seeing more! I never liked the LEGO version of the HQ at all, so I'm glad to see MOCs springing up. My one suggestion is with the castle wall pieces you used - the arched, open windows seem a little out of place for the theme. Power miners seem to use a lot of smoke-transparent glass for windows, much like what you have for the curved walls (which look great). I'll be watching the progress on this!
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    LEGO Pirates Tic Tac Toe - includes 10 minifigures!

    EXCELLENT! Two soldiers for army building, and a great way to get the Commander/Captain/Wench for cheap! Might hafta pick up one or two of these
  24. Dark_Avenger

    Who's Going to Brickworld 2010?

    I had a blast this year, I'm definitely up for a second go-around next time!