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  1. Lighti

    [MOC MOD] BMW R Nine T custom

    ah, you were the one that gave me the final solution for my rear suspension problem. I couldn't find the thread otherwise I would have mentioned you as well. thanks a lot again! You have no clue how happy I was seeing your implementation and that it works for me as well. Axle with stop is a good idea, I just didn't think about that one. Will see if a dbg one will fit. Tan is no option. Thats why I used grey gears and old grey parts everywhere. I used plenty of black bushes and black pins with axle end as well just for a better overall look.
  2. its been a long time since I started this project. but finally its finished. It was inspired a lot by Thats why I labeled it MOC MOD. real basis was a beautiful R Nine T custom by clutch motorcycles ( features: suspension front and rear. working single lever with shaft drive, dual cylinder "boxer like" fake engine. working 2 speed transmission. biggest problem was a working shaft drive with suspension and single lever that is stiff enough that it doesnt bent instead of compressing the suspension. Feel free for all suggestions how to do stuff better
  3. holy grail: not really anything particular. I got 2x 41999 and sold them for profits, same with the enzo, power puller. A new Porsche for < 180€ maybe ;) dream: lego offering parts packs of the small stuff in the main panel colors! (pins, bushes, axles), I didn't have enough of 43093 in black for my current motorcycle project, so I got one of the sets that have plenty on ebay just for those. regrets: not buying the UCS millenium falcon when it was on the shelves and I had the money
  4. Lighti

    part search for plant thing

    food & drink!? I never would have searched there. thanks a lot
  5. Lighti

    part search for plant thing

    Hi all, usually I lurk around only in the technic forum. But by accident I found this totally cute MOC on bricklink: I figured out all parts but the plant he has in his hand. could anyone please provide me with a part number? Thanks a lot
  6. Lighti

    REVIEW: 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V

    impressive set, whats the overall length of the rocket fully assembled?
  7. Lighti

    [WIP] Isetta - restart

    well that historic picture shows it pretty ugly. but in Munich in the "BMW Welt" there is one driving around frequently, you can have a round for your kids in it. And in real its actually quite cute. and I once saw one in the underground garage of the BMW building here parking beside a BMW X6. that was some nice pic ;)
  8. Lighti

    [MOC] BMW motorrad

    nice one, and instantly identifies itself as a BMW. I am still struggling with a BMW r nine t custom moc, mainly with the kardan mounted to one side only (don't know the english word for "einarmschwinge") So my question, is that suspension functional? From the pictures I am quite sure it isn't. But interesting part you used for the kardan link at the wheel. that might solve some of connection problems
  9. Lighti

    [MOC] BMW 3.5 CSL IMSA GTO 1976

    the tiny one is lovely as well, with the free instructions it will end up on my desk (working for BMW ;) )
  10. Lighti

    [MOC] BMW 3.5 CSL IMSA GTO 1976

    great stuff, the livery is brilliant. what part did you use for the front "BMW doppelniere"? ;)
  11. gears together is a very good idea as well, I have somewhere in my old parts box a stack of those might look good, too.
  12. thanks a lot for the input, guys. The bucket is to small I fear, since the connecting piece will be the timing gear looks interesting 4869 looks perfect, but will be to long I fear, and I don't know how to connect the wide part ;) currently I am struggling with the tank, the new technic ship made the panels aviable in dark blue again. but there are no 9L liftarms in dark blue (but 3L) So I will try to remodel the tank with parts that are aviable in dark blue, to match the look of the real one better as with plain blue. Found some interesting bionicle pieces that might help
  13. Hi all... being inspired again by the new BMW technic motorcycle, I plan to make a "modded MOC" of a custom version of the BMW r nine t this is one of my favrouite custom versions: and I found a very nice BMW cafe racer MOC on rebrickable, that I haven't seen here yet. that resembles it partially pretty good already and I got my hand on a 8420, which has unique parts for the brake discs and a very nice shock absorber which I plan to use. But one part gives me a headache. the air intake filters. The ones in the custom BMW look really good, but I haven't found a part that I could use for them yet, there is hopefully one in the studded world, but I honestly don't know where to look for
  14. really good looking, and its blue!!! ;)
  15. very clever use of those panels for bodywork... and the best, its blue!