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  1. Jesperallen

    Medusheld, the Golden Hall of King Theoden

    Looking really great!
  2. Jesperallen

    WIP Castle Seawatch

    Thank´s for the comments all! I´ve not tried to motorize these functions yet. I´ll leave that to solve later on in the project. I don´t have the build in front of me but I think they are pearl light grey.
  3. Jesperallen

    WIP Castle Seawatch

    Thank you all for the kind feedback! When I started this project my intention was to create a realistic castle and it´s good to know that shines through in the slowly coming result. I´m glad to be able to inspire others as me myself have been inspired by many great creations out there. And yes, the main keep will be placed on a higher part of the cliff and probably be quite immense so to dominate the rest of the castle. But that one is a long time coming yet :) Now I´ll focus on yet another gate to the middle curtain and then the main gate that leads in to the outer curtain.
  4. Jesperallen

    MOC: The Black Rider

    Great to see this gnice build again Etzel. Had the opportunity to see it live at a Swebrick event this weekend and I love the coluorscheme. The trees and the path also feels just right to me.
  5. Jesperallen

    WIP Castle Seawatch

    Thank you very much! Glad your Duck enjoyed it´s stay I´ve now updated the first post with new pictures of the now finished "SeaGate tower"
  6. Jesperallen

    WIP Castle Seawatch

    The finished castle will cover about twenty 48x48 baseplates. All floors are axessible and prepared for furniture and interior but I Will focus on that later. Thank you:) looking forward to see one of your builds. I have just finished another part of Seawatch and Will try to post pictures as soon as possible.
  7. Jesperallen

    MOC: Abandoned village

    Nice build! The houses are great and you´ve captured the feeling of the abandonment superbly.
  8. Jesperallen

    for the people, freedom and honor! Castle Diorama

    This is a wonderful build. I love the authentic look of the walls with the damage and cracks which are fantasticly done. The long loopholes are great, as the rest of the diorama with the siegeengines as well. Really well done!
  9. Jesperallen


    That water is stunning, got that feeling of falling movement. Great colours too!
  10. Jesperallen

    The Hornburg in Helm's Deep

    Absolutely wonderful! Specially love the jagged rockformation.
  11. Jesperallen

    WIP Castle Seawatch

    Thank´s all for the feedback! Recieved more parts today and will try to continue constructiong the gatehouse above the portcullis in the coming weeks. @deanorth you,ve got a PM @DaDeDesign you´ve got some nice ideas there that would prove useful indeed!
  12. Jesperallen

    MOC "Frodo to the Rescue" vignette

    That water effect really is fantastic. Well done!
  13. Jesperallen

    WIP Castle Seawatch

    Thank you! Resources are often lacking, buy both over BL and large used BULK and trade what I don´t want to get what I need. Have collected pieces over several years now and built when stock allows, so it´s a slow ongoing project. As I have three small children spare time to build is not plenty either.
  14. Jesperallen

    [MOC] The long dark of Moria

    Really nice! The stonework is great and I think you´ve captured the hard dwarwish building style. Like the hard, rocky feeling and that the mine seems to extend even aftar the moc ends.
  15. Jesperallen

    WIP Castle Seawatch

    Thank you all for the kind comments! @Watchman Finished, the whole diorama will consist of (very) roughly 250-300 000 bricks. It´s really hard to estimate at this stage, specially as I´ve not decided the height of the top of the cliff and the rather large keep to be constructed on top of it. @beelzibus Thank you very much for these really warming words! I think of it as different building styles. Every builder has different ways and building techniques to express something. Quite often I look with admiration and sometimes a bit jealousy at various builders mocs when they show skill at managing details and strongly express something with a small amount of bricks. That is a way of building that I´m not sure I´ll ever master. I think It´s wonderful to study many mocs at different forums as each moc studied helps you develop your own buildingstyle in one way or another. Again thank you!