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  1. Hola! Big W MacArthur Central (Brisbane CBD) had Detroit Steel Strikes for $49 (not a bargain, but a sweet set released in Ozlandia ahead of other jurisdictions, quid pro quo for the late release of The Lego Batman Movie) and the recent petrol station (60132) for the far more reasonable price of $69 when I was there on Friday afternoon. EvMan
  2. Hola! Big W Macarthur Central, Brisbane CBD has signs up for 20% off all toys for today and tomorrow (11 and 12 September). Big W's shelf price for Scooby Doo Mystery Machine is $45, so 20% off brings it down to $36. Cha-CHING! EvMan
  3. Hola! Are you saying there are people who would be happy paying $25 if there is a $6 saving but not happy paying $25 if there is only a $5 saving? EvMan
  4. EvMan

    Hemlock Falls (WIP)

    Hola! I respectfully request you withdraw your promise to not post every time you add to Hemlock Falls; I'm keen to see the progress of your town. You've packed a lot into your layout. The farm is a great addition that fits in with the transition from city to rural. Not cool that the seller underestimated/didn't know how many pieces were missing, but it looks great in your town. Thanks for sharing. EvMan
  5. EvMan

    Hemlock Falls (WIP)

    Hola! Constructive feedback is fine. Telling another member how they are supposed to use their Lego and calling their display lazy and uncreative is not fine. EvMan
  6. Hola! Double Decker couch is at Myer Brisbane CBD. EvMan
  7. EvMan

    Lego design bench

    Hola! Serpico's amazing city square? http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=97189&st=0 EvMan
  8. EvMan

    MOC: Agro Store

    Hola! Your modesty is refreshing, but apprentice has become master. Long may you reign. EvMan
  9. EvMan

    MOC: Agro Store

    Hola! Your hardware store is amazing, Monsinjor! It's on another level (figuratively, not literally). Your small machines are outstanding (the blower is a stand-out amongst exalted competition), the store is packed with details, and some of the part usage is inspired (i.e. minifigure hands for gloves). Thanks for sharing! EvMan
  10. EvMan

    MOC - Cox Rural Merchandise Store

    Hola! Is Lachlan cool with you posting his work mobile number? EvMan
  11. EvMan

    City Layout - Inspired by Los Angeles, California

    Hola! You've packed so many details into your stunning city. The mix of open-back and modular sets looks bang on. So much inspiration. Thanks for sharing. EvMan
  12. EvMan

    Sets with 'modularising' potential

    Hola! Sober EvMan found the link: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=101747#entry2054808 EvMan
  13. EvMan

    Sets with 'modularising' potential

    Hola! Medieval Market Village has been modular used to ace effect. There was a recent thread where a member posted a number of modularised sets (inc Diagon Alley and MMV buildings) along with vehicles, but I am on my iPhone and am out drinking so can't search for it now. Appreciate this is a near-useless post. Sorry. EvMan
  14. Hola! Would canned Cuusoo ideas and estimates of TLG's design and manufacturing timeframes be posted here or in the wish list thread? EvMan
  15. EvMan

    10246 Detective's Office

    Hola! The main reason I will buy it is to keep my modular building collection complete. The pool hall, detective's office and barber are great, but the levels above the barber are too small. Even 6 more studs to the rear of the blue/brown building would have meant it could have been a studio apartment. Not that a cookie-runner necessarily wants to bake his product where he lives, but then the play features associated with the narrative wouldn't be as dominant in the set. No need for anyone to say "Remember, it is Lego, so you can create whatever you want!" or similar. EvMan