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  1. mrlegoman

    [MOCs] Swing Carousel/Chair-O-Planes, Drop Tower

    Nice builds indeed. Especially the swings although maybe try gearing the swing mechanism down a bit to get a more realistic turn ratio like a real one. Very impressive though.
  2. mrlegoman

    [MOC] Vive la France!!! French Town Hall

    C'est magnifique! If this was an official Lego modular I would buy it.
  3. mrlegoman

    Marouane Fellaini

    Without a doubt Fellaini!
  4. mrlegoman

    [MOC] Hotel Dining Hall

  5. First June toy sale off the ranks - Good deals on City and Starwars, also exclusive for Ghostbusters Headquarters at $475.00, mayhave to put that one on laybuy!
  6. mrlegoman

    MOC Snorkel Aerial Fire Truck

    Now that's what I call a fire truck! Thats is pretty much on point.
  7. Nice! That's a steal!
  8. mrlegoman

    MOC/MOD - Council Truck

    Hey Lightening Tiger, I saw some of your creations at Brickelaide a few weeks ago. Been following your creations on Eurobricks for some time now so when I stumbled across your display I thought "hmmm, that looks familiar! " Will be there next year bringing down a display from Brisbane.
  9. mrlegoman

    Helicopter MIL MI-171 (MI-8 modification)

    This is pretty neat! I love aircraft mocs and this one is up there.
  10. Series 15 spotted at Myer Brisbane CBD. Had a quick rummage, got the farmer and shark guy.
  11. 2016 City hospital plane and rubbish truck spotted at Target Brisbane CBD today.
  12. mrlegoman

    MOC: Friends Animal Park

    Very good, must have taken a while to build this. Loving it!
  13. Hey, if anyone is after the 2015 Starwars Advent Calendar, Myer in Brisbane CBD have about 20 @ 49.95 ea.I grabbed one, quite a nice set with some good minifigs for the collector.
  14. David jones in Brisbane City has the Starwars Battle figures. Darth Vader was 49.95 and the others were 29.95 from what I saw. They also have the Scooby Do sets as well.
  15. mrlegoman

    MOC - Comic Book Store

    Nicely done, lots of thought and effort.