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  1. Megatron

    2008 Picture thread

    Quit your complaining, the RGS will be $160 here
  2. Megatron

    2008 Picture thread

    Growing daily more impressed with the sets... ...wasnt't blown away at first but the more pictures I see the more I realise these are incredibly well designed sets with loads of gameplay elements, while i'd have loved for there to be the gun pods on the Gunship, I cant really think of any way they could have made the ship itself that much better
  3. Megatron

    2008 Picture thread

    Do you think the AT TE has some sort of leg moving mechansim? Check out this picture It shows elastic bands next to the legs and a pole thing can be raised / lowered just behind the gun turret What do you think?
  4. Megatron

    Batman '08

    argh - the Tumber is supposed to be all black, why all the grey pieces That will have to be modded....
  5. Megatron

    Prices: Who the bloody bell can afford to buy SW Lego?

    ah quiet you Its $80 dollars here - quit your complaining - u get it HALF the price we do
  6. Megatron

    2008 Picture thread

    I got it, it sits proudly next to my Republic Gunship :-) Its an awesome set - much better than the official version - well worth the $500