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  1. spzero

    [TC12] The "Big Racoon"

    Totally Awesome love the whole concept and build well done
  2. spzero

    London Underground 'tube' MOC. (1996 stock)

    I was going to suggest the same as Phil B would work fine unless you have points then it might be problematic
  3. spzero

    Curse of the Blue Angel

    its cool, a great video but too much LEPIN for my liking (I can almost understand on some of the old modulars but not the newer stuff),
  4. spzero

    MOC: Modular Space Centre

    fantastic so many great features, CLASSIC
  5. Thanks everyone good to know @legoman666 12 volt is fine as I use the old 12 volt controller to power the lights and stuff so have one spare I could then make the 9v redundant, any idea on what rating etc the bridge rectifier needs to be...?
  6. Charging while moving is it possible anyone done it? Okay I have a great little train layout in my shop window and it works fine most of the time, sometimes with the old 9v motors wearing down contacts and so forth the motors stop in certain sections its really annoying as I run them for hours everyday, and have to keep giving them a push, I would like to get the best from both worlds power functions and 9v. I'm currently using a PF motor as they are less prone to overheating in the afternoon sunshine this is powered by a 9volt motorless boogie getting power from the tracks ( I have to add new contacts quite frequently as all the original ones are worn down) as soon as the pickup motor looses power from a section of track (say a point section) the train comes to a halt so I have to run short fast trains to avoid this. I would love a nice slow train using the 9volt off the track to keep charged the 9v pf battery pack (with rechargeable batteries) and simultaneously powering the train.. is this possible would it be possible with the official rechargeable pack? Advice appreciated I know this has been discussed before but I,m not aware of any results..
  7. spzero

    New LEGO Train Magazine - A Proposal

    Ok, I loved rail bricks it was awesome..... LEGO trains is a niche why not broaden it's horizons and appeal to a wider audience not to the extent of Star Wars and Ninjago there is enough for that but to include LEGO CITY that way it can have modulars and the like included it can be a Train and Town publication it might be more viable then.. I would maybe pay a nominal fee for the publication but if it is only content similar to what is available for free on other forums facebook feeds etc its not worth while. Looking forward to what may happen.
  8. spzero

    LEGO VIP program questions for you!

    1) s@h use it for purchases instore and online, 2) Like the points earned generally use them when available rather than saving them up. 3) has no influence I wouldn't buy a set is didn't want just because there were a few extra vip points with it. 4) as above (Have access to a read only API so we can programmatically query what bricks are available in the pick-a-brick and bricks-and-pieces (maybe even sets) so we can plan orders easier.) Would be fantastic 5) as the rest we should be treated the same maybe an extra freebie after so many years or something.
  9. It's a double edged sword as a dealer I can sell lots of LEGO as its so popular but lower mark up and therefore more work, ( I saw a box of 'LEGO' that was mainly Megablo**s, about 2 kilos in all sell at auction for over £50.00 plus commission the other day no figures or anything rare apart from an incomplete hulk buster, it's crazy at auctions at the moment) In the last year I have had better deals buying model trains and diecast cars and I don't know anything about them relatively, As a collector I'm more interested in Fabuland, trains and wolf pack stuff not the UCS sets the only thing I really want is an emerald night and I will find one at a good price one day....
  10. spzero

    LEGO Mighty Max

    MM would be great especially using the minifigures trophy as a figure then you could make small play sets on a micro scale
  11. I hope it burst's soon and it will burst before long, every tom dick and harry has jumped on the LEGO bandwagon it annoys me as a collector and toy dealer I struggle to buy LEGO at auctions etc for a reasonable price these days just a few years ago I could fill my car for next to nothing now I get a small box for hundreds of pounds, to be honest general LEGO has not increased that much in value its only certain sets I know they will always be collectors but people are joining facebook groups and asking what LEGO they should collect!! I mean seriously if they have to ask and have no oppinion of there own they need to get a life they shouldn't be collecting they have no idea and just like the thought of buying what is popular! I collect LEGO I like I don't really care about value's as long as its not worthless a small increase would be nice as mentioned by captain.
  12. 4) Series 5 - Royal Guard Entry (Build by Swan Dutchman) 1 point 12) Series 11 - Mountain Climber Entry (Build by lfr80) 1 point 46) Series 12 - Video Game Guy Entry (Build by Graham Gidman) 1 point
  13. 1) Janitor Entry (Build by Yatkuu) - 1 point 7) Clumsy Guy Entry (Build by Actor Builder) - 1 point 10) Astronaut Entry (Build by Karl Kream Pie)
  14. spzero

    Claw Coast