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  1. The mechanical game of life, by AncientJames, belongs to the "on Blakbirds shelf" category.
  2. Hm, sorry for that, I have no idea what happened when I put the link to the youtube clip of that excellent front axle. I don't dare to make another try, so you just have to search for it instead; I know it's discussed in this thread. Back to lurking...
  3. Nicjasno's front axle. Edit: crazy youtube link removed.
  4. Now we must stone you to death for speaking His name out loud.
  5. - Is it a bird? - Is it a plane? - No, it's... no spoilers here! If my guess is right I believe we have some reading to look forward to!
  6. I think there was a similar thread some time ago and then the culprit was a bad battery box.
  7. Or like a Tatra. The small wheels must be for negotiating trenches. You would get stuck in an instant without them, with that long, sticking out nose buried in the ground.
  8. You might want to second this in the HoF discussion topic!
  9. Nominating Lipko's telehandler Great looks and functionality, one of few with self levelling forks!
  10. Manual pumps really does the trick. They're powerful, quiet and make precise control so much easier.
  11. I'm nominating Nikolay's motorcycle for its excellent functionality: