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  1. Is there any other set with Susan? I got this one for Susan. The Banana was a nice extra (Particularly because bananas have become a big thing on the Minecraft youtube series I'm watching. So he's going to get some double duty after I put him together)
  2. I just saw these, posted by Lego themselves, on Facebook. It is really neat to have my first look be when Lego releases them since so many I see here first! All three look excellent. I'll probably have to choose just one (And that will likely be influenced by which one my kids are most interested in) I love the mech in this one. But also the Domes in the Not Evil Palace, and the star and hearts (after seeing the movie I really want some of these guys) And I can see that palace being used as a backdrop for play. But I also love all the characters at the Spa and those transparent blue pieces, and the child vampire!. Feels very "Elsa"
  3. Sarah

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    I think you are right about the weather being a big play. We are in Texas and I had pre-bought tickets to the show... and I was tempted not to go out onto the slippery streets anwyay. But, well. I'd bought tickets and my daughter was looking forward to it so out we went.
  4. Sarah

    The LEGO Movie 2 SPOILER thread

    As a mother myself, just because quarreling happens between every kid set of siblings doesn't mean there should be no consequences. The absolute worst punishment my parents could give my sister and I were to send us to our own rooms. We'd sit in our doorways and glare at each other instead of going into our room and playing with our room full of toys. These kids have other toys to play with. Note that putting the Legos away did not mean it was forever, they were playing happily again by the end of the movie. IT meant a time out was needed for them to remember they actually enjoy playing together and need to make more efforts not to just fight all the time. I actually think part of the problem may be that she DIDN't actually follow through on these threats in the past. (though I get it. I like my kids playing with Lego. I don't want to take them away either!) And no, you can't always search for something you dropped when doing so means you aren't paying attention to what you are supposed to be doing.
  5. Sarah

    The LEGO Movie 2 SPOILER thread

    I saw it Saturday with my daughter (my husband and son were away at Winter Camp, more's the pity. My kids are age 7 (her) and age 11 (him) So I see a lot of our house on the screen in this movie. I do agree to liking this movie better than the previous one. Though both movies are favorites here. During the movie, my daughter was up dancing in the aisle during several of the musical numbers and most of the credits (Until she ran out of energy). One thing I noticed: (especially if you assume in this movie that the daughter is about the same age the son was in the first movie.) The son was better at building realistic buildings. But the daughter's building style is more creative overall. And look how much care she took to include all of her brother's favorite characters primary motivators -- building separate sets focused on each of them. I saw this movie as they each had a primary "Sig fig" that the other person didn't touch at all. And a set of characters that they were more likely to be the one that played with, but both could use. After the movie we went to the store, and my daughter was chatting with me how she wanted "That one horn character" (Unikitty). Since all she had was $5 (That's her allowance), we felt the packets and found her one and she was quite pleased. I also got her Emmet's Piece set to put on her dresser. She wants to give it to her brother after he has a chance to watch the movie and understand why its meaningful.
  6. For DECADES, Lego has had sets out there with just minifigures in them. They did not capture a great part of the female market, even though individual females would buy them. When *I* got into Lego, Minifigures were not the "Normal" type of figure. My first figures were Homemaker. I wonder if Lego fans at the time would have been arguing against minifigs and how unrealistic their proportions were. And how it was so much more Lego-like to BUILD your own people and your own animals and even your own tractor. None of these specialized pieces that make it harder to rebuild the set if you lose one little piece... So the experiment has already been tried, and failed for years. It's time to do something new. And something that really is getting a lot more girls into buying Legos and playing Legos than where they were in the "treat everyone like everyone likes minifigs best" world (because if you just repeat it often enough, it will become true, right?)
  7. There have been a LOT of trailers for this movie. I don't normally watch movies this close. Is this normal now?
  8. My daughter is a lot more interested in The Lego Movie sets we've seen so far than she has been with much Lego we've seen in the store (She tends to like the animals. Dragons in Elves. Friends animals. And Minecraft Farm, etc scenes) But this one has her excited. Though so far her favorite set is Warrior Kitty. (And I've got an older son/younger daughter with 4 year age difference, with the younger being the more creative Lego-builder -- so this movie is being eagerly looked forward to for many reasons.)
  9. The Youtuber ellieV toys does a lot with customizing Minidolls. Both my daughter and I enjoy watching her videos. For Example: Harry Potter Minidolls:
  10. Sarah

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Honestly... I JUST bought the pods. I'd prefer the heart storage boxes (stackable!) so I'm thinking of returning the pods and waiting.
  11. I expect my daughter will like the spacemen minifigs. I figured we needed two copies. One for me and one for the kids—and the pink one will likely get the most use (though she could surprise me since she also loves blue) — though probably as a girl baby instead of an adult male. We have no baby minifigs so baby-looking minifigs are liable to play the part
  12. Sarah

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    American Girl is struggling this year and last.