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  1. Napoleon53

    Lagoon Outpost

    Thanks a lot, Soccerkid!
  2. Napoleon53

    Lagoon Outpost

    @Kermit: Not a bad idea, if I can squeeze enough interesting details into that larger space to keep it interesting. Right now I'm working on a steampunk-ish castle (sort of a Dracula-meets-WWI Central Powers type thing), but once I'm done with that, I may make exactly what you suggested.
  3. Napoleon53

    Lagoon Outpost

    That's a neat idea! I was thinking about doing a sequel of sorts to this MOC (focusing exclusively on the tower), so you may see something along those lines in the very near future.
  4. Napoleon53

    Lagoon Outpost

    @Man: Thanks a lot, ManInATopHat! And I couldn't agree more about the water. @Kermit: Danke! The tower jutting out was a last-minute addition just to test the idea. It's actually quite stable, and you can mess with the chained monster figure inside (the roof lifts off).
  5. Napoleon53

    Lagoon Outpost

    My first MOC I've been able to post online in almost a year, not to mention I built this months ago and just didn't have a camera to take a picture of it. I have a large collection, but not anywhere close to ones lots of you guys have, so I have to use my bricks wisely, such as skimping on the water; I didn't even intend it to have water to begin with, and if I had, I could have built sideways with blue bricks to do studless water. So yeah, the water looks crappy, and I meant to replace the white tiles near the front before I took the pictures, but forgot. :/ I looked at the EB "Build a Medieval Village" guide to do the millhouse (I'm sorry, but I can't remember who wrote the guide, but credit's due to them). And if anyone is curious, the flag draped on the tower wall is hand-drawn and colored by me, based on the old Pirates Imperial Trading Post. :) Anyway, I hope you like my little MOC here. Leave a comment if you can! Here is the full set on Flickr (with some more descriptions):
  6. Napoleon53

    Nuclear power plant opens

    Yes, I just figured that out right before you posted. Problem solved.
  7. Napoleon53

    Nuclear power plant opens

    Well, done, Mr. Serengeti! I actually read about this on the Minifig Times first, as I've been a big fan for years.
  8. Napoleon53

    Space Marines!

    I don't know how to get across the extent of my love for this theme. You could become the next Greg Farshtey.
  9. Beautiful. I agree with soccerkid said. Fantastic ship. What's not to like?
  10. Napoleon53

    LEGO Napoleonic Wars

    Kids'd hate that. To get the treasure, there MUST be conflict, and when there's conflict, at least in the minds of kids, there's a bad guy. So, as I and others said, there must be bad guys.
  11. Napoleon53

    LEGO Napoleonic Wars

    Very pretty picture indeed; it was drawn by my friend Hound Knight, the same guy who did my avatar. Lol, yeah, new sets could feature a new kind of fig similar to the basketball and light-up lightsaber ones: New LEGO Napoleonic Wars. Now with head-popping action!" Yep, I kind of picked up that the Black Falcons were neutral-bad guys in CC, but that may just be me. And yep, if Bluecoats were presented as bad, people with French heritage and French people themselves would be outraged. I would, too. If the Redcoats were presented as bad, it'd be even worse, with Britain's legacy still quite popular. So yeah, they would really have to fantasy it up to make it workable.
  12. Napoleon53

    LEGO Napoleonic Wars

    Why did you have caps on? On the internet, caps means shouting...
  13. Napoleon53

    LEGO Napoleonic Wars

    Yeah, through Cuusoo, but it'd have to be REALLY well-presented to get votes, otherwise people would think it was just castle with gunpowder and funny outfits.
  14. Napoleon53


    I'm interested to see how this turns out. I see someone else is hoarding CMF Bearskins. One thing: you should change your Napoleon and Wellington heads, as neither of them had facial hair at any time.
  15. Napoleon53

    2012 Pirates?

    Sorry, I can't understand you very well, but are you saying you'll post a 2013 thread anyway? Or are you saying you'll post a thread in July? Even then that's still far too early, IMO. In the past, I've seen next year stuff mainly popping up late in the year. At least that's what I recall, if I'm correct.