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  1. Captain Blackbeard

    recoiling cannon

    That is pretty neat. You may want to slow down the rate of fire by spreading the guns out more, considering firing that fast would shake the ship to pieces. But anyway. great work! It would be pretty awesome to do this with a frigate.
  2. Captain Blackbeard

    Ship-of-the-Line Under Construction

    Wow, very good ship! I like the difference in cannons, with the larger below. BTW, the Flying Dutchman is a Galleon, not a Ship 'o' The Line. Notice the fact that the Dutchman's upper deck is sliced to include access to the lower decks, not unlike the carpentry area located in the middle of First Rates. I like the color sceme, but I have yet to see the black-red scheme of the Spanish. Hm. Well, great work! Keep it up!
  3. Is pondering the cost of his own First Rate Ship o the Line. Comes to a couple million.

  4. Captain Blackbeard

    Corona Corporation Building

    That's pretty..... Great MOC! The blue looks epic, and it goes so well as a sombre highlight for the black building. Very neat sinister look! Great work!
  5. HI! I can tell you its growing wider and larger with some mods Im doing on the LDD file, now she has 2 decks, more cannons, beatifully adorned cannon ports, and well, lotta more things, when I finish it Imma post an update in the same thread :P

  6. How's QAR going? Any closer to awesomeness?

  7. Captain Blackbeard

    [MOC] The gunport

    Neat lighting! Although I would invest in smaller string. Neat ideas though Make ready! KABOOM!
  8. Captain Blackbeard

    Adrianna - Imperial ship

    Great ship! However, there is no space for cannon recoil O_o the gun crews would smash each other through the opposite portholes. Certainly romanticized the conditions belowdecks, twould have been nice to have women servers aboard, but sailors dreams were more potent than reality =D Great MOC! Also, great hull, looks good on it
  9. Captain Blackbeard

    Scorpion's Soul Pirate Ship

    This here brings about the small size of official vessels. The apparent "flagship" is outsized by a mere pirate speedster. But what an amazing ship it is! I'm detecting hints of QAR in the cabin area Great sails too! And the deep colors throughout give it a great look! Congratulations!
  10. Captain Blackbeard

    Tia Dalma's Shack

    What a great MOC! Very detailed, water looks great. Great shack too "Mind the boat" "Mind the boat" "Mind the boat" "Arrracch! Mind the boat!"
  11. Captain Blackbeard

    Thanks everyone for the ideas and pictures

    Ship 'o' the Line FTW! WOW! Amazing! I wish I had that many cannons, let alone ship parts. I'll follow this thread eagerly! Keep it up!
  12. Captain Blackbeard

    Tragedy has befallen my fleet once again

    The loss of a ship is always terrible! Like you, I recently lost a ship, but it was in minecraft. A huge, three-masted flagship went up in flames when a...Ahem...zombie exploded and lit the Dauntless on fire. I urge you to rebuild the Scorpion, but do away with the Hawk and use its parts
  13. Captain Blackbeard

    LotR Scenery and Army Building Sets

    That set would work if it had more figs to it, like their whole little posse. And although it wouldn't be realistic, the column would need to have more color.
  14. Captain Blackbeard

    Which is mightier - Black Seas Barracuda OR Brickbeard's Bounty?

    Brickbeard's bounty. That's the better one. Of course if i had the choice i'd choose my QAR, due to it's second deck and mightier broadside. If we REALLY break the rules, i'd go with a Lego Endeavor, triple gun decked hunk of wood and evil.
  15. Captain Blackbeard

    Look what I just got - Report your latest Pirate LEGO acquisitions

    Got Whitecap Bay. I'm very pleased with it. Good architecture pieces.