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  1. drakke

    The Siege Of Jerusalem (1187)

    Awesome, very well done!
  2. drakke

    Sea Serpent

    Hi, I have been working on my usual "old lego sets" MOC, and this time I made the "Sea Serpent". It's one of my favourite sets from my childhood, And I always enjoyed its shape and colours. In this MOC I added a small coastline with a watchtower and a little deck, where we can see two of the factions of Classic lego castle in peace (for now! ) Im sorry if it feels little elaborated, I dont really have much pieces and most of what I own are pretty old ones, anyway I did my best. Flickr Pictures Sea Serpent 044 Copia de Sea Serpent 037 Hope you like it! (Thanks JackJonespaw for teaching me how to post the images!)
  3. drakke

    6086 Black Knight's Castle extended version

    Very nice job Brickbuilder007! I really like 6086, and increasing the height of the back walls is a good idea. I also liked that storage supported by columns on the water, and if I could add something I would tell you to put some windows in the catapult tower. Nice work there!
  4. drakke

    Black Falcons Fortress

    Thank you all for the support! Im glad you liked it. I know that "smiley" old lego faces dont add much realism to the MOC, but in the 80s thats all lego castle had, so I decided to use them. Im sorry, but I dont have 6086 (I wish I had!) I have some sort of scenery idea to include "Sea Serpent" in another 80's MOC though.
  5. Hello! I recently adquired the set 6074 "Black Falcons fortress" and I wished to do an 80's ambiance MOC with it. Hope you like it!
  6. drakke

    Retro MOC: Merchants House

    Great, great work. Im a huge fan of 6074 black falcons fortress (I recently adquired it) and I love the variations and "Add-ons" that you are making. Looking forward to your next 80`s idea!
  7. drakke

    another catapult MOC

    After watching the mechanism carefully I have to say that is really brilliant! Not a common mechanism, and I find it very interesting. Again, kudos on that lego technic usage. Keep it up!
  8. drakke

    The Lego Dragon Knights Sets 1993-1995

    Ah.. the Dragon Masters. They reached me when I was at my "peak" of lego castle playing, and eventhough I had more of them than of any other faction, I prefered other ones (Black Knights, Black Falcons...) I Disliked too the Royal knights and even more the Fright knights, so I stopped collecting there. I was biased towards all clastle themes from then on, until I realized that some of the new sets are very beautifull (village mill raid, etc). Nevertheless, they still bring me good memories.
  9. drakke

    My first MOC

    I really like that "technic" adition in the catapult mechanism, nice work!
  10. Hello! This is my second MOC, it continues with the theme that started in the previous one. Another Wolfpack raid group tries to reach the valley, this time through a mountain pass. Yet again, they find again heavy resistance from the forestmen. Will they be able to secure the pass and open the gates to a bigger invasion? Hi again, as some of you suggested I tried a smaller MOC this time, so I would have enough pieces for it (the amount that I have is really limited). I tried adding more details to the scene. Again, Im sure that a lot of things can be better than what I did, so criticism and ideas are welcome!
  11. Thanks a lot for the support and also for the ideas/things you would change, helps a lot! It really encourages me to keep trying out new things. In the next few days Im getting 6074 Black Falcons Fortress (beautifull gift!) and I will try to make a new "MOC" (Not really a Moc cause I mainly add new scenery and a little bit of lanscape to official lego sets) and I hope it goes out well enough. The idea behind it will be as one of the main fortresses in the valley, and the life surrounding it, beyond the mentioned road. Again,thanks!
  12. drakke

    Old Castle posters

    I dont really know, and I guess many fellow AFOL will tell you better ways, but all I can think of is flickr (you will have to make an account,but its fast and quite nice) or just at megaupload and provide us with the link. Those posters fro 1989 to 1993 would be awesome Brickbuilder007! Again, thanks a lot.
  13. drakke

    Old Castle posters

    Wew! Thats great news! Thanks a lot for the effort, personally Id like castle posters from 1986-1992, but anything will be really welcome!
  14. Hi, this is my first MOC. The road to the valley is protected by a couple of experienced forestmen, that serve as watchmen and explorers for the black falcons and all the inhabitants of the valley. A wolfpack group tries to raid the valley, until they fall into a trap. Will the forestmen stop them for enough time so the valley is prepared? http://www.flickr.com/photos/pese22/sets/72157628732159767/with/6641604567/ I know its not really great, and I used almost all of the pieces that I own, so it was impossible to add more details that I would have liked. I also used one official set og lego (6054), which really fitted well there(I like that set too much, cant deny it!) Anyways, got a lot of ideas from other MOCS at flickr, so credit where it is due. Any ideas? I know its my first MOC and needs a lot of improvement, criticism welcome!