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  1. zed0

    [MOC] Defiance

    Here's my entry to the Alternate Model category of CCCXI, using 10223: Kingdoms Joust. Defiant to the last, the queen takes up her husband's sword to protect his corpse:
  2. zed0

    [MOC] Yoda and Luke on Dagobah

    This is amazing, I love how you did the water and especially Yoda's legs. Are there some Technic half pegs in his legs to attach to the body? How many points is the water supported at?
  3. My mother and I were inspired by this image from The Road To El Dorado: http://www.1zoom.net...8461-dorren.jpg Here's our brick version: There are some more images at https://plus.google....582417937759761
  4. zed0

    CCCX Winter City

    This is my second entry for CCC, this time a joint entry from myself and my mother. I'll update this topic with links to more pictures when I have more time.
  5. 1: B: 100 2: Really looking forward to seeing Endor at 1:20 scale, it's one of my favourite scenes in the films and I've always loved the Lego models set there.
  6. zed0

    WIP Castle Seawatch

    I really like the half thickness extrusion to the top part of the tower, looks really slick.
  7. zed0

    MOC: When Winter Comes

    This is very nice, I particularly like the snow on top of the tower and on the bushes. Like a lot of people I assumed before I even saw it that this was going to be a Game of Thrones MOC due to one of its taglines: "Winter is coming."
  8. zed0

    Bag building

    Since Tesco has recently updated their Lego stock I thought I'd try it out with a couple of the Creator Pods. It was relatively simple, build time around 15 minutes each. The hardest part was making sure all of the cheese blocks in 6910 were facing the right direction since they're very hard to hold onto through the bag.
  9. zed0

    LEGO PC Case

    How are you planning to attach your motherboard? Have you put connector pegs in the appropriate places? How about hard drives, are they just going to sit on that shelf? I don't know if you have any PCI slots but they might be a little wobbly if they aren't slotted into the case as normal.
  10. zed0

    Where we are proud to be British

    I've lived in Scotland for most of my life but I wouldn't vote for independence if it came to it. I get the impression that half of the reason that people want independence is to spite the English which I don't think is really a valid reason. We don't really have the economy for it any more either, maybe 20 years ago when Scotland could have claimed huge amounts of oil in the North Sea. On the plus side being an English speaking country in the Euro could have a lot of economic benefits, as Ireland has seen.
  11. zed0

    Your First LEGO Set

    As far as I can remember my first set was 6085-1: Black Monarch's Castle which I got for my 4th birthday, needless to say I've been addicted ever since.
  12. zed0

    The Last Evacuee

    Having recently done both a floating rock and a lot of SNOT rocking I find this incredibly impressive. Great work! Out of curiosity, how did you suspend it? I imagine it has some sort of display stand when you're not taking photos of it?
  13. zed0

    Old Castle posters

    Theoretically TLC still has copyright on the posters in most countries so very few hosting sites are going to allow you to host these. In practice most won't notice unless someone reports it. This may well be slightly more likely on flickr than other sites, especially since flickr is intended to be mainly photographs of Creative Commons material. I would suggest either something like Photobucket if you have a few scans or TinyPic if you just have one or two. Imageshack annoys me for countless reasons. If you don't want to put these on one of these better known websites then it's also possible to get free FTP hosting in quite a lot of places although that would probably be more complicated than you're looking for.
  14. zed0

    MOC: Long Forgotten

    Christmas lights are a good idea, I hadn't considered using them. In person the light brick works pretty well but it didn't come out so well in the pictures so I used a Maglite too.
  15. zed0


    This is a great tutorial! I've used GIMP quite a lot already but I'll definitely be using some of these techniques. A couple more tips: Straight lines: Most tools in GIMP allow you to hold shift to use the current tool in a straight line from your previous click to the new location. Paths: Use them. Lots. It's a lot easier to scale things with paths and you can easily reproduce effects on them, I'd suggest using these for things such as coast lines. Photoshop plugins: There are a lot more Photoshop tutorials than GIMP tutorials out there, a lot of them rely on using plugins. Thanks to PSPI you can use these in GIMP too. A text layer is the same as any other layer so you can use any of the effects on it, as you say it ceases to be editable as text after you've done most effects though.