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  1. goalieboy82

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Lego MST3K is still on there (on its own page). on the home page it is not there. also i think the RuPaul idea wont pass. i think Lego doesn't want to die on that hill just yet (with RuPaul not being family friendly). maybe years down the road when people don't care about that but not now (i don't care one way or another about Drag Queens/Kings, i have a friend i use to work with that is a Drag King).
  2. goalieboy82

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    i don't get why the plot is being taken down for Avengers Infinity War on website* (like Wikipedia) even though the film is already out in Australia and other places. if Disney didn't want people to know the plot, they would not have released it already (maybe release the film all over the world at the same time). *was up this morning on there.
  3. goalieboy82

    LDD request

    let me rephrase it: does anyone have copy of the Vlad Tower or Highland Keep instructions that Brickmania did.
  4. goalieboy82

    LDD request

    is this possible for anyone to do.
  5. goalieboy82

    LDD request

    i was doing to build it myself (but would like help getting the LDD of it)
  6. goalieboy82

    LDD request

    was wondering if anyone could do some instructions for me.
  7. goalieboy82

    LDD request

    also need a LDD instructions of this (from someone). again, i would make the plane myself. HC-97G would need: 70 studs long total in the cockpit, Pilot, Co-Pilot behind the Co-pilot the Flight engineer and behind the Pilot, the Nav. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2eSN062opg a general overview of the plane (this one is a KC-97L) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B0odG0sZr0 would need working doors, wheels and flaps. the crew enters via the bottom door area (with a ladder to the upper level would like the two jet engines too (see the second video). for the back of the plane, a Load Master and a Scanner. would also need the back cargo doors to open and close (and the side cargo doors too) and one other thing, need a toilet (and a small room that i goes in). also need fuel tanks on the lower level. the crew will enter via the lower door and go up a small ladder to the upper floor.
  8. random thought (since i don't know if i should do a thread for it) but does anyone have a LDD instructions of the Highland Keep and Vlad's Tower that Brickmania made. would like to make it myself. mods if you dont think i should put this here (or at all, you can move or close it if you need to). i am one of those people who found out to late about the sets (and even if i did know, didn't have the money for it).
  9. goalieboy82

    [MOC] Cold War ships, 1:350

    are you going to do any new ships.
  10. goalieboy82

    took about 5 years

    here it is. https://www.flickr.com/photos/142499139@N02/24030278498
  11. goalieboy82

    took about 5 years

    its an island i built (been working on it for about 5 years).
  12. goalieboy82

    took about 5 years

    because the real photo cant be put up due to size.
  13. goalieboy82

    took about 5 years

    took about 5 years (working on it off and on) but here is something i built.
  14. goalieboy82

    display table

    i was wondering, what is the best way to display diorama i made (its about 7 feet long and about 4 feet wide). its in my computer/lego room. looking for the best way to display it at home (say what type table would be the best). will have photos later this week up.
  15. goalieboy82

    First 2017 LEGO Ideas Review - Guessing Game

    if that happens, does that open the door for other military related lego (non combat versions, say more like this) NASA WB-57 or C-130K Hercules W2