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    Cataloguing your collection

    Hi all, this might have been covered already, but the only topics I can find are those regarding complete sets. What I'm looking for is an easy way of creating an inventory of all my loose Lego pieces which can then be used to tell me what sets/partial sets I have hidden in there. I have a lot of odd bits and am sure there are sets hidden, but without a way of cataloging all of the pieces and having something to compare thm with its impossible. I have already tried Peeron and used that to find which sets unusual pieces belong to, but its not easy describing some of them lol Ideally I would like a site were I can put in I have 20 of part X, 15 of part Y and 3 of part Z and it then tells me which sets I can create. Thanks in advance for any advice
  2. Smrgol

    WIP MOC - Lego City

    Thats an amazing project, any chance of some overview pics so we can see the whole place in all its beauty?
  3. I'm sorry to hear that, but as DLuders said, its not a failure but a great lesson to take in to your next project.
  4. Wow, I really really want that, but its out of my budget right now :-(
  5. Smrgol

    Megaupload has been shutdown?

    That new law is ridiculous, I can understand blocking people who are actively sharing films and music, but even if a site puts up a picture of something that whilst is copyrighted its not going to harm the product or the money the company will make, like here TLG will actually make MORE money. My little brother has been blocked from some sites in America because one of his mates used his IP address to access something a little dodgey! Also, I hope the world finds away round this as I want to see the files :-) Edit: do a news search for Megaupload on google and there is a link for ABC news about megaupload using an IP address instead of a URL (I won't post either of the links here to protect more of our enjoyment).
  6. Hi everyone, Looking for a 2nd opinion or 3. I have found someone selling a load of Lego and this is a picture of it. It's collection only and a little out of the way, but he only wants £40, is it worth it and can anyone identify sets from the pic?
  7. Smrgol

    MOC: Seaside Castle

    That is one beautiful creation, well done
  8. Nope, I thought it odd too, when you consider that 8109 has 3 for just one model. You would have thought they would save on the staples and put just one in haha
  9. Smrgol


    I like the side car, looks odd, but well designed
  10. Ok Efferman: 1) HOLY MOTHER!!!! That is gonna be massive and I can't wait to see more and 2) I like the stickers, they are really nice.
  11. Thanks for the review, you have helped me make my mind up, as I am on a fairly tight budget I will be buying this little thing until I can get some bigger stuff later on
  12. Looks really nice, is there any sagging in the middle when resting on the wheels only or have you managed to strengthen in enough to prevent that?
  13. Hi Everyone, Is there a quick way to add all the parts from a set to the parts list on Rebrickable without needing to go in to each set and adding the parts one at a time? I have done one, but have 40 more sets to do and that gonna take a while and be really boring haha Cheers,
  14. They are really nice, they are both really well made, the Cadillac couldnt have been easy with the limited range of pink parts out there.
  15. Thats really nice, it moves pretty fast and smoothly