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  1. AFOL SF

    New LEGO Train Book "LEGO Eisenbahn"

    …congratulations!… I would love to get a copy of this book… can you tell me where and how to order it?… I'm based in the US, just so you know...
  2. Hello everyone... per an article I read a few weeks ago, the German National Football Team minifigures are going to be released on May 14th... that is just a few days away from today... for those AFOLs who have no access to buying directly in stores that are across the pond or next to the border of Germany, how would you go about acquiring a complete set?... I want to avoid eBay if at all possible, so any AFOLs out there willing to help those of us who are stuck?... (not sure if there has been a discussion devoted to this - my apologies if there is already)
  3. ...occasionally I see those Dacta storage bins with lids/cover on eBay... a bit expensive though...
  4. AFOL SF

    Mindstorm EV3 CD

    ...thanks for this info... I will surely check the link you've provided...
  5. AFOL SF

    Mindstorm EV3 CD

    ...hello out there... this past weekend, I was able to buy an opened/used Mindstorm EV3... some of the baggy parts were open, while some were not... I did check the big and important pieces by looking at the parts list at the back of the manual... although it wasn't listed, I've been told prior that there was a CD that comes with it... the one I bought did not... My questions are: (1) how important is this CD to the overall functionality of the EV3, (2) where can I get a hold of one without going through TLC and Bricklink and (3) can the content of the CD be copied for personal use? Any help is much appreciated.
  6. can look at it that way, but until I can trust these individuals not to "touch" my collection, I'd rather ban people than be sorry after they leave...
  7. avoid banning anyone... I don't allow kids and teenagers in the house... friends and relatives alike...
  8. AFOL SF

    Confirmed: 10242 Mini Cooper longer a rumour... this is a done deal/set... been confirmed by a store manager to be released this year...
  9. ...I was checking out what's new at my local Lego Store yesterday and decided to fill a small cup from the Pick-a-Brick wall... an employee saw me and said that yesterday was the last day for the "old" price for both small and large cups... starting today, the price for both cups would have gone up... how much, I didn't ask as I scrambled to fill several more cups... no wonder (first time I saw it), a couple other employees were emptying out some slots for "new" parts... ...can someone confirm this?... if so, is the price increase just for stores in the US or all over?...
  10. AFOL SF

    VIP points redeemed for no apparent reason

    ...could it be that some of your VIP points has expired?...
  11., it does not, but it does inspire me to buy more Lego...
  12. AFOL SF

    VIP early access may set rumors

    ...that would be cool if it's the Mini Cooper, but I'll put my money on the Cuusoo Exo Suit...
  13. AFOL SF

    VIP Event - What to expect?

    ...I didn't get the invite this year, although I had been the past two years... last year was the best as the luck of the draw got me a 50% discount on my total purchase... the saying goes, you win some, you lose some... good luck to all of you folks who're going this Saturday...
  14. AFOL SF

    Legoland 2012 Magnet

    ...thanks, spzero...
  15. AFOL SF

    Legoland 2012 Magnet

    ...does anyone know anything about the Legoland 2012 Magnet - #2856207 (Red Ninja mini fig) being sold (I believe) exclusively at Legoland California?... are these still available and at what price?... thanks in advance for your input...