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  1. Sir_Basil_Ashton

    Nexo Knights 2016

    I'm waiting for official confirmation. Hopefully we see something at SDCC.
  2. Sir_Basil_Ashton

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Nothing official from LEGO although there's a lot of people who claim to know something. I'm fine with that but I only put my money down on facts. Hopefully there's some truth to all the rumors.
  3. Woo-hoo, got the email from S@H that my chess set shipped.
  4. Sir_Basil_Ashton

    Ready to sell....Everything

    How much money do you plan on spending on your trip? When is your trip? It looks like you have a lot of really good sets that command higher prices on the aftermarket. You will get the most bang for your buck selling each set individually on eBay. Selling that way is also really time consuming though. If time is an issue, selling bulk would be your best bet, you will get significantly less though over selling the sets individually. If you sell sets individually, I'm interested in a few.
  5. Sir_Basil_Ashton

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    I would say discussion rather than "argument". It's nothing but a rumor at this point that many of us hopes to be true. Time will tell.
  6. Sir_Basil_Ashton

    Do Sets without Minifigures Really Sell Well?

    In 2012, when 6857 - The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape was released, I bought multiple copies of this set for $39.99 and was able to sell the 5 minifigs that came with the set for about $45.00. I did it for about 3 months and amassed a lot of bricks.
  7. Sir_Basil_Ashton

    Nexo Knights 2016

    From a From a quick search, I see the Modulars are 16+ and the Death Star (10188) is 12+. My son and his friend built the Death Star when they were 7-yo. I see the age on the box more as a suggestion. Regardless of what the next castle sets are, I'm sure they will find their way into my house.
  8. Sir_Basil_Ashton

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Isn't LEGO a toy marketed towards children? Has LEGO ever released a set specifically for adults with an age of 18+ ? I personally never thought about it so I don't know.
  9. Sir_Basil_Ashton

    Unpopular LEGO opinions

    LEGO are overpriced. Quality continues to go down while prices continue to go up. LEGO LotR/Hobbit did not do as well as fans think. New waves would have been released if it was a true success. The same 5-10 people here on EB will argue otherwise. The LEGO Dimensions sets with LEGO LotR builds do not count as new LEGO LotR sets. Chima had 137 sets released. LotR had 16 sets released. That sums up the success of LEGO LotR for me. I can't wait until the last LEGO LotR set retires and LotR is taken off S@H. I'm tired of the re-designs in the LEGO SW line every few years and LEGO SW fans that welcome the updates. I hope LEGO never releases a new UCS Cloud City set. LEGO Pirates is the only reason I still buy LEGO.
  10. Sir_Basil_Ashton

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Age of Ultron with the family.
  11. Sir_Basil_Ashton

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Fwiw, I had no idea who Kylo Ren was until reading this thread. From watching the trailers, the only people I recognized were the OT characters. I don't know the names of any of the new characters other than Kylo Ren. For this reason, I have decided this is a good time to stay away from the LEGO Star Wars page here at EB.
  12. The USA has gotten plenty of awesome sales for May the 4th in the past. Yes I'm a little disappointed but I just placed an order for a couple sets I've been wanting for awhile now.
  13. Sir_Basil_Ashton

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Everything on this topic are theories. We all have our own theory on LEGO LotR, which we are all entitled to. For every argument for, there is an argument against. LEGO has not announced anything official about LEGO LotR but they have made an official announcement about LEGO Dimensions. I love LEGO LotR and own most of the sets but I personally will not get excited about a line that is driven by a video game.
  14. Sir_Basil_Ashton

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Ender's Game with the family. Better than expected.