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  1. optimus99

    Possible Contest

    I think a speeda demon contest would be great, but would we have to build something out of parts in the set?
  2. optimus99

    Savage Wolf

    The jaw and head can move side to side, but only the head can move up and down.
  3. optimus99

    Savage Wolf

    The scorpio species I talked about is the one that lego released. I have tried fliping the head but It did not look very good.
  4. optimus99

    Savage Wolf

    These wolfs hunt In packs and and mostly feed of of the scorpio species.
  5. optimus99

    Hero Factory 2012

    Where do you play the new breakout game?
  6. optimus99

    infected hero

    I agree with studs not on top and acidophilus. I don't really care if it isn't possible to mutate heroes I just thought it was a cool Idea.
  7. optimus99

    infected hero

    thanks. which one is your favorite?
  8. optimus99

    infected hero

    I have updated the post with two new infected heroes. Hope you like it
  9. optimus99

    infected hero

    I have made a new version and will probably put it up tomorrow
  10. optimus99

    infected hero

    thanks for all the feedback guys I will probably put an updated version up sometime.
  11. optimus99

    infected hero

    number 1 number 2 number3 this hero was sent to try and catch the quatros beast but was bitten by it and was turned into an infected hero note: I based the design off the flood in the halo games.
  12. optimus99

    The Exterminator

    Thanks for all the nice comments. I had no idea were that turret came from, I just found it and used it.
  13. optimus99

    Mutated Lizard

    thanks, I wanted to make it seem like he was in a battle and lost his tooth.
  14. optimus99

    Hero Factory 2012

    I'm not sure what it is but my guess is that the space station where surge and splitface fought looked like the one in ordeal of fire
  15. optimus99

    Mutated Lizard

    I have added a link to download the instructions for the head. ~$Doc1.docx