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  1. A guy named "lonestar_tx" from Reddit posted a brick built cross using flex track.  It's one of the best I've seen and costs under $10 USD 

    It seems to be a very stable design and finally puts those ugly "flexi-tracks" to good use. Check it out!

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  2. Agreed, I don't think a 32 wide post office would be a good idea. Same goes for a library because both are obsolete and kind of boring BUT a small book store would definitely work and

    instead of a giant 32 wide hospital I think a dentist office or even pharmacy would work just as good in the 16 wide format. I could see them releasing a 32 wide science/history museum, but I'd be just as happy with a 16 wide antique shop. I'm sure what ever they come up with will be good since Jamie is moving back in the right direction with the PR. Either way I hope to see split 16 wides soon because I'm running out of space!

  3. When I research the history of Lego and modular buildings, it usually says this product line was meant for AFOLs, so I don't understand the concern with 'playability'. Also, most 16 wide modular MOCs look like shoe boxes. Thankfully, the PS was a classic using 16 wide buildings. If lego can pull off another set of 16 wide buildings that have some texture and architectural detail, I'm fine with it.

    Maybe a homeless shelter, a state unemployment office or a massage parlor.

    I think Playability = telling of stories through level of detail and unique features, etc.

    Unemployment office? Not much playability there... BUT how about a modular Department of Motor Vehicles office?

    "Adding to the realism of Lego Creator line of Modulars, your newlywed minifigure couple from the Parisian Restaurant become frustrated as they wait in long lines at the archaic DMV office. Admire the level of detail with unimaginative crumbling walls, dirty seating, and a broken automated kiosk. The groom eventually becomes so infuriated with obese bureaucratic officials that he gets arrested by a trigger happy police officer. Set includes special printed tiles including traffic tickets, late vehicle registration notices, and divorce papers."

    For the record, I'm not a fan of the town hall. :sceptic:

  4. In all seriousness. Whatever comes next will need to be something to fill the entry level void left by retiring the Fire Brigade. Somethingthat acts like it, as a hook between City and Modulars and gets the whole family interested. If we give any credence to pattern recognition, It seems to go;

    Corner - Commercial Building - Government or service Building - Corner - repeat

    So what comes next could conceivably be some sort of governmental or civic building. Basic choices are Police, School, Hospital, Church, Post Office. Fire and Town Hall they already did. They will not do a church anymore. (Such a shame I so want a nice little church) Hospital may be tough to do. Post Office would be great, but I don't think it is the kid and family magnet that they would want. Which leads me to suspect either a Police Precinct House, complete with period squad car. Or a School with School Bus.Something instantly familiar to all, but done really really well.

    I know a few people mention museums. It would be fantastic to get one. But I think it would not be that distinct of a build or building. It would be the GE's interior with some frontage similar to TH.

    I totally agree with the civic building theory. I'd be surprised if they released a Police Station because I am not sure if it would fit with the current lineup. Museums, Transit Station, University, or Hospital seem very likely. Unfortunately I don't think Lego would ever release a church.. Too Risky. I'd prefer if they split back to 16 wide Modulars like the PS. I think it provides more variety and play-ability. Pairing upstairs apartments are possible with most of the following classic town sets: Auto Repair Shop, Post Office, Public Works, Pizzeria, News Station, Bike Repair, or Bank. New ideas could be Bakery, Club, Dance Studio, Workout Gym, Laundromat, Book or Music Store. If they make it 32 wide then perhaps a Factory, or Octan Corporate Office :classic:

    I'll take anything, as long as Jamie is the designer!

  5. I recommend looking up MOC LDD files and dissected them. Techniques vary but it all boils down to style preference vs play-ability. -It's difficult to achieve both. Member imvanya has some really good LDD designs here on EB too.

  6. Texan here. I can confirm that the train was designed to deliver supplies to Octan Fracking Co. for an Eagle Ford Shale project. Everything except the open cattle car is very realistic.

    Can you tell I love the new American train too?