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    MOC: A small suburb house

    This is a handsomely designed house. It's very modern and the top floor interior is great. Well done!
  2. The low profile on this car looks sick. I love it!
  3. SeanM

    Grand Emporium MOD 16 Stud

    Thanks guys! I actually didn't want to use the green windows on the side but I would have ran out of tan bricks if I didn't. I figured it'll be viewed mostly from the front, but now I kind of like it and it allows more light in. Admittedly the profile looks strange because of the roof so I plan on extending the cornice molding to wrap around all corners.
  4. SeanM

    Grand Emporium MOD 16 Stud

    I finally had some time to finish the 16 wide Emporium this weekend using mostly existing Grand Emporium pieces. Let me know what you think! Interior First Floor Left Side Profile Rear Spare Parts Finished Product
  5. SeanM

    MOD: The Grander Grand Emporium

    The GE really has a handsome facade.. Looking good!
  6. SeanM

    10224 Town Hall

    My Grand Emporium windows were like this too. It's not really that noticeable once installed...
  7. SeanM

    Help identifying a set - black plane

    My guess would be Midnight Transport 1687. The tail on the plane was the coolest thing. It reminded me of an F-15 Strike Eagle. By the way these guys were my Lego Town drug runners in 1993.
  8. SeanM

    Review - 6396 - International Jetport.

    This is a good review of a classic set! It reminds me of how badly I wanted this set when I was 9 years old.
  9. SeanM

    MOC city van Citroen Jumper (minifig scale)

    I want this. This needs to be an official set. I'd vote on CUUSOO if it was up there.
  10. SeanM

    Grand Emporium MOD 16 Stud

    I re-sized the images on brickshelf. Here's the latest progress. I didn't have a lot of time to build last night but you can see the direction I'm headed in. The flags will be centered a bit and I'll add more floor space before moving on.
  11. SeanM

    Dump truck

    This is great! I like the color scheme and functionality of the tipper. Very realistic!
  12. SeanM

    Grand Emporium MOD 16 Stud

    I didn't mention this but another limitation is height. I want the building to fit on my bookshelf, so I'm going for the same height and style as the original. I'd like to add a 4th story but I doubt I'll have enough pieces. The Front Door is going to be glass. -I moved the back door to the front and added glass windows behind the pillars. (I'll try and get better/brighter pictures this weekend.) Thanks for the encouragement, I'm nervous about the next update!
  13. SeanM

    Grand Emporium MOD 16 Stud

    Taylor, your buildings have excellent design! The clothing rack is a great touch and I especially like the market village pub pool table. I might have to "borrow" those design concepts. I decided to keep the corner because I quickly ran out of light grey bricks. I also kept the back door with archway. The biggest challenge (so far) is trying to use pieces only from the GE set. So far I've used some bricks from the winter toy shop. -My 3rd floor toy room also used lego sets from the Semi truck set. Great minds think alike!
  14. SeanM

    Grand Emporium MOD 16 Stud

    Thanks for the link Scott, that was exactly what I was looking for! I guess I'll just call it "The Emporium." There's nothing grand about it, at least not yet. UPDATE: The first floor is done, 2 more to go. Work in progress here I want to keep the design as close as possible to the original. Hopefully I can keep visual elements without being too cluttered. I'm already running into limitations... Also, I'm not sure if I'm going to include the yellow SHOP sign yet.
  15. SeanM

    MOC - Car Dealerhsip

    All this needs is a giant inflatable pink gorilla Awesome MOC!
  16. Ahh, I see. Well, it makes sense now, thanks! Stack on
  17. I agree with Legoman and just2good. These are just City sets on a 16 wide plate. All of them have open backs like doll houses for play-ability, which Lego has done decades. I'm not sure about calling them stackables though. It just doesn't sound right.
  18. SeanM

    MOC: Joe's Garage

    Excellent MOC, The detail is superb! Great job. I can only hope to create something that eye catching.
  19. SeanM

    MOC: Brown Brick Recycle Plant

    I absolutely love this MOC. Great Job Pablo!
  20. 16. Winter Sports Spore by soundwave_sw - 1 27. The Winter Mercantile by dede_la_fee - 1 1. Brickmaker's Shop by tatertots - 1 4. Inn by Dix - 1 6. Bicycle Shop by Darkblane - 1
  21. SeanM

    Yearly Calender for Lego Events

    Brick Fiesta 2012 will be held in Houston TX July 4-8th
  22. SeanM

    Layout: Harbor Cargo Terminal

    I really like the sliding crane. It appears to be a lot more functional.
  23. SeanM

    Layout: Harbor Cargo Terminal

    I thought about buying the harbor for a terminal but the reviews were sub-par. I'd rather use city harbor 7994 but it's so dang expensive! This is a fantastic layout and it's making me think twice. The loading bins look great!
  24. SeanM

    How Many Trains Do You Own?

    Red Cargo train Yellow Cargo train Emerald Night Maersk The yellow and red cargo trains were my first. Just before Christmas my girlfriend made me buy the Emerald Night because the red and yellow cargo trains "weren't suitable" for display because they "weren't Christmasy enough." The Emerald is OK but I love freight trains. It all worked out when she surprised me with the Maersk on Christmas day.