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  1. SeanM

    LAYOUT: Welcome to the Piney Woods

    Dang, Now I REALLY wish I could have made it to Brick Fiesta. Awesome layout
  2. SeanM

    The Landscaping Kit (now on Cuusoo)

    I want this set. Actually more quality supplemental sets like this are needed.
  3. SeanM

    MOC: Log Cabin

    Dang, This set is fantastic. I prefer this over the creator set. Great job!
  4. SeanM

    MOC: Blue Angels F-18 Hornet

    This belongs on Cuusoo. We need this as an official set!
  5. SeanM

    San Francisco Victorian House

    That is a handsome looking house. Very stylish.
  6. SeanM

    MOC: The Farnheim Fire Department (Part 2)

    Great looking sets! If these were official sets in the 90's I would have bought them all.
  7. SeanM

    MOC: The Farnheim Fire Department (Part 1)

    It's good to see 4-wide love in here. The spare wheel on the RRU make it look extra rugged.
  8. SeanM

    MODs: Enlarged Grand Emporium and Fire Brigade

    Nice GE. I really like the roof top cafe.
  9. SeanM

    Amsterdam Hotel

    excellent work as always! The fountain is a great touch!
  10. SeanM

    MOC : an antique shop

    I really like the idea of an antique shop. You get to use specialty pieces from a variety of different themes. Great job!
  11. SeanM

    Mad tyte Bosozoku... yo.

    Wow I was not expecting this! It's nice to see some old school JDM action on the board.
  12. SeanM

    3 Modular MOC's set in the good ol' days!

    Impressive! These fit well with your previous modulars. Great job keeping the style and setting uniform across all builds. Your attention to detail is superb!
  13. SeanM

    MOC: Midtown Condominiums

    Woops, I guess I got carried away on the flicker account. It all looks great and I can't wait to see it all come together!
  14. SeanM

    MOC: Stephanie's Hot Rat Rod

    This is the cleanest 'rat' rod I've ever seen Great design!
  15. SeanM

    MOC: Midtown Condominiums

    I just have to say the ninja chef cracks me up. Amazing piece of work!
  16. SeanM

    MOC - Hardware Store

    looking good! I especially like the drawers behind the counter.
  17. SeanM

    Grand Emporium vs Pet Shop

    Congratulations! I have both sets and actually prefer the PS but I think you'll like it.
  18. SeanM

    MOC/MOD: Fifteen New Vehicles!

    The Blue Fury and Ace of Spades are exceptional. Great job!
  19. SeanM

    Modular Buildings Together

    Posts like this are making me very envious... Nice layout
  20. SeanM

    MOC: 4-wide truck with trailer

    It's a clean 4 wide design. Very classic looking and I like the "dirty" white bricks. A clean freight truck isn't being used enough!
  21. SeanM

    Dark green town house

    I like the choice of dark green for the exterior and the stone work is a nice touch. The patio area looks cool. Your interiors are always amazing. Always. Keep up the good work!
  22. SeanM

    REVIEW: 10224 Town Hall

    I know people have said this before, but pictures do not do this set justice. This set looks better in person. The orange bricks are darker than you would think.
  23. SeanM


    This is a very cool MOC. I love the way you did the cracks in the street.
  24. SeanM

    Grand Emporium MOD 16 Stud

    Has anyone ever attempted a 16 stud Grand Emporium? I've searched but could only find stretched 32 wide. I'm limited on shelf space but would like for the GE to sit next to the Pet Shop. I began to disassemble and am looking for inspiration. Wish me luck! Mini Emporium Ground Breaking, Feb. 2012 *********** I just want to say thanks for all the kind comments. It turns out I did a lot of the same things as AwesomeTaylor's 16 wide GE build. Here's a picture of my final build: and it fits perfectly on the bookshelf. Full WIP Pictures on my Brickshelf.
  25. SeanM

    Mod: Town Hall XL

    I like your town hall more than the original set. It reminds me of the old buildings on my college campus. It's wider stance makes it seem more official and realistic. Great job!