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  1. SeanM

    Lucky LEGO finds

    I scored the Haunted House for $12.99 at Goodwill this weekend. Sealed bags, mint box. It's like a parent opened it, realized it was too complex for their kid and immediately donated it. -Just had to brag :)
  2. SeanM

    [MOC] Black and Yellow Car

    Sleek car. Nice low profile
  3. SeanM

    Octan Gas Station Lego Madness!

    Thanks for the LDD
  4. SeanM

    10232 MODIFIED

    Wow. That's some great interior work. It retains the overall shape but it's much more detailed and more realistic that the original. Good job!
  5. SeanM

    MOC Townhall

    haha the groom is running out of the back of the building! Great job!
  6. SeanM

    MOC: Nissan IDx

    Nice attempt! By the way, I really like your city style vehicles.
  7. SeanM

    REVIEW 60059 Logging Truck

    Good review but I think it's a little too critical. I think the yellow/black/green color scheme looks handsome and although the claw is simple, it is sturdy and works well. I'm just glad Lego did a new vehicle that hasn't been done before. Also, the piece count is actually higher than the other 2014 great vehicles so I think it's a fair deal.
  8. SeanM

    MOC: Florist

    I'd pay for this if it were a set. Lego should really consider half modulars.. Great work overall! The facade is simple yet very effective, the colors work well together and the interior is nicely decorated. This stylish MOC packs a lot of detail into a small size. If you're looking for feedback then I'd convert the single upstairs bedroom into a bathroom, include a pullout bed in the living room area, add railing on the stair case, and include some kind of roof access. But that's really nit picking.. Seriously, awesome job!
  9. SeanM

    What makes a "Great Vehicle" set?

    The great vehicles line started in 2012 with the ambulance 4431. These vehicles usually have a $20 US price point and average about 190 to 220 pieces. This year's sets would be considered: 60056 Tow Truck 60057 Camper Van 60058 SUV with Watercraft 60059 Logging Truck I don't think the $30 sets are included with the line.
  10. Lego wants ALL of my money this year :(
  11. SeanM

    3 meters long Octan train with 7777 oil refinery

    Nice industrial layout and I really like the moon base plates. You have my brain clicking on other uses.
  12. Great Job Everyone! 4. majorna - 1 17. Kristel - 1 20. gazumpty - 1 24. SpacySmoke - 1 27. Galaktek - 1
  13. SeanM

    [LDD MOC] R&B Muscle car

    I understand! By the way all of your vehicle MOCs are awesome. Thanks for the lxf files too
  14. SeanM

    [LDD MOC] R&B Muscle car

    I really like the front design and that red and black color scheme makes it look sinister. Maybe you could use the rear light design from 3648?
  15. SeanM

    [LDD MOC] City style VW Beetle

    Wow, that's a really nice V-Dub. Thanks for the file!
  16. SeanM

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    I have to say I love this set! If anyone is wondering what the chef is doing with the bottle and sword.. It's called "Sabrage", a traditional way of opening a champagne bottle in France..
  17. SeanM

    Medieval Pop-up book

    Ingenious. Everything about this design is amazing. Everything.
  18. SeanM

    New City wheel

    Jang has a nice review of the cargo terminal He shows the wheel in detail @ 2:21 Edit: Thanks for the clarification to imvanya
  19. SeanM

    New City wheel

    The LDD example uses different pin/axle types. I don't see this working unless the wheel hub is also compatible with technic pins..
  20. I'd love a limited edition CC and GG re-release. Has anyone put up the idea on LEGO CUUSOO?
  21. The list is getting smaller! Lot's of good trading! HAVE S2 Lifeguard girl S2 Disco Dude (Missing disco tile) S7 Bagpiper S8 Vampire Bat S9 Policeman S10 Biker Mechanic (x3) S10 Baseball Fielder S10 Painter WANT Any Series 1 (Except Cheerleader, Spaceman, or Skater) S2 Spartan Warrior S2 Vampire S3 Tribal Chief S3 Elf S3 Samurai S3 Space Alien S4 Crazy Scientist S5 Evil Dwarf S5 Gladiator S10 Medusa Ships from Austin TX. All come with plates and accessories, in a plastic baggie. No pamphlet or original packaging.
  22. SeanM

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Maybe I'm the only one, but I can't wait for the cargo sets to release. I missed out on the cargo plane in 2008 and I absolutely love the forklift from 7733. I'm glad they are going back to this design.
  23. SeanM

    Modular Building 10232 Palace Cinema

    The staircase on the second floor bugs me. A simple ladder placed in the back of the theater would provide more floor space.
  24. SeanM

    Modular Building 10232 Palace Cinema

    Place the corner over the edge of a table and slightly bend the corner back into place. I'm not sure if I like this modular yet. The theater space seems too small.. If I get it then I'm turning it into an arcade!
  25. SeanM

    Modular Madness: Café "The Corner"

    That diagonal tile really stands out. The Cafe sign and glass over the patio is a nice touch. Excellent job