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  1. I have a few NEXO knights I don't need. They're brand new, never played with, just assembled. If anyone is interested below is the pic of all of them. $18 shipped to CONUS. International shipping we can make a deal :)
  2. I'd love to see the following: 1. Fantasy knight - this one would require a slight mod to the neck katana holder - it would allow a sword to be stowed there (only one, unlike the double katana one) 2. Scout - armored print, light helmet, bow and quiver, or bow and cape. 3. Wizard warrior - shield and staff with a crystal with white hair and beard 4. Female knight - armor, definately lighter brighter colors but not pink or anything crazy like that 5. towns person - a common folk of sorts 6. lighter colored variation on the gypsy women from way back - she would be the towns healer 7. hooded druid like character - cape and a staff 8. nobleman / prince - brightly looking with a goblet 9. Elven knight 10. minstrel 11. Noblewoman 12. innkeeper 13. jester (yes we had plenty, but a new one would be useful anytime :D ) 14. fighting dwarf 15. blacksmith 16. foot soldier - shield spear and helmet
  3. Post Your Castle Army Here!

    I don't think I even posted my castle army here... and if I did, here's an update to it. These are troops loyal to sir Kejtar (guy in the middle of the top pic) Altogether 46 mounted and 48 foot soldiers P.S. These were very hard to take with (due to) the help of my three year old...
  4. Batman 30523 Polybags for sale

    Got rid of some and have only 12 left.
  5. I have a handful (big troll handfull) of these 30523 polybags. I am looking for $6 for 1, $5.50 each if you get 4 or more and $5 each if you get 6 or more.Shipping in a large envelope (bubble envelope) in US would be $3.50 for up to 5 (If someone wants more I can weigh and see if the 6th one would make it in) and to UK (seems that the UK folks are my biggest customers :) ) $7.50 for up to 5 (again, potentially might be able to squeeze 6 in - if anyone is interested let me know - if you need more let me know I will get the shipping cost to you).
  6. And I think that we have a winner!!!!! Amazing suggestion.... just got my brick owl orders in ;)
  7. Wow! Angelica is a great suggestion as well as the actor. According to my wife Tauriel is not "majestic" enough ;)
  8. So as I was going through my characters my wife started asking about them. When I showed her the one that I told her was inspired by her she looked at it and said: is that the best you could come up with? Well.... the minifigs was all stock Lego from neck down with a different head and hair...... So now I'm on a mission but perusing through bricklink looking just for torsos and printed skirts is a PITA! Which takes me to my call and desperate cry for help: looking for a female torso that would be green (dark green preferably though open to other colors as well) in tones, fleshing compatible (as in no yellow or other colored skin showing), semi majestic (think different versions of Arwen), and not witch based (got a great green torso but my wife turned it down due to the skull on it). Any suggestions and or ideas?
  9. Lucky LEGO finds

    I have a Milano I could part with- it's short minifigs... though I'm stateside. Anyways I'm in Costco the other day and I tripped over 75149 brand new in a box for $35. The only one they had. That was about 3 weeks before Christmas. I snatched it as some crazed mother of two was zeroing in on it as well :)
  10. [MOC] 19th century Belgian castle

    Great build but I'd classify it more as a palace rather then castle ;)
  11. [MOC] Eastern European Castle

    Amazing castle! Blazej raises an important point. The castle is note fitting to what was seen in central Europe though that region currently is called Eastern Europe due to the previous political alignments that were forced upon the inhabitants of the region due to the Yalta agreements.....
  12. Lego AWing pilot poly

    All have been sold
  13. Lego AWing pilot poly

    down to 22 - with 10 more pending funds