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  1. Ludzik

    Round shield blanks?

    Didn't think about cutting the water slide decals. That's a good idea. Oh yeah... Somehow putting on custom stickers works for me but painting on bricks feels like a no no to me ;)
  2. Ludzik

    Round shield blanks?

    I got the black ones that are slightly convex. I'd prefer the plain grey ones but that's not what was available on Lugbulk
  3. Finally got around to sorting through my last lugbulk order and I have whole bunch of black round shields. They look kinda 'blah' the way they are. Anyone put stickers on theirs or did something to make them not so plain?
  4. Ludzik

    Medieval City Project - WIP

    If it's digital you got it easy ;). Moving an actual building up is a PITA! And yes, I'll go with late 15th and 16th century ;)
  5. Ludzik

    Medieval City Project - WIP

    Great builds! I would place the though in an era slightly later then medieval ;) So I had the same issue with my castle build - I didn't use mils to start with and just recently I spent a few nights putting my castle on mils bases - the castle is modular and uses 6 base plates total so it was a bit of work.
  6. so I am on a space kick.... not fully finished - will have to adjust some things but here's start. I based it loosely on the spacecraft from 76049. The things I wanna do is give it more armaments, give it "rounder" finish on the edges. Btw, when you click on the image that will take you to an album with more pics.
  7. Ludzik

    and I have stepped into it.....

    yeah, close but no cigar.... there is something about the older sets ... maybe because I was raised on the old sci fi where the ships where squarish ;) :D
  8. Lego in all it's wisdom has released as part of the Lego movie two sets that tie into classic space.... and I bought them.... and now, after many years of spending my time in the castle theme my kid like love for all things space is rekindled..... damn you lego (says my wallet). Of course the major issue I'm facing is the shortage of the Space Lego sets. Yeah, I collected some of the Galaxy Squad ones when they came out but they didn't do it for me..... not sure why but the classic space, and space police I hold my interest the most. So far I have purchased Rebel Hunter 6897 Galactic Chief 6813 Galactic Peace Keeper 6886 I am having an issue though (and I have had it since I was a kid) is the fact that I want my spaceships to be somewhat realistic - have full cockpits and so on. And be capable of surviving atmospheric entry. 6886 along with 6781 and 6986 seem to strike my fancy the most.... why don't they make sets like that anymore? Even 5981 which is well built (and I have) does not have that spaceish feel to it that seems to be most "realistic" (in my mind) :) Anyways.... limited budget but I am slowly looking around what's out there... my dream list is 6781, 6986 and 6984...... gotta win the lottery.... Btw, seems that there is more castle sets available at decent prices then space...... why is that?
  9. Ludzik

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Kylo ren shuttle for $25 @ Costco.... Took all 5 Friends amusement park 41130 for $45 at Costco... Got 2...
  10. I have a few NEXO knights I don't need. They're brand new, never played with, just assembled. If anyone is interested below is the pic of all of them. $18 shipped to CONUS. International shipping we can make a deal :)
  11. I'd love to see the following: 1. Fantasy knight - this one would require a slight mod to the neck katana holder - it would allow a sword to be stowed there (only one, unlike the double katana one) 2. Scout - armored print, light helmet, bow and quiver, or bow and cape. 3. Wizard warrior - shield and staff with a crystal with white hair and beard 4. Female knight - armor, definately lighter brighter colors but not pink or anything crazy like that 5. towns person - a common folk of sorts 6. lighter colored variation on the gypsy women from way back - she would be the towns healer 7. hooded druid like character - cape and a staff 8. nobleman / prince - brightly looking with a goblet 9. Elven knight 10. minstrel 11. Noblewoman 12. innkeeper 13. jester (yes we had plenty, but a new one would be useful anytime :D ) 14. fighting dwarf 15. blacksmith 16. foot soldier - shield spear and helmet
  12. Ludzik

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    I don't think I even posted my castle army here... and if I did, here's an update to it. These are troops loyal to sir Kejtar (guy in the middle of the top pic) Altogether 46 mounted and 48 foot soldiers P.S. These were very hard to take with (due to) the help of my three year old...
  13. Ludzik

    Batman 30523 Polybags for sale

    Got rid of some and have only 12 left.