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About Me

Mencot is also my user name over at Classic Castle and Merlin´s beardforums

Check out Lands of Roawia at Merlin´s beard.

Some of my MOCs:

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My EB sigfigs (current and past)



MAFIA GAMES and Heroica the RPG


Survived(but lost) as Davey (whatever) Osborne (Town), the Goth, in Darkdragons and Shadows Aperture Academy Mafia


Lynched Day 4 as Michael Thompson (village), miner, father of Sheridan and husband of Esther in Tamamono´s Silver City Mafia, shot to death by treacherous sheriff.


Played but quit on day 3 in Trumpetking´s and Hinckley´s CMF Mafia as Benvolio Roni (town, Council)


Was apart of the winning team as Eva Hesse (Town) in Hinckley´s and Trumpetking`s

Minimal Mafia



Mist the valkyrie in Ragnarök Now Redux, (Town Vig) killed night 1


Was apart of the winning team as Mikatta (Town, Monsters) the wicked forest witch in Trumpetking´s CMF Mafia 2


Was apart of the winning team as Miguel "The Monster" Teixeira (Town, Malones) in Mafia Sunset.


Malcolm Cooper in Jamesn´s Red Menace Mafia. (Loyal Cop) killed night 2, wacked with the soviet hammer -> (Speedy).


Cosplay Gandolf the wiz in Def´s The Cosplay (Mafia school) (Loyal Miller) Killed night 3, blasted by a cosplay William Shakespeare


Molly Callaghan the Freshman Representative from Brickshire in Tamamono´s Partylines Mafia. (Independent Publicity Hound) Impeached (lynched) day 7 and Won!


Buck "dollar" Poplar in Walter Kovacs Unrest in the forest mafia. Night killed on night 1, continued to play as Buck the stump on day 2. Oak´s and maple´s lost, serial killer (neutral) won.


Cosplay II Falcon in Def´s Cosplay II Pelly´s Paradise. (Loyal vanilla) Killed night 4 but Town Won.


Mist in TPRU Ragnarök III. Lynched day 3 (Corrupt, traitor)

Heroica the RPG

Kelim the cruel


The man that came to Eubrica years ago.

New Beginning (30.12.2014):


Male human Warrior who came to the world of Heroica as a runaway slave/gladiator/elite army of Karain the shadow, Keliim the cruel from the land of Roawia. He was a former tribes/clans ruler but wars had destroyed all that his ancestors had built.

When he closed in on the city of Eubrica some kind of magic that surrounded the place, blasted him that made him weak and talking about bad luck he was also amushed by some lowlife thugs, a dreadful pirategroup, who beat him up so hard that he lost his memory, then stole his armor, and his fathers Hammer of Might and left him to die.

He was lying half dead in the forest where he was found by an elder couple and taken back to the their house in a small village in the outskirts Eubirc.

Now Keliim is just a "lvl 1" barbarian warrior with a rusty axe and he has been dubbed by someones the village craze, because he had wandered around and speaks stranges dark prophecies, he also wandered around in the forests before entering the city of Eubric and the Heroica Hall.

But under the 2 years he came close to nature and remembers some things learned when young, being teached how to be a druid and a ranger by his mother. Then he took an new path in his life, he had many visions during his sleeps from what he thinks is somekind of god of nature or something. But nightmare of his previous life also hunt him.

Now when Keliim has regained some of his memory and he has taken an oath to defend and protect the weak, is it then human or not. He has also sworn his revenge and on every lowlife ever to wander Eubric and also to get back his ancestors armor and weapon.


Keliim (Mencot) "Demon sworn" (from quest 133), Wolfgang Rep. (quest140)

Age ~ 35ish, male human Barbarian

Level 12

Power: 17 (12+5)

Power Bonus: 0

Health: 19/19

SP: 2 (4 against Free Hits, Heroic Helmet)

Gold: 42

Equipment: Dwarven Orichalcum one handed (two handed for an shorter person) battleaxe (WP: 5), Wolfish Fedora (+5 WP for each standing hero with Wolfgang reputation and Wolfgang NPC in the party, headwear, suitable for heroes with Wolfgang reputation), Heroic Helm (Headwear, SP:2, Helm's SP doubles on free hits. wolf fur (Prop)

Inventory: Potion x9, Grand potion x2, Mead x1, Smokebomb x2, Dirtbomb x1, Holy Bombs x5, Double Rainbow (Gives the user the encouraged, lucky, poisoned by 1, and confused effects.), Crimson Haze (Causes a weapon to deal the poisoned by 7 and cursed effects permanently).

Equipment: Obsidian Shard x2 (may be affixed to a blunt weapon to give the Bleeding 2 effect for one battle.) Order Imperial Longsword (WP: 5), Really Hard Helmet (SP: 2, Immunity to Rock), Scarab Shield: SP3 Shield, Bearer takes half damage from vermin, Королева's Blessing, Accessory: (When equipped the player gains the ability to Animal Speak to Spiders only, and all spiders are Enamored with him for the first three rounds of battle.)

Misc: Shovel, Crystal Shard x1(treasure item, worth 20 gold) Charion beetle horn x2.

First quest:

Quest#123: A Present for Doc Daneeka

finished 28.1.2015 Mission successful.

Second quest:

Quest#133: A walk through the Parlor

finished 2.7.2015 Mission successful.

Third quest:

Quest #140: Requiem for a Machine