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  1. I hope you are doing fine and well, my friend. Let me know if you needs anything.

  2. Since when you changed your nick from Cralegoboy?

  3. Thanks Big Cam! Glad you dropped by.

  4. Another great cinematic EB profile!

  5. Hi there, it has been a long while too! Glad to see you hanging around in EB and RA too. Make sure you enjoys yourself in the coming Xmas.

  6. Your EB profile is so colourful! I love it.

  7. Thank you! It is definitely my favourite weapon at this point in time. :)

  8. Thank you Big Cam. Your profile is building up too!

    I am very much looking forward to your return in the academy. You are a wonderful teacher and I am sure there are students who miss your grading advice.

  9. May I know what you want to use these images for? Is it for your own personal ads or for the site in general in terms of classification.

  10. You are not getting old! You are still young and this is the time to enjoy life :)

  11. We all truly miss him very much!

  12. Thanks. I am looking forward to work with you together. See you around.

  13. Thank you CommanderFox. I hope you and your family are doing fine too in NZ.

  14. Thank you for your well wishes!

  15. Lovely little Rufus Rabbit!

  16. I want to be your friend too!!!

  17. Thanks Jimbee! You could also list yours down as well.

  18. Well done! This is such an excellent presentation and well summarised introduction of yourself.

  19. Ohh, I thought it was something else.

  20. Disappointed with what???

  21. Nice profile page! Now I need to find who are your students referral.

  22. It's good to see you dropping by to comment. I understand that life can be a little busy, but I am looking forward to your return and hopefully you will stay around much longer than usual. Take care and I hoep to see you soon, be it lurking or participating. :)

  23. Where have you been? Absent for more than a month. :(

  24. Love your WIP profile page. It made me feels like I am viewing multiple epic movies posters. The only difference that these are your wonderful LEGo reviews.