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  1. WhiteFang

    4040 Nick review!

    Topic locked. WhiteFang
  2. WhiteFang

    30550 Easter Bunny review!

    Topic locked. WhiteFang
  3. WhiteFang

    30574 Cat review!

    Topic locked. WhiteFang
  4. WhiteFang

    WhiteFang's LEGO Studio

    I have updated my display a little bit and I will like to share what it has become after two years since my first reveal. Link to Flickr album
  5. WhiteFang

    BAM Exclusive Parts Index

    I just saw this topic. Awesome work. I was pretty excited when I bought some special ones back in March 2020, before lockdown begins.
  6. Thanks everyone for your heartfelt warmth and support for the past years. Let’s take it that I am taking a hiatus. I will come back when I am ready to. I will still do reviews for non-CMFs theme as and when my interest takes me to. I am very glad that you have a great time. If you wish to reminse my past reviews. I have uploaded most of my reviews in Flickr and I will continue to maintain it. https://www.flickr.com/photos/whitefang_eurobricks/albums Fangy
  7. Dear EB friends, It has been a decade ago since I begin to review LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series (CMFs) in April 2010. My last review on the CMFs was in September 2019, which I had reviewed on Series 19. You may probably have notice that I did not review the recent LEGO CMFs Batman Series 2 and LEGO CMFs Series 20. Well, the truth is EB did not receive a box from TLG for the mentioned series. The details do not matter and life will need to go forward. Times changed. I regret to inform everyone that I will be taking a hiatus on LEGO CMFs reviewing. I will still buy mint box whenever an opportunity arise like my recent purchase of LEGO CMFs Batman Series 2. But, there is no point for me to produce a high quality review when there are plenty other reviews elsewhere where you can read or watch at an instant of a release. I also thought about it of producing backlog review, but I do not find it necessary to do so by re-inventing the wheel. I hope you have enjoyed the good 10 years of LEGO CMFs reviews from me and I hope one day I can come back to entertain all of you once more. Lastly, I would like to thanks EB staff and friends for your continuous support in me. Especially @CopMike and @Jim. Yours Sincerely, WhiteFang
  8. Outstanding job. It is truly amazing to see this review so fast. This set does indeed paying homage to Classic Adventurers. The playing mechanism and the various mechanics are very interesting. However, I will have height restrictions issue in my display cupboard which will make me reconsider. Other than that, this is a very solid set. Thanks VBBN.
  9. WhiteFang

    [MOC] Animal Crossing Nook's Cranny

    Congratulations! I look forward to the outcome of the results. I will be rooting for you.
  10. WhiteFang

    Review: 10271 CREATOR Fiat Nuova 500

    Thanks Rufus for this very detailed review. It was really enjoyable to have an interesting insight. To be honest, I was not very keen to acquire this set as I get the bettle and cooper are much iconic. Then, when I see all 3 models altogether. It does give me some re-consideration. Awesome sharing.
  11. WhiteFang

    [MOC] Animal Crossing Nook's Cranny

    Now, I really wish this will come true. I am also an Animal Crossing fan too. This is best of both worlds with LEGO and Nintendo to come together. Your built is spot on and I will love to have it in my collection if that day ever come. Hint hint to TLG - to bring back Fabuland. Since Animal Crossing revolve around Animal residents and this should sit well with them.
  12. WhiteFang

    [MOC] Animal Crossing Nook's Cranny

    Perfect. I love this MOC very much and it is damn accurate.
  13. To add, I did not receive a box. So, please don’t be too hopeful that the EB review will come anytime soon or at all. Thanks.
  14. Unfortunately, I don’t foresee it anytime soon similar to the last CMFs. It will take time for me to actually acquire the new series.
  15. Excellent review. Thanks for sharing and I also look forward to pick this up too. The amount of minifigs and accessories are very attractive to add into the collection.