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  1. Check out this latest MOC scene which is done by our Eurobricks Count, koalayummies. This MOC filled with nice details ranging from the fully equipped jeep to the scientific measuring equipment which is used in the harsh barren desert. Read more about it in Eurobricks LEGO Town Forum. 


    Click here to view the Climatology Survey MOC in the Eurobricks LEGO Town forum. 

  2. Just now, Oky said:

    Yeah, I didn’t mention it in the review since this tends to happen with other licensed helmets, but mine does pop off somewhat easily too. I don’t mind it though as I usually just leave him in his armor and don’t touch the head much. 

    This is very apparent to me for at least the first time. So, I find the quality hard to believe especially coming from a licensed set. I had to be careful with the helmet when I handle the minifigure. That was the most disappointing experience. 

  3. @Oky, I had just built this amazing set. I really enjoyed it. I will like to check with you if you have any problem with Reinhardt minifigure. It is because my helmet and the head are very loose. The helmet can drop off when I invert the minifigure. So, I like to check if you are also having this same problem as me? 

  4. Thanks guys for your feedback and comments. 

    5 hours ago, Lfm55 said:

    Not really my taste but were the gap between the panels so big in the 75105?

    i sold it when i got the ucs one but i don’t remember those gaps..

    The gaps were also there in 75105 if I remember correctly. 

    3 hours ago, m4st3rt3ch said:

    Cool review. I really like how LEGO improved the build compared to 75105. It is much sturdier now. Because there are solid plates from the middle section to the aft instead of a flap you can grab it there and swoosh it pretty hard. I love the colours, it's a real eye-catcher, especially on vertical stand.

    Thanks for sharing. Didn’t know that the reinforcement is an improved design from the previous MF. 

    31 minutes ago, Kristof said:

    I was considering whether to write this or not and I am still not sure if my post can make any positive impact but I guess without criticism the improvement is less likely.

    Although some comments are specific to this particular review, in general my criticism extends to many 'Reviewer Academy' reviews, at least those I noticed lately.

    It seems far to common for people to just automatically say 'thanks, cool review, nice set' and I wonder how much is that just a habit or result of general sympathies and loyalty.

    To avoid some lengthy rant, I will just pin a few points of criticism I have:

    • Subject of the review is relatively old set and there has been many good reviews made previously.
    • Compared to the existing reviews I struggle to find much original content, thoughts or really anything really worthwhile in this review.
    • The photography is, frankly, not very good. It is even more apparent here than in other reviews, because of the primary color of the model.
    • I understand there is probably a language barrier to some extent, but sometimes the text is confusing or even contradictory.

    I fully acknowledge that there is effort that goes into writing this and the intentions are all great. But really I don't see so much of a value but for the authors themselves, as they can enjoy making it and improving their skills. And I have no problem with that as long as it actually works like that and people provide some constructive feedback... which I don't think is happening.

    I don't know... maybe I am searching a problem where there isn't, I sure don't mean to insult or discourage.

    Thanks Kristof for sharing your honest views. It is where such constructive critics could help the reviewer to improve for future reviews. I really do welcome such feedback and I know you don’t bear ill intentions. 

    Noted there are a lot of reviews out in the Internet, as outlined by Brick Insights. However, there are nil review for this set on EB. Doing a review does not mean it has to be the latest. It could also be an EOL set. In this way, I do not think it is recommended to only review or share the latest releases as and where it is. Multiple reviews are always welcomed as it offer different perspectives. 

    Agree the photography is not very ideal as the base colour of the model is white and my floodlights had created unnecessary harsh light/shadows only after the photos are being processed when uploaded onto computer. I will take note of it and improve on it further. 

    Noted that the write up may not be coherent at times. I will pay more attention when I put my thoughts together. It may misrepresent wrongly and I apologies if is confusing for you. 

  5. Our Eurobricks Global Moderator and Reviewers Academy Teacher, WhiteFang had just completed this review of the 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon which was featured in the recent SOLO: A Star Wars Story movie. Do take a moment to check out this iconic Millennium Falcon review right here in Eurobricks LEGO Star Wars Themes Forum. Share your thoughts with us if you like this latest design variant as well. 


    Click here to view the 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon review in the Eurobricks LEGO Star Wars Themes forum. 

  6. gallery_6705_157_22742.png

    Hello everyone,

    This is my fourth review from the LEGO SOLO: A Star Wars Story and I had finally seen the movie. It is a good movie which give me a glimpse of Corellia and other associating new planets but yet fail to live the expectations of other recent Star Wars movie like Rogue One. Well, I am not going to talk much about movie plot for this review. So be rest assured that there are minimum spoilers in this coverage. Previously, I had reviewed the 75209 Han Solo's Landspeeder, 75210 Moloch's Landspeeder and 75215 Cloud-Riders Swoop Bike. This review can only be made possible with LEGO CEE and Eurobricks Ambassador, Jim for facilitating this reviewing opportunity. Although this is a late review to the scene but I still hope you find this review useful.

    One important thing to note, I am entirely reviewing this with nil Millennium Falcon building experience. I had bought some older variants of Millennium Falcon but I haven't build them yet due to space constrain. Therefore, the experience which I intend to share is from a new builder which TLG seek to inspire a new generation through this iconic design. Furthermore, I am personally pleased to complete my current collection of LEGO SOLO sets with this last addition. Without further ado, let me share the reviewing journey for the legendary kessel run. 

    Name: 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon
    Theme: LEGO System / Licensed / Star Wars / SOLO: A Star Wars Story
    Year: 2018
    Pieces: 1414
    Minifigs: 5 minifigures plus 2 droids
    Price: USD $169.99, GBP 149.99, EURO 169.99, SGD $279.90
    Resources: Brickset, BrickLinkBrick Insights

    An original box image of the 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

    Back view of the original box image of the 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

    Inspire a new generation of Star Wars fans

    This new redesigned Millennium Falcon which is featured in the SOLO: A Star Wars story movie is targeted to create interest with new Star Wars fans through this iconic Millennium Falcon. It was owned by Han Solo which he won from Lando Calrissian in a gamble. This will be explained in this movie. Then, we have Rey taking over the controls from Han Solo in end of Episode 7. Since the start of LEGO Star Wars in 1999, the 7190 Millennium Falcon was the very first minifigure scale play design. Then, it had an improved design and minifigures in 2004 with the 4504 Millennium Falcon. Subsequently in 2007 and 2017 with a decade apart, the largest UCS Millennium Falcon was released under 10179 and 75192. After 2004, TLG had released a version in 2011 under 7965 and in 2015 under 75105. This is indeed a long march since the dawn of LEGO Star Wars where this iconic design had been rehash numerous times. 

    Then, as LEGO fans, are you pleased with this new redesign? Many of us felt the usage of white bricks somehow differ from the original grey parts. For me, I am starting to worry that the white bricks will undergo degrading of white to not-so-white in a few years time. Why the ship is coloured white could suggest a link with Lando. Considering this is the first Millennium Falcon which Lando had acquired at the beginning and modified to his style. It can't be help when Lando set his eyes on the crude freighter and saw its potential beyond just a working-class light freighter. We will move toward

    The overview of the building process
    The sealed box came with these building content. The instruction manual and sticker is kept in this manner. The entire built is divided into 10 significant milestones and it took me about 4.5 hours to finish building it. The pacing for entire building experience is excellent and it does not feel too tiring. After the set is built, these are the remaining spare parts. The content also included a sticker sheet

    A closer look at the LEGO minifigures from the official box art

    The newly designed minifigures and droids from the Solo movie

    Firstly, let's go through the minifigures and droids section. From left, we have the DD-BD droid, Kessel Operations Droid, Quay Tolsite, Qi Ra, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca. All of the minifigures and droids are unique, except Han Solo and Chewbacca who had reappeared in this SDCC 2018 exclusive of 75512 Millennium Falcon cockpit. These are the minifigures come with alternate facial expressions. I am also pleased these minifigures and droids also came with back printing as well.

    The main cast of the Millennium Falcon

    These are the main cast from the Millennium Falcon. Qi Ra minifigure had appeared 3 different designs so far and in this variant, her hairpiece is rubbery. She used to work for Lady Proxima before putting her sad life aside and joined the Crimson Dawn. She is now a capable strategist and advisor to Dryden Vos. Han Solo was a smuggler who became a leader in the Rebel Alliance to restore the Republic and a key leading figure in the defeat of the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. Han Solo had appeared 41 different designs so far. Chewbacca was captured and was rescued by Han Solo. Ever since, there were best buddies till the end of time. Chewbacca had appeared 7 different designs so far. Before we knew Lando as the keeper of Cloud City, he was actually a smuggler and now aim to retire by becoming a full-time gambler through sabacc. Lando had appeared 7 different designs so far. Do note that his cape is pretty stylish with a navy blue and black borders. 

    The other droids which are included in this set
    All of these droids are unique to this set and they are actually found in the Kessel Mine. The DD-BD droid was a captured slave to carry out mining operations. Quay Tolsite is a member of the Pyke Syndicate and is the caretaker of the Kessel Mine operations. His minifigure is the most well designed and accurate with the movie reference. The Kessel Operations Droid took care of the main controls and was directed by Quay Tolsite accordingly. 

    Which outfits do you prefer?

    The entire building content for Packet 1

    The completed built for Packet 1

    The packet 1 focused largely on the building of the Millennium Falcon base. You can take a closer view of the front and bottom of this building stage. 

    The entire building content for Packet 2

    The completed built for Packet 2
    Packet 2 focused on the built of Millennium Falcon interior highlights like the cargo hold, bunk, drinks and seating area. You can take a closer look at these various views from the rest area, bunk area and cargo hold

    The entire building content for Packet 3

    The completed built for Packet 3
    Packet 3 is building the interior surroundings which we will see the ship begun to form from the front and side. You can take a closer look from the front view.

    The entire building content for Packet 4

    The completed built for Packet 4
    Packet 4 focused on forming sides of the Millennium Falcon and the cockpit base. 

    The entire building content for Packet 5

    The completed built for Packet 5

    Packet 5 focused on completing the rear engine exhausts and sides of the Millennium Falcon. 

    The entire building content for Packet 6

    The completed built for Packet 6

    Packet 6 focused on building the side structure including docking entrance pillars. 

    The entire building content for Packet 7

    The completed built for Packet 7
    Packet 7 focused on building more of the Millennium Falcon's interior. You can view some of the close up images from the front and bottom including the rotating laser cannon.

    The entire building content for Packet 8

    The completed built for Packet 8
    Packet 8 focused on building and forming the top opening flaps all around the Millennium Falcon. You can take a closer look from the front view

    The entire building content for Packet 9

    The completed built for Packet 9
    Packet 9 focused on almost completing the Millennium Falcon minus the auxiliary craft at the front. Just by viewing this close up front view, don't you think we are almost complete the building?  

    The entire building content for Packet 10

    The completed built of the Millennium Falcon
    The Millennium Falcon is measured at a height of 11cm high, 48cm length and 30cm wide. The Millennium Falcon is manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation with a model of YT-1300. It has an atmospheric speed of 1200kph and equipped with dorsal and ventral single laser cannon turrets under their weapon arsenal. It just require a crew of two to properly fly the Falcon: pilot and co-pilot. The Cockpit can can seat two extra crew members at the communications and navigational stations which is not seen in the above LEGO model due to space restriction.  

    In case anyone is wondering what exactly is kessel run? The Kessel Run is a legendary navigational route through the chaotic space that surrounds the Kessel planet. The local Si'Klaata Cluster and the Akkadese Maelstorm are shifting systems of dangerous stuff across hyperspace travels. In a nutshell, it is a bloody shortcut with hell of traps and pitfalls along the way just to save precious traveling time. 

    This iconic spacecraft is equipped with state-of-the-art weapon cannons which can be found at the top and bottom of the ship. For increase playability, this model come with dual shooting missiles at the side. This is the rectenna which processes data to assess the Millennium Falcon and its surroundings. It uses passive electromagnetic gathering surfaces as well as active-bounce signals. These are the six dorsal heat vents at the rear of the ship. The igniter is where the fuel combustion output is taking place. This is the iconic cockpit which can also be removed from the front. Do note that the landing gear is non-retractable and it can also be seen here. You can view some of the close up exterior images of the Millennium Falcon from the front view, side view, rear view and bottom view

    This Millennium Falcon variant is owned by Lando Calrissian where he had made it his home in space. The forward compartment houses a lounge for the ship crew which includes a drinks bar, holotable for playing dejarik and sound system or control panel. It even had a wide bunk for the crew to sleep comfortably. It has a boarding ramp which enable the crew to enter from inside or outside

    A closer view at the top of the Millennium Falcon

    Opening the top flaps for the Millennium Falcon
    By opening up the top flaps of the Millennium Falcon exterior, you will be able to notice four distinct sections. namely nearing the cockpit, cargo hold, rest area and drinks counter. This Millennium Falcon variant also included an escape pod bay (configured for 2 pax) which can be launched at beneath the top laser cannon. There is also a stowed auxiliary craft which was never seen in the original Millennium Falcon design. It can be lifted up through this front mechanism. It can be easily slide out from the front and detach from the main spaceship. 

    Let's jump into lightspeed

    Let's discuss our next course of action

    A closer look at the rear cargo hold

    Let's have some drinks first

    The very first original design of the Millennium Falcon

    What do you think of this version or variant of the Millennium Falcon?

    Flying off to a brand new adventure
    To conclude, this is a pretty decent Millennium Falcon building experience. I love the minifigures' assortment and I have no issues or rant about it. For the Millennium Falcon design, I find it strange to have that auxiliary craft at the front to make it complete and I am pretty sure Han Solo got rid of that feature to shave some weight. My only grip about this Millennium Falcon is the colour of white. I am not fond of having a white Millennium Falcon cutting with blue stripes, knowing the case that it won't go down well in time with the white bricks becoming yellowish. This is pretty tragic and yet unavoidable. Even I manage to hide it away from sunlight, it still manage to get the whole model turning into a piece of yellowish dull crap. I don't have a known solution for this Millennium Falcon and I can understand why they had to design white for the movie and of course to tell others that is not the regular Millennium Falcon which we are getting. Many of the interior features are largely similar with the predecessors. This ship is worthy for display and I am very glad to have it in my collection despite of the colouring. My advise to get it only if you are a great fan of SOLO movie or if you do not own any Millennium Falcon. If you are bend to get the minifigures, getting the Millennium Falcon doesn't warrant the hefty price tag unless you are a Millennium Falcon collector. You don't need so many and I am very pleased to have my third Millennium Falcon in my collection, right after 7965 and 75105. Owning these 2 sets are great enough meaning to show the past, present and future of the Millennium Falcon's evolution. 

    Please note that all opinions and content shown in this Eurobricks pictorial review is from 'WhiteFang' and is not meant to represent LEGO official views. It is purely stated to share as a vantage point of a reviewer.

    Summary review
    Playability: 8/10 (Fun playing actions from the exterior and interior of the Millennium Falcon.)
    Design: 7/10 (Good design of the revamp Millennium Falcon but I am not a fan of white and blue Millennium Falcon.)
    Price: 7/10 (Price is on the high side and I only encourage you to get it if you are a huge fan of Millennium Falcon design or the movie itself.)
    Overall: 7.3/10 (I enjoyed the entire building experience and had good fun with it. Get it if you are new to Star Wars and this set is a good one to inspire the next generation)

    I gave it a "4" based on my Review Score Card. :wink: What about yours? [Voting is disabled due to a bug in the forum software in LEGO Star Wars Theme]

    I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed.
    Pictures can be found in My Flickr

  7. On 1/29/2019 at 11:59 PM, Daniel-Technic said:

    Full set of 3?

    That is not true as I only got 6 Vest Friend Rex and no Dorothy in a sealed box.

    At least from the box which I had received, I managed to get full set of 3. There are more disturbing reports that some of other sealed boxes are reported to have strange distribution numbers as well/. 

    On 1/30/2019 at 7:39 AM, Robert8 said:

    Yeah, thats not right. 

    These minifigures dont come from China like all the other CMFs. It would be interesting to see if more people get odd distributions in their boxes

    Likewise, I am also interested to know what are the ongoing distribution reports and this is definitely the first of its kind where distribution had widely skewed from the norm. 

  8. Nice review and interesting take on the new LEGO Forma. This is a brand new design realm and is unlike the traditional themes too. I haven't really decide on it and is pretty neutral towards its intended target market as well. I am not exactly sure who could be interested other than adults (which I am assuming), and your review had shed some useful thoughts which was previously unclear to me. Thanks for sharing. 

  9. Will you like to find out more about the new LEGO Forma? Our Eurobricks Knight, Seasider has just reviewed the 81000 Koi and he like to share his views on this new theme. What do you think of this new design concept .Do share your thoughts with us in Eurobricks LEGO Special Themes Forum. 


    Click here to view the 81000 Koi review in the Eurobricks LEGO Special Themes forum. 

  10. gallery_6705_157_22742.png

    Hello everyone,

    Since 2011 with the launch of the LEGO Ninjago original theme and cartoon series, we had seen astounding growth of LEGO Ninjago fan base. The humble sets' beginning had already begun to be part of a growing list of Classic LEGO Ninjago sets. TLG had decided to revisit past significant playsets and re-designed these existing sets under Ninjago Legacy flagship from the past seasons. Without further ado, allow me to bring you my first LEGO Ninjago Legacy purchase in this review.  

    Name: 70666 The Golden Dragon
    Theme: LEGO System / Ninjago / Legacy / Season 2
    Year: 2019
    Pieces: 171
    Minifigs: 3 minifigures
    Price: USD $19.99, GBP 17.99, EURO 19.99, SGD 34.90
    Resources: Brickset, BrickLinkBrick Insights

    An original box image of the 70666 The Golden Dragon

    Back view of the original box image of the 70666 The Golden Dragon

    Recreate the grand final battle between Golden Ninja Lloyd and Overlord
    This Golden Dragon set is a re-designed set from the 2013 LEGO 70503 The Golden Dragon. The former design was a much bigger dragon than this latest design. If you want to compare further, there's actually an even smaller Golden Dragon from the LEGO Dimension Fun Pack. The current design is much compact including the box size. The pieces count are slightly lesser from 252 to 171 pieces and yet remain the same minifigures' count as before. The resulting consequence for this redesign allow a drop of pricing of at least USD$10 (on average). With so much new changes being introduced, we shall see if this set hold the same mark as its predecessor. 

    The content of the sealed box

    The sealed box come with three mint packs and two of which are numbered. The box contain an instruction manual and a dreaded sticker sheet which I did not apply for this set. After completing the built, these are the remaining spare parts for packet 1 and packet 2.

    The updated LEGO Ninjago minifigures
    In the above minifigures assortment, we have (from left) Golden Ninja Lloyd, Overlord and Stone Army Scout. All of these minifigures were updated with improved torso, facial expressions and slight update on accessories for these existing LEGO Ninjago characters. As most of you could be familiar with Lloyd and also becoming a Golden Ninja in Season 2. He is one of the main characters in the Ninjago Universe and most of his appearances revolve around being the Green Ninja. You can see the differences on Golden Ninja Lloyd with its earlier design. The next amazing character is Overlord which is a huge improvement design from its predecessor that used the skirt piece. I definitely like the new ghastly purple ghost leg piece. The torso design also include an updated piece of his forearms and backarms. His weapon had also been updated to represent something like naginata. The Stone Army Scout had also undergo some improvement changes on the facial expression. The overall uniform is almost similar and it can create some slight variation between the previous Stone Army soldiers. All of the minifigures contain back printing. Only Golden Ninja Lloyd minifigure contains alternate facial expression

    The entire building content for Packet 1

    The completed built for Packet 1

    The entire building content for Packet 2

    The completed built for Packet 2

    The completed built of the Golden Dragon
    The completed Golden Dragon is a middle size scale, measuring at 24cm length, 26cm wide and 6cm height. It made use of the Mixel ball joint to create good movement articulation on the legs and wings. The Golden Dragon is much smaller than the first Golden Dragon design and yet the size of it remain closely to scale with the minifigure sizing without making it too overbearing. The design seems a little firmsy and I am not exactly sure if is not grounded enough to make it stand on its own without falling down. Unfortunately, I also don't have a chance to open it yet to make a direct comparison by placing it side-by-side. The wings, tail and legs can be moved to pose different position with the minifigure placed safely in the saddle near the flag. One of the fun playing action include the stud shooter placed within the dragon mouth. You can enjoy viewing more of the up close viewing angles from the front viewside view and back view.

    Soar away into the sky

    Great battle is ahead of us

    The Golden Dragon is coming for us

    Protecting the Lands of Ninjago
    To conclude, I enjoyed this set very much. The Golden Dragon design is compact and lovely for me to place above the Oriental Temple like above without falling apart. If is too big, it will probably not able to take the weigh at the rooftop. The minifigures are excellent and that's one of the main reason why I choose to get this set without hesitation. This set will probably attract fans who are into Ninjago and also at the same time miss the chance to own the Golden Dragon in your collection. I am glad the re-design is not exactly the same as the former but an attempt to take it better after 6 years apart. Overall, I think this is an outstanding and affordable playset to have a positive sampling flavour with LEGO Ninjago classic series. 

    Summary review
    Playability: 9/10 (Positive playing experience which can be integrated with your existing LEGO Ninja and Ninjago collection.)
    Design: 8/10 (Excellent minifigures' design and decent looking dragon.)
    Price: 9/10 (I find the pricing very reasonable and affordable. No issue for me to get these good minifigures and a decent dragon.)
    Overall: 8.6/10 (Enjoyed it very much and I had a fun time playing with it. Definitely worth the pricing.)

    I gave it a "5" based on my Review Score Card. :wink: What about yours?  

    I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed.

    Pictures can be found in My Flickr.

  11. 5 minutes ago, notpennysboat said:

    Thanks but it's not just imagination, it's all parts of my collection. I have a real team Amazons, team Fairies, medieval village or farm etc. all I previously quoted up there. (I tried to upload images from Flickr to here in vain, gave up)

    Ah. I realised I had phrase it wrongly. I meant imagination refer to your illustration of what you intend to do with your collection. You already thought of what you want to do with it by imagining it. Now, you just need to find them in the stores. 

    You can post your Flickr link here. 

  12. Are You Ready to discover the "Top 10 reasons why people don't like the largest Hulkbuster ever released"? Our Eurobricks Reviewers Academy Teacher, kaelthas had assembled an one-of-a-kind unique reviewing experience of the recent 76105 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition to test the myths. What do you think of this design? Do take a moment to read till the end of the review to discover the overall opinion of this set before jumping into conclusion. 


    Click here to view the 76105 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition review in the Eurobricks LEGO Licensed Themes forum. 

  13. Thanks everyone for your comments! It's great to read them and understand how you felt towards this series. 

    On 1/21/2019 at 11:36 PM, telaruhn said:

    Lots of interesting things in this series. Namely, the new bags, extra pieces, and the inclusion of Unikitty. Not that I mind her being in this series, but I would have rather had an actual minifigure than a brick-built character. Loving most of the other inclusions, such as the Wizard of Oz characters. They all look very well-made and accurate.

    I suppose lots of use are quite upset with the inclusion of Unikitty and I find it very hard to justify why I need another generic Unikitty which is over and above Emmet (slightly better since he come with 2 accessories). 

    On 1/22/2019 at 1:07 AM, Holodoc said:

    Light tan... whatever that may be... :laugh: Can you post a comparison to a tan brick? :blush: 

    Does this help? 

    Why are you standing outside?

    On 1/22/2019 at 3:47 AM, notpennysboat said:

    With a bow, Battle-Ready Lucy will join the forest village. With a spear, Sherry Scratchen-Post will join the Amazons. Scarfield and the Cowardly lion will go with the other good creatures in the forest. With wings and wands, Hula Lula, Flashback Lucy and Candy Rapper will be turned into fairies. The Swamp Creature with the other monsters. Apocalypseburg Abe and Vest Friend Rex will go in the medieval village while Dorothy Gale will go in the medieval farm. Scarecrow will be the fifth good scarecrows among a lot a bad ones. Tin Man will be a cursed man. :tongue:

    Nice illustrated imagination and what you need is to find them inside the stores with ease. :tongue: 

    On 1/22/2019 at 5:30 AM, Herisanmi said:

    I understand, you cannot give a complete review as you do not have the full box and you cannot tell us the distribution (which, in fact, continue to be a secret, we do know why some of them are more expensive!!). However, it would be also interesting to review the minifigures for the pleasure of just reviewing them and putting together with other similar minifigures. Just an example: the boxer. After that series we have a woman boxer and the variant available in Toys'r'Us last year!! 4 boxers, it is possible to create a play-off: semifinals and the final!! Just a suggestion, if you have time, it would be an interesting addition to your complete review!!

    Finally, if you do not know what type of series will follow this one...we, the average mortars, cannot even have an idea!!

    I can look into it for Team GB but it will not be my reviewing priority at this moment. I have plans for other sets which I like to cover especially on my recent purchases in the past 2 years. I had too much backlogs and it will definitely take quite some amount of time. Nonetheless, Team GB is still within my radar and I will find a chance to complete in a fair appropriate manner. It is a fact that I do not know what comes next. :wink: 

    12 minutes ago, Laura Takayama said:

    Well, since I just noticed this bit & I've also had time to think things over a bit, here's my thoughts on how I plan to use the figures/elements from this series:

    That's some very detailed thoughts and plans which I hope the review had assisted you greatly with what minifigures to gun for. I look forward to see you incorporate within your display and exhibits too. :sweet: 

  14. Our Eurobricks Global Moderator and Reviewers Academy Teacher, WhiteFang had just completed this review of the 76127 Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack.Take a moment to check out the latest LEGO Marvel Superheroes set from the upcoming blockbuster movie of Captain Marvel right here in Eurobricks LEGO Licensed Themes Forum. 


    Click here to view the 76127 Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack review in the Eurobricks LEGO Licensed Themes forum. 

  15. gallery_6705_157_22742.png

    Hello everyone,

    I am very excited to share my first 2019 Marvel Superheroes review with Eurobricks Community. I am sure Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans are looking forward to the upcoming blockbuster movie of Captain Marvel which is slated for release on 8 March 2019. This is the only feature set which will come from the movie which will bring us back to the time where Nick Fury had both eyes. When this set was first released, I knew I had to acquire it due to its overall appeal. Without further ado, let me share my thoughts onto why this set is desirable in my mind. 

    Name: 76127 Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack
    Theme: LEGO System / Marvel Superheroes / Captain Marvel
    Year: 2019
    Pieces: 306
    Minifigs: 3 minifigures plus a cat
    Price: USD $29.99, GBP 24.99, EURO 29.99, SGD 49.90
    Resources: Brickset, BrickLinkBrick Insights

    An original box image of the 76127 Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack

    Back view of the original box image of the 76127 Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack

    The latest Captain Marvel official movie set coverage
    This 76127 Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack is a medium-sized set and it is typical for TLG to include a vehicle or aircraft of an equivalent accompanied with 3 minifigures. In this case, the set appeal is combined with the Quinjet and the minifigures assortment. In general, people could either shunned this set by buying the minifigures via BrickLink or simply like the overall set design and the minifigures. Luckily, the latter formula works well for me. I chosen to pick up this set at a very early stage without discount is due to my strong preference of Quinjet which is the stealth assault aircraft or air transport for SHIELD. I had enjoyed seeing the numerous renditions for the Quinjet release and this is the fourth Quinjet design and is the smallest among all. This set took me about 30 minutes to finish building. Let's go on with the rest of the review. 

    The content of the sealed box

    The sealed box come with three numbered mint packs. The box contain an instruction manual and a dreaded sticker sheet which I did not apply for this set. After completing the built, these are the remaining spare parts for packet 1, packet 2 and packet 3.

    The brand new minifigures from Captain Marvel movie
    In the above minifigures assortment, we have (from left) Nick Fury, Captain Marvel, Goose and Skrull. Let's look at the main character, Captain Marvel. Her real name was Carol Danvers. She was a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot and member of an elite Kree military unit called Starforce. Her DNA was somehow fused with a Kree during an accident, imbuing her with superhuman strength, energy projection, and flight. The minifigure design is accurate to the movie reference. Next, we look at Nick Fury who will be the future Director of SHIELD. In this case, he is just a low level operative in this movie. The minifigure is nice to have, even though I kind of disliked the vanilla black legs similar to Talos. The last minifigure is Talos. He is a shape-shifting Skrull and is on a mission to wreck destruction on Earth. For his minifigure, I find it to be poorly designed and far off from the actual movie reference. He look just like a regular looking alien minifigure which hardly strike off as any worthy adversary. Of course, not to forget Goose who is the Cat. The animal's identity remain as a mystery other than its name is closely related with Top Gun. All of the minifigures contain back printing. Only Captain Marvel and Nick Fury minifigures contain alternate facial expression

    Captain Marvel, we are pleased to have you with us

    Evolution of Nick Fury

    The entire building content for Packet 1

    The completed built for Packet 1

    The entire building content for Packet 2

    The completed built for Packet 2

    The entire building content for Packet 3

    The completed built for Packet 3

    The completed built of the Quinjet
    The completed Quinjet design is pretty appealing to me, despite of the size being the smallest among the four released Quinjets till this date. This design is very different from the earlier Quinjets which we are familiar with in either Agents of Shields or MCU movies which is much stealth looking. My best guess is that this Quinjet is much more of a prototype which is designed as a fighter jet. I am also fond of the colour schema which make a good mix of grey and distinct red bricks. 

    The Quinjet is measured at 30cm length, 21cm wide and 11cm height. It is packed with the state-of-the-art MLRS (Multi-Launch Rocket System) which can be pushed via the rear bricks. However, do note that the pushing mechanism is fragile and I often get annoyed that the mechanism got stuck or fall off. The wings and flaperon are also adjustable but the other annoying thing is the frequent drop of the rocket booster which is supported by a 1x1 round stud. The cockpit cover can be removed but you have to completely remove it as if it is ejecting the pilot out of the cockpit. Although these features are great to have, but the design aspect for the playability is weak. The overall Quinjet design on its exterior is nicely designed which I am fond of it, but I am just frustrated with the 'drops' that could affect my 'swooshing' performance. The last playing mechanism is the surprise cargo compartment door at the rear where it can housed Goose safely. 

    You can enjoy viewing more of the up close viewing angles from the front view, bottom viewside viewback view, and the landing position

    Quinjet taking a right bang

    Prototype Quinjet vs Commissioned Quinjet

    Who are you? Where did you come from?

    This is the End Game

    Surrender! You can't pass through this barrier
    To conclude, I enjoyed the building and playing experience along with my other official LEGO Marvel sets. It integrates well apart from the slight design flaw on the MLRS, cockpit cover and weak connection of the rocket booster engine. The exterior design is adequately and worthy to be in my display for sometimes. It even look nice (based on my context) without those dreaded stickers. On the minifigures' aspect, I am quite disappointed with Talos due to it being a typical alien looking minifigure. Captain Marvel and Nick Fury is great to have in your LEGO Marvel minifigures collection. If you are a Marvel fan, be sure to get this set in your collection and is recommended to acquire it with some discount.  

    Summary review
    Playability: 9/10 (Well integrated with other Marvel playsets but it contain slight weak playing design.)
    Design: 8/10 (Slightly above average minifigures' design and excellent Quinjet design.)
    Price: 7/10 (Consider this set at a discount as the SRP is still quite expensive but unless if you are a fan of Captain Marvel and can't wait.)
    Overall: 8/10 (Join in the hype of Captain Marvel with the fun of this LEGO set.)

    I gave it a "4" based on my Review Score Card. :wink: What about yours?  

    I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed.

    Pictures can be found in My Flickr.