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  1. 14 hours ago, MAB said:

    I am not sure how long the distributions of a sample box will be useful. There have been a number of reports that boxes do not contain the "correct" distribution, and LEGO states this on their website for the box of 60:

    PLEASE NOTE: each ‘mystery’ bag contains one of the Series 19 minifigure characters available in this collection. This box includes 60 'mystery' bags and at least one complete collection.

    So there official line is that you should get at least one complete collection, presumably to cover themselves if the distributions are no longer fixed like in previous series sealed boxes. Although there have been complaints where customers have received zero of one figure in a sealed box.


    Thanks for highlighting. I didn’t know it is amended to state this disclaimer. I start to notice in recent series where the box is no longer sealed when I received it. Hence, I wonder if that’s the reason for this disclaimer. 

  2. 20 hours ago, Lord Insanity said:

    The 3 long bar has finally been made in red.  The Minifig series 19 Monkey King comes with an extra one too.  We no longer have to suffer a rusted Ecto-1 with that brown bar.  :excited:

    Indeed it is. :tongue: 

  3. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and comments. I am sure everyone is doing their best to search for their favourite minifigures in this series. :sweet: 

    On 9/5/2019 at 4:11 PM, Roebuck said:

    Ideally a couple of the figs could have been changed with a native American and a pirate related fig to make the series less city based, but as long as I get all the animals I am a happy camper :grin:

    That will be a great "exchange" for a native American or Pirates. 

    On 9/5/2019 at 6:18 PM, Herisanmi said:

    As a ex rugby player, this series is fantastic for me!! I will buy 15 rugby players to have a complete team. The opponents? Umm, I will transform the soccer player from previous series! However, the dark green helment does not represent accurately the scrum cap, lacking the chin strap and being more thick. However, I will put different hair pieces on my team, and they will look like a real team, with differences between them!

    Fine idea indeed. I had never played rugby and I thought the current helmet is pretty good. Do hope if CMFs ever make a competing variant, I will certainly hope we will have a new helmet with chin strap. 

    On 9/6/2019 at 6:22 AM, Robert8 said:

    The recent financial report from TLG says that City is still a top seller (if not THE top seller). So its only natural for the CMF to bet for a City-heavy line. I think we should expect something similar in the upcoming CMFs. If that what makes money for them, then that's what they'll put on the shelves. 

    But nowdays regular City minifigures in sets are so detailed that the City CMFs dont look so special anymore. Also, City gets several sets per year, including people packs and the advent calendar. I think thats why this series doesnt look as appealing as others. It almost feels like another City set. 

    Agreed that this CMFs is lack of charm, which make me felt a little less overwhelmed due to it being City-centric. You are right on your observation where current City minifigures are very detailed and it does seem less appealing on its own. Whereas, we are now viewing the City CMFs in Series 19 for the accompanying new accessories to determine whether if is useful or popular. Kind of defeat the purpose of having an unique CMFs design. 

    On 9/7/2019 at 6:00 PM, Holodoc said:

    I've been waiting for this review for days - now I bought the figs I liked in absence of your review. :wink:

    Great work, Holodoc. I am glad you got most of your fave minifigures. I hope the review will help you to reinforce some of the other minifigures in your borderline listing. 

    19 hours ago, Lord Insanity said:

    Excellent review as always.  I am however surprised you didn't place more emphasis on the alternate face for the mummy queen.  The gold mask is a far more useful face print.  You can use that in city museums and in historical Egyptian builds.  That is easily one of if not the best mummy Lego has made.

    To be honest, the Mummy Queen was one of the less exciting minifigure in this series for me. Though I agree that the alternate face is useful. That's not exactly a game changer for me. 

  4. Thank you very much for your kind words and thoughts for this review. I am really very pleased that you guys enjoyed reading it. :sweet: 

    22 hours ago, makoy said:

    Great work as always @WhiteFang -- surprised that we didn't get this review earlier like the rest of your CMF reviews. Well, no need to answer that (wink wink)

    Looking forward to get my complete set tomorrow. I really like the Fox Costumed Girl and the Dog Sitter. 

    Better than never. :tongue: 

    19 hours ago, parsom said:

    Meanwhile - this series probably will not be available in Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine). Thank you, Lego!

    This is unfortunate. I really hope you can get it at a very reasonable SRP. 

    18 hours ago, AmperZand said:

    @WhiteFang, Great review and images :thumbup:

    Like I always say: A CMF series ain’t a CMF series until Fangy has reviewed it!

    One small note: While the flamingo could be used as an animal, it’s meant to represent a lawn ornament.

    Thanks AmperZand. I didn't know it can be used as an ornament. Otherwise I will mix it up with lawn gnome. :laugh: 

    18 hours ago, ToaIruini said:

    Another great review @WhiteFang! I appreciate that you continue to do this and the little pictures with other figures are so nice and sometimes funny! I don’t think I’ve commented on a review before because I’ve only just got a eurobricks account. Series 19 is decent series and I’m glad to see the return to non-licensed for now. Thank you for the great documentation. 

    Thanks Toalruini and welcome to Eurobricks. Appreciate your time to comment in this review and really very pleased to know the sidelines help to create some fun in this review. 

    12 hours ago, sunhuntin said:

    Great review, as always! Even though I already have my set, it doesn't feel complete without your review.

    I hope to see the teddy bear mould re-printed usng the bear costume design. My favourite from the series, followed by fox suit.

    I will also love to see it appearing in the teddy bear figurines. It will be awesome. 

    12 hours ago, DarrellBricker said:

    I agree with Toalruini, one of the highlights of these reviews is how you pair up the minifigures with ones from old series, sometimes with what's expected, and sometimes some unexpected pairings that just make you laugh. Like the Firefighter with the Dragon Suit Guy - not expected and hilarious! Thank you!

    Thank you and I am pleased to know that the pairing was enjoyable. 

    12 hours ago, paul_delahaye said:

    Yes, that mountain bike being available in the minifigures is a massive plus point.

    The mountain bike is unexpected and yet very useful. Massive plus point indeed. 

    11 hours ago, cyberdyne systems said:

    Great review, as always!

    I can't hide my emotions - we've finally got a piece for a pile of poo! It has finally happened!                                                I suppose, that "built or broken" is just a lego's version of "live or dead"                                                                          Also, sci-fi hunter's helmet has already been used as ant-man helmet in the new Avengers sets.

    And it's a pity, that a gamepad can not be held the proper way. :(

    Is the helmet used in the Ant-Man? I thought it was a very different mold. I don't recall it being the same? Which set are you referring to? 

  5. Our Eurobricks Global Moderator and Reviewers Academy Teacher, WhiteFang had completed this latest review of the Eurobricks CMFs tradition. The 71025 LEGO Minifigures - LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 19 is the newest CMFs traditional of non-licensed series in the LEGO Minifigures series. Take a moment and and check out the detailed review right here in Eurobricks LEGO Special Themes Forum. Do share your thoughts with us in the review.  


    Click here to view the 71025 LEGO Minifigures - LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 19 review in the Eurobricks LEGO Special Themes forum. 

  6. Dear Eurobricks Community, 

    I am very pleased to share with all of you my newest review work on the LEGO Minifigures - LEGO CMFs Series 19. I had just received the box yesterday and hence the delay for this long awaited review. Eurobricks is not the only community doing this review and there are many other communities had released theirs. I sincerely hope my latest reviewing work continue to excite. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments. 

    Thank you. 


  7. Hello everyone,

    Here is the latest poll and survey for the brand new exciting LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 19 poll in our Eurobricks Community. Our Eurobricks Community is also  actively engaging in this topic discussion.

    For the past official Eurobricks polls with regards to LEGO Collectables Minifigures Series even though they may not be so applicable anymore, they can still be found in the following links below.

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    Let us know what you think about this new LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 19 especially on your choice of the favourite minifigure!


  8. approvedgold_v2_50.png

    Hello everyone,

    I am pleased to share my latest reviewing adventure on the brand new LEGO Minifigures - LEGO Collectable Minifigures (CMFs) Series 19 and it was recently launched in the market on 1 September 2019. Special thanks to The LEGO Group (TLG) for making this reviewing opportunity possible for Eurobricks through our EB Ambassador, Jim. My sincere thanks to my wife (Belun) for her dedicated support. Looking back at all these past years and it amazed me that I had actually completed 30 exhaustive LEGO pictorial reviews including this current one, solely for the coverage of the LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series / LEGO Minifigures Theme. I reckon there will be a time for me to come to an end to all good things which is in my mind now. I will ponder with my thoughts now. Meanwhile, let's focus on this comprehensive review. 

    Following Eurobricks tradition for the past Collectable Minifigures polls, we started with a humble beginning of Series 1 followed by Series 2 in the year 2010 and it continued to spread like wildfire with another three strong waves of minifigures craze in the year 2011, putting Series 3Series 4 and Series 5 in an excellent harvesting year. In the year 2012, we celebrated with Series 6Series 7 and recent Series 8. With the year 2013, we had the Series 9Series 10 and Series 11. In the year 2014, we seen the LEGO Movie SeriesThe first LEGO Simpsons Series and Series 12. In the year 2015, we had the Series 13LEGO Simpsons Series 2 and Series 14. In the year 2016, we seen the Series 15LEGO Disney Series 1 and Series 16 In the year 2017, we have the LEGO Batman Movie Series, Series 17 and LEGO Ninjago Movie SeriesIn the year 2018, we experienced the LEGO Batman Movie Series 2, Series 18 and LEGO Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Series 1.  In the year 2019, we seen the LEGO Movie 2 series and LEGO Disney Series 2. Now, let's see where your vote will bring us for the Series 19 poll statistics

    Name: 71025 LEGO Minifigures - LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 19
    Theme: LEGO System / Collectable Minifigures / Series 19
    Year: 2019
    Minifigs: 16 unique minifigures
    Price for 1 box: USD N.A, GBP N.A EURO N.A, SGD $390.00
    Price for 1 packet: USD $3.99, GBP 2.99, EURO N.A, SGD $6.50
    Resources: Brickset, BrickLinkBrick Insights

    An image of an 71025 The LEGO Collectable Series 19

    The LEGO CMFs Series 19 had previously followed closely with the previous LEGO CMFs Series 3 by utilising the lime green colour schema. 

    [Reference 1]  [Reference 2]  [Reference 3]  [Reference 4]

    What could possibly lurk within these mysterious sealed packets?

    After a long hiatus since Series 17 in April 2017, here we are facing with traditional CMFs series

    It has been a long time since we are embraced with the traditional LEGO CMFs ever since recent series were released with licensed and specialised theme. We had not seen original creativity from TLG for about two years since the last Series 17. I did not count Series 18 as it is a specialised theme with mainly costume minifigures unlike the wide spectrum of minifigures' designs in traditional series. I am sure this long awaited series had excited many LEGO fans around the world as many of us are keen to find out new expanded minifigures and their accompanying accessories to be used in their current LEGO collection. More importantly, it is awesome to take a break from the licensed minifigures' designs. 

    There are several exciting things to discover about when I first opened these packets. A few notable things are the exceptional high quality of the minifigures' torso with the neck print on most minifigures. There are plentiful of new unique molds and hairpieces. Not to forget that that printing on the back and side printing including arms with two-toned printing had increased too. These remarkable designs and new additions are very impressive which I will like to draw to your attention in the individual minifigures' showcase. 

    IMPORTANT: Please note that the naming for all 16 minifigures, where applicable, that I have use for this review are likely to be official TLG minifigures naming for the LEGO Minifigures - LEGO CMFs Series 19. In addition, this box is not sealed and the distribution ratio which I have received is based on my received copy. This distribution ratio is not intend to serve as a 100% accurate distribution. I assumed it has a good 98% confidence level. 

    General statistics for 71025 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 19
    Below is the combination which I have received from my box,

    3 Dog Sitter (s)
    Mountain Biker (s)
    3 Gardner (s)
    Shower Guy (s)
    3 Monkey King (s)
    Fox Costume Girl (s)
    3 Firefighter (s)
    4 Fright Knight (s)
    Jungle Explorer (s)
    Programmer (s)
    4 Bear Costume Guy (s)
    Pizza Costume Guy (s)
    Rugby Player (s)
    Mummy Queen (s)
    Galactic Bounty Hunter (s)
    5 Video Game Champ (s)

    Based on the above distribution, I have managed to achieve three complete sets of 16 one-of-a kind minifigures with 12 spare minifigures. This is the optimum distribution. From my personal view, I will prefer Fright Knight in the distribution count of four by exchanging with Mummy Queen. This will greatly pleased army builders. Costume lover fans will adore the count of Pizza Costume Guy and Bear Costume Guy and these should not be too hard to find due to its count of four units. t I am guessing the Fox Costume Girl will be highly sought for as the distribution count is limited to three units. Likewise, I am also guessing the Monkey King will also be equally hard to find due to its popularity of Journey to the West. 

    Front view comparison of LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 19 with the rest of the past CMFs series

    The LEGO Minifigures Theme is a force not to be reckoned with and remain a very strong contender in the TLG product range since 2010. 31 different releases including regional exclusives are not easy to replicate the craze in many LEGO CMFs followers. So, are you still following the CMFs craze since Day 1?

    Take a closer look at the following images. This is the front view of The LEGO CMFs Series 19 packet, while this shows the back view of it. Among the 16 minifigures, these are the three minifigures with a separate sealed packet within the building packet. In fact, there are some other loose elements which are kept separately. Please be mindful when you pouring it out of the packet

    Simple reminder to my regular CMFs readers. If you are intending to collect the precious and hard-to-find minifigures, hone your skills for the touch and feel method. This is an important skill set in order to locate the minifigures that you want without spending too much money by randomly acquire them, especially so when you are intending to buy large quantities. Your sole mission is to memorise and remember the minifigures assortments for each of the specialised designs. Isolate and identify the most unique accessory or accessories for the particular minifigure. From there, eliminate the torso, head and legs and feel for the other parts. The sole disadvantage of this method is that much time would be wasted if the minifigures that you are looking for have been taken from the box. You might also end up with sore numb thumbs after feeling them. Please be careful and treat the packets with respect when you do the above. Reason being, there are many fragile and soft parts in this series. 

    Front view of The LEGO Collectable Series 19 promotional poster

    Back view of The LEGO Collectable Series 19 promotional poster

    1) Video Game Champ

    Without further ado, let's bring out the first minifigure design and it is the veteran Video Game Champ. This design is an illustration of someone who is enthusiastic on video gaming. I am guessing the inspiration being influenced on Xbox console, due to the design inference of "Play-Box" and the modern controller design. Well, for myself I choose to closely associate with Nintendo Switch which you will see my reference in the subsequent imags. It is a sleek minifigure to own in your LEGO City population as it help to create new varieties especially on the outfit. 

    Parts assortment

    The parts assortment are excellent such as the torso, leg and hairpiece with the new green haircolour for the headphone mold with microphone. The console controller is a new mold and a 2x3 printed game tile entitled "Space Game" which can be useful for promotional purpose for pop up marketing display within the town setting. His minifigure also encompass detailed printing. He also contain an alternate facial expression. You can view more of the details from the all rounded view inclusive of front, side and back view

    I am a dedicated video gamer

    Playing the latest Overwatch Ultimate Alliance

    Play-Box latest game title - Space Game

    2) Shower Guy

    The next in line is the comical Shower Guy. I find this minifigure very simple yet hilarious with his showering outfit. In a glance, you can easily guess this minifigure is a great fan of duckie and the love include the green rubber floating duck and the towel in the form of cloth skirting. A simple great addition in your City minifigures' population. 

    Parts assortment

    The parts assortment are above average. The leg design had some bubbles print around his groin. The excellent accessories include the new green rubber duck, new shower cape, towel in the form of cloth skirting and an useful turquoise hairbrush.  He also contain an alternate facial expression. You can view more of the details from the all rounded view inclusive of front, side and back view

    Don't take your sweet time to shower

    You sing well in the shower

    3) Fright Knight

    Now, let's focus on the third minifigure in this series which is the ghastly Fright Knight. In this case, this look similarly as an undead knight equivalent. This is a welcoming medieval fantasy minifigure for army builders to amass and populate the evil knights. I personally fond of this minifigure design apart from its undead, which I wish to swap the hands with a black glove so I can make the torso much useful instead of restricting as a form of undead. The smooth silver outfit for the torso, leg and armour are very useful for minifigures' customisation. 

    Parts assortment

    The parts assortment are above average. There are useful medieval elements including spare plume and sword. I am very pleased that it is in trans-blue as such parts are very uncommon to come by. The large triangular shield has also included a dated emblem for the Fright Knights. Without the armour attached, you can view the fine details on the chainmail at the torso and the back printing accompanied with it. You can view more of the details from the all rounded view inclusive of front, side and back view

    We need your help to fight in our battle

    You were once like us, Fearless Fright Knights

    Kill the battling trolls

    Eliminate these undead knights

    4) Monkey King

    The next minifigure was very unexpected. I did not expect to see an oriental mythical design from Journey to the West which include the main famous character of Monkey King. This character has the certain charm and the designer done a great job for designing this iconic character into the CMFs. One can only wish that it will extend beyond this character. The armament and flair is very accurate. I am very happy with the overall design. 

    Parts assortment

    The parts assortment are excellent. It came with the necessary equipping including the shoulder armour, new red thin cape, rubbery tail, oriential red plum and his golden rod. The golden rod parts include spare hilt and red rod. He also contain an alternate facial expression. You can view more of the details from the all rounded view inclusive of front, side and back view

    Surrender to almighty Monkey King

    I am so excited to be eaten by this legendary creature

    5) Programmer

    The female programmer is an interesting variant and one of the nice highlight is her torso. It appears that our EB Staff, @Bob De Quatre had shared with me that the shirt stated as LEGO. It is binary value of ASCII code. I was like amazed that such design consideration was placed inside. In addition, I am guessing why a white laptop? Perhaps, a MacBook? I am just toying around as I don't recall seeing a white laptop unlike traditional black and grey. The mini robotics is equally interesting especially with the 1x1 brick that has one unique printed side which will serve to be useful in MOCs. 

    Parts assortment

    The parts assortment are slightly above average. I am fond of her her new hairpeice and the minifigures' parts. It is pretty useful for customising townsfolk. She contain an alternate facial expression.  You can view more of the details from the all rounded view inclusive of front, side and back view

    Pleased to meet one another

    One day, my name will be in this exhibit

    6) Mummy Queen

    I am somehow surprised to see a Mummy Queen design. In recent years, I believe we had seen extensively many past good Mummy designs. While this design is much detailed with golden flakes and additional complex design, but I felt is quite unnecessary to have a dated mummy design. I will prefer to see other historical minifigures in this context. I am not overwhelmed by it and this is one of the weakest minifigure in this series. 

    Parts assortment

    The parts assortment are below average. There is only accessory which is a pearl gold scorpion. The head wear is an updated colour which is pretty nice. She contain an alternate facial expression.  You can view more of the details from the all rounded view inclusive of front, side and back view

    Are we going to become like this after thousand of years?

    Biohazard alert

    7) Jungle Explorer

    Three cheers for the dated design for the past Johnny Thunder. While this minifigure is known as Jungle Explorer, his iconic moustache and overall outfit already had gave hints that he could be the present Johnny Thunder. This is a nice minifigure design with good loads of adventuring tools and jungle threat. A fine minifigure to acquire in this series. 

    Parts assortment

    The parts assortment are above average. It has a new magnifying glass design and a brand new lizard reptile lurking in the jungle. It has a new colour for the new Hiker's backpack. I also like the updated dark khaki brown attire which fit well with his fedora. You can view more of the details from the all rounded view inclusive of front, side and back view

    Past and Present of Johnny Thunder

    Adventuring together

    Hiking journey

    8) Fire Fighter

    The next character is the first ever Firefighter in the CMFs series. While firefighting has always been a core business in LEGO City and firefighter minifigures are very common design despite very little variants over the years. While it is a good attempt to increase the female minifigures' population count for adding into the firefighting profession. I felt it is a very weak attempt to fill in with a common profession in the existing LEGO City. This minifigure design can be used for other city folks which are not part of the evergreen LEGO City professions. 

    Parts assortment

    The parts assortment are below average. It only include a new loud haler with the firefighting logo. The red helmet is a good design for show part of the female firefighting hair even though I am pretty certain that hair should not be exposed while on active duty. She contain an alternate facial expression.  You can view more of the details from the all rounded view inclusive of front, side and back view

    Update of firefighter uniform

    This is your last warning


    9) Dog Sitter

    The next City minifigure is a very exciting one. I am very pleased to see this new vocation of a Dog Sitter who is responsible for basic animal care for customers who are away for holidays or business. This is a good design as it feature uncommon city folks working in the city. Not a pleasant sight for sure to scoop the poo into the waste bin, but certainly great job for dog lovers. 

    Parts assortment

    The parts assortment are excellent. You get two dogs, namely French Bulldog with a new colour and Sausage Dog which is a brand new mold. I am very pleased to see this design as it is very rare for the designer to include two animals in a single packet. It include a green spade and what fascinate me that the designer manage to do a new part which resemble a dog poo. She contain an alternate facial expression.  You can view more of the details from the all rounded view inclusive of front, side and back view

    This is not a pretty sight

    This is such a lovely day

    10) Pizza Costume Guy
    This is also an another outstanding design for the City and food costume lovers. It is about time we have a Pizza Costume guy, considering one of the popular food among LEGO minifigures is actually pizza. The pizza slice resemble like a pepperoni pizza. It is definitely a great smashing walking billboard to promote latest in-store discounts of $1 per slice of pizza and $1 for a bunch of cheese fries. 

    Parts assortment

    The parts assortment are above average. I am very fond of the promotional poster of 2x3 printed tile which is a very useful piece for decorating the city layouts as street posters. The overall uniform for this Pizza Costume Guy is definitely spots-on to the long running franchise. You can view more of the details from the all rounded view inclusive of front, side and back view

    Come and order our best tasty pizza

    More food costume guys


    11) Galactic Bounty Hunter

    The next character design is the sole sci-fiction character in this series. The Galactic Bounty Hunter is hunting for outlaws who are wanted for their crimes. In this particular scenario, this Bounty Hunter is looking for the "Built or Broken" and the reward is massively huge of $300,000,000 worth of credits. That is an insane amount of reward for hunting down this person. I wonder what he had done to deserve such attention. I am more pretty fond of the sleek stylish black outfit especially with close reference to the Blacktron which is visible from his torso. 

    Parts assortment

    The parts assortment are above average. You get a black laser pistol and shoulder armour. The helmet piece is a brand new mold which will be a very useful space accessory for minifigures customisation. The trans-red printed tile is also useful and can be attached to an existing booklet for the page to flip. He contain an alternate facial expression.  You can view more of the details from the all rounded view inclusive of front, side and back view

    You are under arrest

    Come and learn the art of bounty hunting

    12) Gardener

    This new City character is a gardener and I am assuming she had a massive big garden in order to accommodate the pink flamingo inside. This is a pretty unusual minifigure and a very lovely sight. Her floral attire with the handling of greenery kind of suggested that the main focus is on the pink flamingo. It is definitely a welcoming piece of design. 

    Parts assortment

    The parts assortment are excellent. The pink flamingo is an incredible design and is capable of standing on its own. The material is semi rubber and soft plastic on the neck area. The green vegetables are useful parts. The rest of the design is nicely done with the floral and spots pattern from her torso and leg. You can view more of the details from the all rounded view inclusive of front, side and back view

    This is an elegant flamingo

    Let's go for our dance class

    13) Rugby Player

    I am very pleased with the introduction of this new Rugby sports to be part of LEGO ever growing sports. This is such an opportune moment for CMFs to introduce a new sports category and it had done nicely especially with the rugby ball. It is well articulated with a firm grip too. I would think it is possible to see a rival team player being introduced in future series. 

    Parts assortment

    The parts assortment are average. I am only fond of the new rugby ball while the rest of the parts and design are pretty functional and accurate. This served well for any rugby team. He contain an alternate facial expression.  You can view more of the details from the all rounded view inclusive of front, side and back view

    Let's win this game

    I will need you to get lots of rest

    14) Fox Costume Girl

    The popular costumed animal craze rage on with two new additions. I suspect the Fox Costume Girl will be a popular and widely sought for due to its lovely bright orange costumed design. It does certainly resemble closely like a fox and she is out to capture some lovely feast for her dinner. 

    Parts assortment

    The parts assortment are slightly above average. It come with a newly coloured chicken. The tail is a great touch to make this design complete, while the sack is a common accessory but is certainly useful to have it in the midst. She contain an alternate facial expression.  You can view more of the details from the all rounded view inclusive of front, side and back view

    You are welcome to join us

    Sharing a delicious meal with my friends

    15) Bear Costume Guy

    The next costumed animal suit is our furry bear in rainbow colours. It is so colourful and bright with bold colours in the palette. It does remind me of "Care Bears" shouting out "Care Bear shine". This is so colourful and will be a favourite among teddy bears collectors. 

    Parts assortment

    The parts assortment are slightly above average. There are useful new brick parts of heart shape and rainbow tile. These are useful MOCs pieces. He contain an alternate facial expression.  You can view more of the details from the all rounded view inclusive of front, side and back view

    Build a bear contest

    16) Mountain Biker

    The last design is the Mountain Biker which include an amazing piece of mountain bike. A fully functional moving bike inside the CMFs packet. This is a first time where such a large accessory being included in a series. This is the latest mountain bike design which was introduced last year in LEGO City theme and is also a popular alternative to bicycles. I do like this design very much, largely due to to the mountain bike assortment. 

    Parts assortment

    The parts assortment are above average. I do love the mountain bike very much and rest of the design is pretty suiting for a mountain biker. The print is exceptionally detailed and I am pretty fond of the plaster bandage on the arm at her left side. She contain an alternate facial expression.  You can view more of the details from the all rounded view inclusive of front, side and back view

    Let's do some bike stunt

    Bicycle versus Mountain Bike

    The LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 19 is launching on 1 September 2019

    To conclude, the LEGO Minifigures - The LEGO CMFs Series 19 is a nice traditional CMFs design and it is nice to see a change of pace. Seeing this brand new 16 designs of Series 19, there are 11 City related minifigures including costume fellows, 4 historical/fantasy/mythical minifigures and 1 sci-fiction minifigure. As you can see, this new Series 19 is a city-focused theme. While I am slightly disappointed that minifigures had largely restricted on City landscape, but the new additional designs and new molds are welcoming additions to our ever-growing LEGO collection. These will be useful for minifigures' customisation. There are 7 female minifigures out of the 16 and it is the largest count ever based on the past CMFs releases. 

    Traditional LEGO CMFs series had always appeal widely to the masses. However, I am wondering if TLG had lose the charm of doing original design. It is a mixed bag of feelings. I am excited to see the traditional LEGO CMFs but there's something that is not as of exciting as before. I am not exactly sure why but somehow certain minifigures are appealing to me more than ever. While, some of the minifigures' design simply fail pale in comparison which is rare in CMFs line-up. I do hope this is a temporary effect as it does feel a great challenge to continue create, design and introduce many new creative and original designs for each new series. The LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series or known as LEGO Minifigures Theme shall always be a rare commanding class of their own, which distinguish themselves from regular LEGO Theme and special releases. It has been a very long standing tradition. 

    Now with a total of 492 minifigures released for the entire Series 1 to 19, the LEGO Movie Series & the LEGO Movie 2 Series, LEGO Simpsons Series 1 to 2, Disney LEGO Minifigures, LEGO Batman Movie series 1 to 2, LEGO Ninjago Movie Series, LEGO Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Series and the current LEGO Disney Series 2, not including Mr. Gold which unfortunately I do not have the blessings or lucky stars to own it till this date, and the special exclusive Toy Soldier and Zombie Skateboarder minifigures that can only be obtained through The Minifigures Character Encyclopedia books respectively.

    At such accelerated rate, I wonder what is everyone's display plan and if they can keep up with the display shelving area for future expansion. For myself, I had already done a nice display for my own CMFs and with this new series. Meanwhile, I really wonder what exciting new series will TLG have for us. Only time will tell and let's be patient about it. I am confident that it will be worth the wait as always. 

    Please note that all opinions and content shown in this Eurobricks pictorial review is from 'WhiteFang' and is not meant to represent LEGO official views. It is purely stated to share as a vantage point of a reviewer.

     The LEGO Minifigures - LEGO CMFs Series 19 contain useful spare parts/accessories. The overall spare parts can be seen here.  

    Summary review
    Playability: 9/10 (New LEGO minifigures which expanded largely onto city setting and other minor themes)
    Design: 9/10 (High amount of detailed printing, new parts/accessories and alternate facial expressions.)
    Price: 7/10 (Pricing is pretty stable and distribution ratio is good for three complete sets.)
    Overall: 8.3/10 (Get ready for this traditional CMFs experience with these brand new designs.)

    I gave it a "5" based on my Review Score Card. :wink: What about yours?

    I hope everyone of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are welcomed.
    Pictures can be found in My Flickr.

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  9. 9 hours ago, Pandora said:


    There have been two series in the UK, and Nate (one of the two series 1 winners) was even in Billund at the Event (with YOU! :laugh: ) in 2018, along with JanetVanD and son, who also progressed pretty far in the first series (IIRC). So you have even met people who've been in it and won it! :laugh: 

    I must have definitely had been staying in the cave! I thought we were talking about Eurovision or something like that in 2018 at Billund. :tongue: 

  10. On 8/17/2019 at 1:57 PM, Feng-huang0296 said:

    How many minifigures can you fit into the troop carrier section?

    I will recommend at most 3 minifigures. Below is the excerpt of my review: 

    The next playing mechanism is the door opening mechanism which can be seen clearly through this close up shot. It can place a gunner on either side or both of the positions but it is pretty packed to squeeze more than three minifigures in there.

  11. Excellent review! I enjoyed this very much and it will be a great treat for Harley Davidson fans. Furthermore, I love the additional mile you put in your visit to the official dealer for real comparison. Top marks for that. :thumbup: 

    I am not very fond of the scale as compared with other vehicular models like VW van, Catherham, etc in my collection. However, this is a remarkable feat for TLG to embark an integrated design combo between System and Technic. 

    Thanks mostlytechnic.