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    REVIEW: 76127 Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack

    Thanks guys for your thoughts and comments. I really hope this review will help fans to decide whether to get this set or not. Yes, it is! Thank you.
  2. Our Eurobricks Global Moderator and Reviewers Academy Teacher, WhiteFang had just completed this review of the 76127 Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack.Take a moment to check out the latest LEGO Marvel Superheroes set from the upcoming blockbuster movie of Captain Marvel right here in Eurobricks LEGO Licensed Themes Forum. Click here to view the 76127 Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack review in the Eurobricks LEGO Licensed Themes forum.
  3. Ahhhh. I see. Ok, then I can be mentally prepared of what's going to come in 2019. Thanks for the rumours tidbits.
  4. Guys, are we expecting CMFs Series 19? I tend to avoid too much spoilers whenever possible. I just want to have a rough idea of what to expect next.
  5. Thanks guys for your comments! Great to see your views towards this new series. I didn't watch that movie before but I wanted to make a reference to it. I am concerned no one might really know this movie well, including myself. Thanks Herisanmi. Much appreciated and the reference of Spice Girls. A friend of mine had suggested that it is also a Spice Girls with great relevance. You are the second one to point it out. I like the Pop Band singers to give us much vibrancy and colours. Just to let you know, I had displayed everything including DFB. Please look carefully. The only ones which I didn't place inside, is the Team GB minifigures. That's also the only CMFs which I had never done a review on, due to the fact that I had never acquired a full box. I had a full series in my own collection which I separate from my regular CMFs display. Can't wait for CMFs Series 19. But is this the upcoming for the next CMFs right after this? Holodoc, what is dgb stands for? Tin Man's hand is matt grey. It's different from the torso and legs. You meant hips as legs? Right? The Scarecrow's head is similar to your Voodoo Wooden Jack Sparrow polybag. It is more of a light tan colour tone. I didn't pay attention if there's any bump codes. I also unable to confirm as I do not keep track of them.
  6. I had omitted the beach. So, I had line them up in a straight row.
  7. Check out this lovable "oink oink" of the 40186 Year of the Pig which is reviewed by our Eurobricks Global Moderator and Reviewers Academy Teacher, WhiteFang. Let's usher the festive joy in the upcoming Chinese New Year for 2019 right here in Eurobricks LEGO Special Themes Forum. Click here to view the 40186 Year of the Pig review in the Eurobricks LEGO Special Themes forum.
  8. I had done my 3 different builds of 4996 Beach House and line them up. This was my favourite Creator set.
  9. Dear leafan, @Peppermint_M (Action Moderator) is doing her role to remind members to keep discussion on track. While individual moderators may have distinguished approach, the intended message is not meant to be rude or disrespectful. The delivered message by each moderator is measured by the same outcome and it is to remind members to keep the discussion as it is supposed to be without derailing it. Thank you for your understanding and I like to seek others to follow suite as well. WhiteFang
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    REVIEW: 80102 Dragon Dance

    Interesting question and Jim had given some good insight. My guess is those uncommon parts which are tucked away are not meant to make AFOLs happy. I recall reading or heard from the designer that it was intentional to put distinct colours to illustrate the playing mechanism. It is not part of the exterior or interior playing facade. It is meant to be hidden away as part of the playing mechanism of the set itself. Hence, the designer would use bold colours of their choice to identify the mechanism. I would be wrong, but that's my guess. I am interesting to see what you have done with the Powered-Up system. I was exploring on using my PFs to power it up but I don't know where I had kept them now. Very interesting. Your thoughts are also highly probable based on the situation. We might not never know the actual reason but from a commercial perspective, it is entirely possible.
  11. Thank you guys for your thoughts and comments. Great to hear them here. Even you dislike it. Oh my... We need the traditional CMFs as it had been away for almost 2 years since Series 17. Thanks for sharing. I guess they might want to represent it in a generic manner. Agreed that Unikitty would be better in exchange for another minifig design. On the other point, I don't think TLG would ever cease the idea of placing a 'chase' minifigure. From a marketing standpoint, it might further fuel the hype and anxiety in the market. Great insight. I agree with you wholeheartedly. You have clearly suffered the traditional withdrawal symptoms of CMFs Series 17. On a serious note, I find it quite puzzling that majority of the EB community had quite a high dislike towards this CMFs. I didn't take part in the general discussion and I also avoiding seeing detailed images of this CMFs whenever possible, so I can be "surprised" while I am doing this review. I honestly felt this CMFs is pretty strong in its own way. I had much difficult reviewing experience on even more specialised themes such as Simpsons and DFB for example. So, this in a way is still original and it belongs to LEGO imagination building on its strong foundation of LEGO Movie. On the manufacturing part, I am also curious too. Let's see if any other sites would have posed this question next time. Interesting take on your scoring. It is very nice to read your vantage point. It's fun to read your take on the usage of parts in your own way. Thanks for sharing with us on your perspective.
  12. WhiteFang

    REVIEW: 80102 Dragon Dance

    Awesome, Holodoc! I am sure you will enjoy the built as much as I do. I am so happy that you had finally got them.
  13. Fair point. I think you are referring to the integration across LEGO Themes where we can use them in a flexible manner. I am not aware that the worst characters on FB are actually the 4 Pop Singers. That really surprise me. Michelangelo will be awesome to have (wishlist). Thanks Holodoc. Just perhaps, we all might have a different perspective after seeing the movie where we can then associate their existence in this CMFs. Oh gosh. Thankfully you only referred to Batman Series 2. My worst is actually Simpsons 2...
  14. The Scarecrow's hat is not orange colour. It's actually light brown. I just realised the colour went off due to increased brightness. What do you mean by the diploma is incorrect?
  15. Glad you like it, K_Tiger. I think Vest Friend Rex is quite a good minifigure which you ought to consider. The rest of them are pretty much on the remainder. I have added the following new images into the review: Everything is Awesome Different variants of President Business
  16. Thanks Skalldyr. For MOCers like yourself, spare parts are always welcomed. Thanks Makoy. I am sure the pink microphones are the quickest effective cost measure for not printing multiple coloured microphones. Somehow agreed with the puns on the words play. It is pretty original and fun to poke at. The distribution secret is out and we will see how the market forces determine the best outcome. Thanks Nick Wolfe. Agreed that most minifigures are useful steampunk and mad max reference. Those are some great designs which we had not seen in LEGO official sets previously. Of course Wizard of Oz was a splendid surprise and that was a huge draw for me. Unikitty, as I mentioned in the review. It is certainly a wet blanket to me. Other than that, the rest of it rocks.
  17. Thanks guys for your thoughts and comments. I didn’t identify any minifigure to be potential army builder? You want to army build a Senior Looking Xena warrior? I didn’t mention this in my review. It was intentional as I am unable to validate or confirm it. The box which I had received is not “sealed” by the usual sticker but I had indeed opened the box from a sealed TLG carton. If memories served me right, I was also first elated to note that the entire row on my furthest right contain one complete set of 20 minifigures. However, you can’t assume it is 100% accurate as there might have been instances where the packs might accidently changed its position. It also means honing your sense of touch and feel is equally important to ensure the minifigures are identified correctly from the bind bag. I am surprised that you find this series weak. Though I must admit I miss the traditional CMFs but overall this series provided higher quality of print design and new parts. As much as I love to cast him with the previous Swamp Creatures rendition, I do not have these minifigures readily available in my collection.
  18. Hello everyone, A new start of the year 2019 and I will begin with my very first review on this regional exclusive LEGO seasonal set. These new Chinese New Year sets are highly anticipated and are hard to come by if you are not situated in Asia Pacific region. This set is currently available in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, etc. It is also rumoured to be available for a short period of time. Not exactly sure if is factually correct. Our international AFOLs such as Europe and US are likely require to rely on secondary marketplace for sourcing. Without further ado, let me share my perspective if is indeed worthwhile for you to get this set and add into your collection. Name: 80101 Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner Theme: LEGO System / Seasonal / Chinese New Year Year: 2019 Pieces: 616 Minifigs: 6 minifigures Price: SGD 89.90 Resources: Brickset, BrickLink, Brick Insights An original box image of the 80101 Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner Back view of the original box image of the 80101 Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner Get ready for this detailed amazing festive set exclusive This is indeed a mega surprise for me to see an official LEGO set like this being released under the Chinese Festival Special Edition flag. When this set was first released couple of days ago, these were flying off the shelves until I managed to get it locally in TRU by paying SRP for it. Well, I personally find is worth the SRP and it is reasonably priced. The box is quite big and is highly recommend to debox in order to save some shipping costs if you are intending to import elsewhere. As a Chinese, the Chinese New Year is an important traditional festival and is widely celebrated in Chinese community. This is a very meaningful set which illustrate the importance of family togetherness in Chinese New Year Eve, where the loved ones will gather for a reunion dinner in the living or dining area before ushering the New Year. For the coming 2019 Lunar Calendar, it is the Year of the Pig which we are looking celebrating. The Chinese placed huge emphasis on the reunion dinner and this is the set where I can relate my grandparents, my parents, siblings and my spouse together celebrating. Even though families may grow apart when they grow up, it is the Chinese New Year which will always bring us back and be filial to our parents. Although this set was not explicit but I visualise the house belonging to the grandparents and the family coming over for a visit. That's how I will look at it. The content of the sealed box The sealed box come with five numbered mint packs. The box contain an instruction manual which also reveal the building stages overview and 2 units of 16x16 Tan baseplate. It also contain an essential sticker sheet. After completing the built, these are the remaining spare parts including an orange brick separator. The 3-generation family in their own minifigures' design The next In this set, there are six nice minifigures illustrating the 3-generation family which comprise of the grandparents, parents and children. The minifigures are wearing new clothes for the Chinese New Year. Flowery and bright clothes are the way to go and it is a taboo to wear black colour as it will offend the elderly. I find the minifigures' design prints are pretty excellent with the traditional attire, not forgetting the fact that all of these minifigures contain back printing. The mummy minifigure is wearing the new skirt slope while the children are still equipped with their traditional short legs. I was hoping they were given movable short legs instead to increase playability. Each of the child is holding a printed 1x2 red packet tile. The minifigures are also included with alternate expressions and I am pleased to note four out of six minifigures contain another side of their emotional feelings. The entire building content for Packet 1The completed built for Packet 1 The entire building content for Packet 2The completed built for Packet 2 The entire building content for Packet 3 The completed built for Packet 3 The entire building content for Packet 4 The completed built for Packet 4 The entire building content for Packet 5 The completed built for Packet 5 The completed built for the Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner setting The completed built of the house is simply amazing and filled with tons of details and is quite comparable with the 21302 The Big Bang Theory setting. I had to applaud the designer effort and I am very keen to know who is the designer as well. He had certainly combine modern and traditional elements of a typical Chinese home in a very warm and cosy environment. You can see some awesome interior details like the shelving, computer monitor which showing the Chinese New Year countdown programme, curtains with traditional pearl gold window grilles which are great parts, Chinese couplets, and family portraits. You can enjoy viewing more of the up close viewing angles from the front view, festive decoration at front entrance, side view (L) and side view (B). Chinese cuisine at its finest This is the most exciting highlights. All of these printed tiles and bowls can be found in packet 5. It contain 7 bowls with 1x1 round rice studs inside, 6 pairs of chopsticks/spoon in 1x2 printed tiles, a wide assorted of circular dishes like black sesame buns, meat stew, dumplings, chicken, crab, fried stuff, some sides in 1x2 printed tiles like prawns, spring rolls, chye sim, and a big fish in the centre coupled with a 1x1 round printed stud that depict something like a sauce (I think). More importantly, the Lazy Susan at the dining table can be rotated with ease and is quite a common sight for big families since most of the Chinese serving are done in communal style. We are here at our parents' place Let's us help you with the food serving Come and have dinner first before watching the countdown programme Spending quality time with the grand children Family visiting Family visiting Reunion dinner is fundamentally important in Chinese culture Everyone is preparing to usher the Year of the Pig (2018) To conclude, this is the most impressive 2019 set which is released so far and I had so much enjoyment building this set up. I can just pick it up and show to anyone who are able to quickly identify the key meaning of this building set. Very impressive. The only pity is due to its exclusivity in Asia Pacific region. Not to forget that there is a 80102 Dragon Dance which I had also bought and aim to build it soon and the last elusive 80103 Dragon Boat which is going to be exclusive in just China. We shall see how this develop and I hope you will get a chance to own this great building set as well. Summary review Playability: 9/10 (Fun to play and create family bonding scenes in the living area.) Design: 9/10 (Excellent minifigures' design with completed back printing and most are accompanied with alternate expressions.) Price: 9/10 (Get this set at the SRP or with slight discount if possible. The set is very reasonably priced and I got no issue paying for SRP.) Overall: 9/10 (Get this set no matter what and join in the festive holidays.) I gave it a "5" based on my Review Score Card. What about yours? I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed. Pictures can be found in My Flickr.
  19. Thanks Ecc. I fully agree that it had been an awful long time since we see a traditional CMFs.. I miss those original designs. Those are the ones that stretch CMFs creativity. Fully agree with you on the distribution outcome.
  20. Our Eurobricks Global Moderator and Reviewers Academy Teacher, WhiteFang had completed this latest review of the Eurobricks CMFs tradition. The 71023 LEGO Minifigures - LEGO Movie 2 Series is the newest CMFs series with bonus characters from the Wizard of Oz. Take a moment and and check out the detailed review right here in Eurobricks LEGO Special Themes Forum. Do share your thoughts with us in the review. Click here to view the 71023 LEGO Minifigures - LEGO Movie 2 Series review in the Eurobricks LEGO Special Themes forum.
  21. Dear Eurobricks Community, I am very pleased to share with all of you my newest review work on the LEGO Minifigures - LEGO Movie 2 Series. It took me an amazing three days to put this together since I received it from TLG on Thurs evening. Eurobricks is not the only community doing this review and I hope my latest reviewing work continue to excite all of you in this highly anticipated LEGO Minifigures Theme. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments. ps: I am currently exhausted and there's definitely editorial mistakes. I will work on it later for any glaring mistakes. WhiteFang
  22. Giraffe for the win! That’s for me. Accessory is the baby raptor.
  23. WhiteFang

    REVIEW: 80102 Dragon Dance

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and comments. I also wish it will be available elsewhere but given this decision made on the availability. The exclusive is specified to Asia Pacific region. I hope this is not an one-off theme. Yes, I agreed! Yes, it is the same as the Lester from Leicester Square. Not exactly sure if I had to turn it harder than before, to make the actions balance. The technic pins are allocated in the same line with different angles. Nice to see you here! Great work done for the set and now I know why those sausages are used. Thanks Niku for your kind words.
  24. No apologies needed. This poll will come as is a matter of time. Glad you had started it.
  25. Ah! You have started this traditional poll. Thanks.