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    [MOC] Skull Blaster

    It is certainly interesting. I like how much gold is used, and the trans-blue, but to me, the chest armor placement looks a little awkward. Nice-looking baddie for Gali though, overall.
  2. Cirkit

    [MOC] The Deep Sea Diver

    Heh, that shark with the license plate in its mouth looks rather amusing. Lovely diorama. So full of life... and it looks great from every angle too! Very nice.
  3. Cirkit

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    The slender leg shell looks an awful lot like that new shell to be released with the new Star Wars figures.. Creature with the launcher looks... interesting....
  4. Cirkit

    2016 Action Figure Wishlist

    I'd like to see a Skakdi-like pirate or pillager, or a pirate villain wave, without the gangster theme, thankyouverymuch :P Or a villain with a monocle for really no reason.
  5. I admire the two-parter build of Polarus. Simple, yet effective. On their own, 'Charpai' and 'Toraros feel incomplete. I think it's Charpai's lanky arms I dislike, though I also feel the HF helmet isn't the best fit. Only together as Polarus do they feel like a cohesive unit. Well-balanced, even distribution of color, and I like the electric shoulder elements a lot too. :)
  6. Cirkit

    The Titan Answer-Seeker [MOC]

    Jumbled? I certainly think not! The scheme looks very consistent to me, bright green and lime 'hide' with gunmetal armor and an electrified tail. Looks dangerous! I like how much it looks like the original G1 lizard while keeping it fresh and new at the same time. I really enjoy the electrified look of that spine, and how you used those Hero-Factory spike/blade parts around the head. And the foot-jaw works. Yaaay! How tall is our answer-seeker next to a G1 figure? Or a G2-sized figure? I'd be curious to see how easy it'd be to ride on the Tahtorak into the Okoto sunset :-p I think you've done a fantastic job recreating him (I assume the reptile is a 'he' anyway) with the new-generation parts. Great work!
  7. Cirkit

    Bionicle Toa Alternate Builds

    LewiMOC's Lewa MOC just blows me away. Never thought I'd like seeing claws and pink spikes on our Toa of Air Jungle, but he pulls of the look with style. I especially enjoy the bottommost image of Lewa flying. That brings back memories... I have two Masters on the way now, Tahu and Gali, and you can be sure that I'll be posting photos of mods made to them and the two Protector's I have here when I can :)
  8. Cirkit

    MOLOSS (Mod of Lord of Skull Spiders)

    I really like this. Legs that can move more freely and web-shooting capability, just like in the animations. I like it! I particularly like how the mouth 'opens' to reveal the shooter, and the simple but effective solution to bulking up the abdomen. And the posablility. Especially that. Oh, and that photo of LOSS carrying around his kin was cool. Not sure why I like that so much. Maybe all the skulls on his legs look intimidating. Don't get me wrong, the original set was alright, but this makes LOSS look even better in my eyes. Excellent work!
  9. Cirkit

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    I got Gali ! Which I honestly was not expecting. Maybe Lewa?
  10. Cirkit

    Big Daddy Brutaka

    I like this. He's recognizable as Brutaka, with the mask, swords, huge claws, and all that gold, but at the same time he's just different enough with the CCBS system. I like that he's solid- I don't mind the lack of gear function, if anything, this harkens back to the original Brutaka, when gears were just going out. Shame really, but not much we can do about it now. He's well-armored. I like the use of those ridged add-on pieces from the Chima action-figures on the sides, filling in the gaps whilst not being too bulky. I like that he's finally got moving toes, and those hands work perfectly. And you've managed to keep his daggers, without them sticking out too much. I didn't like how the old daggers looked like they were extra appendages on Brutaka. Now, they work grandly. My only qualm would be the lack of 'dark earth' blue, but given that no CCBS parts exist in that color, and the black does a good job as it is, I can't really complain too much. I wish you the best of luck in the contest- this looks REALLY very good, it does justice for the character, and I hope it goes far in the contest :)
  11. Cirkit

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Picked up the Protector of Fire tonight. Having a blast posing him around with the Skull Spider latching on his legs, ripping off his mask, being riddled with stud-shots.. I dislike the lack of elbows, but luckily it looks alright on him in person. Hoping to pick up LOSS or PoI soon ^^
  12. Cirkit

    Star Wars Constraction 2015 Discussion

    I have a feeling Obi-wan will incorporate some dark or 'Metru' red into his color scheme. Just looking at his robes, be they in the movies or 'Clone Wars' TV show, the brown elements could be re-interpreted as 'Metru' red. It'd be an interesting color scheme, if they use tan alongside. I am interested in Grevous (Grievous?) the most, I'm sure he'll have a very interesting body design.
  13. "Silver and gold, silver and gold.." It doesn't bother me so much on this 'Master of Earth'. I quite like his new color scheme. The gold and purple really pop, and I really enjoy his chest sticker. He is one of my favorites of the reboot, & I hope I can pick him up soon.
  14. Cirkit

    Would you like to see Castle Action Figures again

    I wouldn't mind a medieval constraction theme, but I'm not sure if another "Knights Kingdom" line is what we need. Some of the same elements, perhaps, but not quite the same deal. Maybe something with a larger variety of 'good-guy' characters. There could be a knight character, but perhaps add a Mage, an Archer, and a Barbarian as well. Maybe they could be in a futuristic world with futuristic tech but still a medieval armor/weapons style? Maybe the warriors themselves are tech'd up? Mix it up a little! Those new golden 'Chima' armor add-on parts could work well for the Mage, I'd think, and would probably give an excuse to produce more purple lilac-colored parts, because, hello, it's lilac. Or 'earth red'. I dunno, I think that'd look cool on a mage. And give that Mage a robe! Mage needs to look the part. Barbarian could get a loincloth in brown, and an ax. Maybe a hammer and a shield. Archer would keep greens in his or her color scheme, perhaps have his/her bow designed with a flick-fire 'missile' function? Knight would be.. well, a knight. Blue probably. Sword and shield. All would probably use the heads used in the 'Brain Attack' Hero-Factory wave, but with a hood for the mage, a helmet for the knight, and maybe face-printing for the other two? Probably would reuse the element of the heroes battling a villain and his army, or perhaps if it's a futury-thing, they could fight the villain's technology-enhanced cybernetic warriors, or mind-controlled beasts created in a lab? Something awesome. Main baddie would have a fiery whip. Maybe he'd be black, gunmetal, and an unusual color.. say keet-orange? Maybe he wouldn't even be the real bad guy. Maybe he'd(or she, I wouldn't mind another serious female villain one bit!) just be a puppet while someone else more deadly pulled the strings, who'd be released in the Summer wave? I like running wild with little ideas, if you can't tell I wouldn't mind a possible Knights Kingdom range again, but spice it up a little. New constraction parts are always nice too.
  15. Cirkit

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    I'm all for 'Bionicle' making a comeback, getting a reboot or whatever, and I am really very excited that it could actually be happening very, very soon.. but I don't want 'Hero-Factory' to just end. Yeah, I know we probably won't get an explanation as to who received the stolen Hero-Factory building and operation plans, and we probably won't see Nex or Stringer return.. but I'd like at least one more wave before it goes, gone for good, or until it too receives a reboot. I'd be especially pleased if they released a Makuro figure, constraction or otherwise :-D 'Hero-Factory' and all the bots who work for it, out in the field and inside the Factory tower have grown on me. Maybe not bots like 'Mak (Megahurtz?)', but still. (Actually, I did rather enjoy how cheesy the radio-show was. Wish they'd done a 13th episode, or would it have been 12th? Hmm. It's been a while since I've listened to those things.) I know it's not very likely that they'll continue 'Hero-Factory' AND have 'Bionicle' going, but one can dream, right? Also, relating to 'Bionicle', 'Onua' looks gigantic. Not saying it's bad, just saying it's different. Something I'll have to get used to I guess. I like this idea that the spiders are minions of Makuta, or whatever villain they decide to use this time around. I'd also like the idea of a traitor character in the future, maybe included with a cape because capes are cool. :-P
  16. Cirkit


    After taking a moment to bask in the awesomeness that is this Tahnok, I can safely say that it is indeed totally awesome. I like the four-eyed insect look you've given it, and I like the raised Krana-cranium. I especially like what you've done with the teeth/mandibles.. have you gone and doubled everything on the face? It's a good (and creative) move, and I really enjoy the end result. The 'shields' look the part, and the legs are simple- but so were the original Bohrok legs, so it's cool. To me, it gives off a certain creepy alien appearance, and seeing a whole swarm of these wiping out villages and burning down trees, leveling mountains.. that would certainly freak me out, if I was a Matoran villager. I agree with your thoughts about the Va, and I have the same thoughts about the original version. An afterthought. Something to go along with the Bohrok. Just that assistant character that nobody really thinks twice about. It does look the part, though, and I like the kind of cutesy look you've given it with the little teeth. Nice that the eyes match the big Bohrok, and the fire-staff is pretty cool too. Does the Krana stay on alright? On the original Va, I had problems with the Krana falling out, no matter what pose it was in. I really enjoy seeing these 'blasts from the past(though the Va wasn't really a blast, it's just.. there)' in your styling, and I do hope you do more. Personally, I'd like to see you tackle a Visorak in this style. That'd be pretty sweet.
  17. Cirkit

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    After seeing the large photo of the display.. unless this is a very convincing fake, I'm on board. :-D Tahu looks awesome, on the main poster and with the lava board on his set packaging. I'm hoping the gold blades are somehow swirled with trans-red. It would make for an interesting effect. I am a little bummed that his hands appear silver on his box packaging while on the display board they are black. :-/ Onua's got a hammer-thingy? What is he, a Norse God? And a black Gorzan plate. YES. Kopaka.. is Kopaka. Looks a little top-heavy with the armor, but I like it. Those blades too. Mask looks about right. Can't really say he's Takanuva now that I see those blades. Lewa looks less like himself, but I can make out his classic mask's 'smile' and I like the bright green that comes with him. Gali and Pohatu (I assume these are them) look the least like their old selves. Maybe Pohatu's tan, maybe he's not. The white doesn't look right on him. Those boomerang things on the other hand.. very cool. Also appears that his legs are bulked up a little. Not a fan of that mask, though. I'll need a better view. Gali.. whoever said her mask looks like the 'Mask of Light' movie-version.. I have to agree. It's either that, or this is the awkward lovechild of Gali and Takadox :-P To me, she's got a bit too much gunmetal on her, and the pick-ax weapon is a little bit of a strange choice. All appear to have 2.0 Hero-feet, and the little-guys (Defenders?) have the small 'Invasion From Below' monster feet. Not bad looking on these little guys. Part of me wonders if they're Matoran, or Agori villagers. Some of the darker-colored ones look like they could be bad guys, but they are fighting spiders.. hmm. Gotta say, I love the potential of purple and trans together as one. All the little guy masks look the same, though, and that kind of disappoints me. Also, the gold masks. Some look cool. I wonder what their story purpose will be? And the spiders. Wicked cool. Every set has a variety of a spider, much like each of the 'IFB' sets has a little beastie to fight, or the classic 'Bionicle' sets had Kratta. The spider's backs looked like that to me. Nice and organic-like. Is it just me, or does that big spider look to use a Hero-Factory add-on chest armor part for a head? I see spider eyes on there in red. Kind of cool, actually. Seems a lot like a Chima set we saw, not long ago.. Spiders must be popular! Here's hoping it's got a good story line. I'm kind of hoping that this is indeed a reboot, or an alternate universe or something. For now, I look forward to seeing and hearing more updates. :-)
  18. Cirkit

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Well, this is surprising. Having had a read-through the threads.. I can't really say that I'm not excited about the possible return of the epic tale of BIONICLE, its characters, locations, and everything else affiliated with it, but I am taking all with a grain of salt. It could all be a hoax, or a mis-interpretation of an edited photo. You never know. If it were to return, and use the current CCBS system, I'd hope they'd use those heads featured in the 'Brain-Attack' (Hero-Factory) wave, as opposed to creating totally new heads. In the black-and-white display photo, one can easily identify armor elements from the current system, and that spider-thing appears to use the big black spike parts recently introduced. Neato. I wonder, if BIONICLE is to return, what new elements it might bring along with the old? It probably won't ever be the BIONICLE we once knew, not exactly.
  19. Cirkit

    MOC: Kitchen (made by my wife)

    That looks like a dream kitchen! Got everything ya need, including the microwave, fridge, stovetop, a nice and spacious sink, and lots of space to store spices, pans, etc. Plus the white and yellow color pops. Looks very good. One thing I will say is that the minifigs looks a little small for the kitchen. Maybe it's just me. Otherwise, your wife's kitchen looks superb.
  20. Cirkit

    Modular Asian Restaurant

    I am rather impressed with the inside-corner entrance. You don't see many (if any) of those. I want to see more modular buildings like that. Where did the dragons on the front windows come from? I enjoy the run-down look of the back of the building, with the 'crumbled' walkway and the two little lights by the door. The main dining room looks good, and I like the 'private' table upstairs. And it's got a well-equipped kitchen! I hope they've got orange chicken on the menu. Seeing this kind of makes me hungry :p Feels like this building should be in the middle of a plaza with a bunch of other renovated industrial buildings. That would be interesting to see. Maybe with a little modular fountain stuck in the middle...! I very much enjoy looking at this little restaurant. Excellent work!
  21. Cirkit

    [MOC] Mixel Dragon

    Anyone else think of Mushu from the Disney 'Mulan' movie upon seeing this? This guy's a fair bit different that 'Mushu', but I like him, especially considering the limited pieces used. That head looks kind of goofy but it fits in with the Mixels building style. Nicely done!
  22. Cirkit

    Review: 44025 Bulk Drill Machine

    I would like to see that very much as well. Whilst an exact color match, perhaps the Chima minifig 'Vardy' character's head, turned backwards, could work? Vardy doesn't have an alternate expression as far as I'm aware.. It could work!
  23. I like this set best of all. It's got everything you need for a good battle (in the HF world) and then some. I like Evo's little machine. Almost reminds me of a tanker-truck.. but with legs. I like how bright it is too! The Queen looks terrific. I like how her torso looks in the first few steps. Both halves of the pre-limbs bone build are almost a mirror! Color scheme is nice, and though I don't get the function of the staff, I do like the gold. We've got 3 heroes to fight/negotiate with the Queen. Stormer doesn't have a gun for some reason, but I imagine he can just defeat crawly beasties with his icy glare. And those cocoons.. two of them! Lovely. Definitely seems worth the cost for the play value and parts. Definitely one I'd pick up for sure!
  24. Why does the Hero-Machine combiner look like its wearing a party hat? I'm going to dub it the "Hero-Party-Machine". Because I can It looks awful in comparison to the Mega-Cocoon-Scorpion-Beast combiner the beast-sets combine into. Damn. One look at that and I bet Surge just oiled himself. I'm pretty sure I did too. I want to build the brick out of that. The official set looks cool at first, but looking at it more and more without the flying-pod on.. it just looks empty. Like at any minute it'll fall forward and explode or something. Doesn't help that it has those tiny feet at the back. Give it more Stormer XL feet or even just regular Hero-feet. Anything would look better. I do like that it's a 2-in-1. I do like that it's blue, and has a bunch of cool armor parts. I like that it's packing a lot of firepower, and it comes with two dudes. But it's lacking in the trunk. The fact that two armor shells plus two add-ons on the exposed balls on the back could beef it up significantly, and those balls have not been utilized.. it's a little upsetting. Not sure if I'd pick this one up, but thanks for the review :)
  25. Cirkit

    Review: 44027 Breez Flea Machine

    Breez has her own little machine, and it's looking good! I like that it has those add-on armors in there, in lime, and three of them too! I like the grappling-hook/grabber & winch. Whether you're zip-lining or rescuing pods from falling off cliffs, or grabbing some mega-sized M&Ms from a bowl on a table, this machine is right for you! :p Don't like that it's not armored on or around the belly, but otherwise it's pretty neat.