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    LEGO, obviously!

    I also like Trains, Creating my own Characters and making stories about them, I like to bike, I like food, I like hanging out with my friends when I can, more food.. and.. stuff.

    I find it odd that I live in Cali but I've never been to Legoland. I have to go. Now.


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    United States

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About Me

Hey, I'm Cirkit. I'm known as Lightninging63 on some sites, and Cirkit on others, because, well, I can be.

I'm an AFOL (I think.. Does it mean Active Fan Of LEGO or Adult Fan of LEGO?) who focuses mainly on the action-figure building sets, mainly Bionicle era but I'm getting used to the newer Hero Factory system as well. I'd really like to get back into standard system brick-building, as soon as I can source the cash for some sets. As I said before, some of those LEGO Friends sets look like a good way to start back up.

I like being llamas and fighting random. I like hanging with my friends, and meeting new people. I like Trains(raised on Thomas the Tank Engine), I like to draw, and to write, and not crashing on a bike. I love food with a passion, but it is also an enemy.. despite being really slender, tall, and good-looking. One of those is a lie, or is it?? :wacko:

Anything else you want to know.. just ask. :)