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  1. Frank STENGEL

    BR E18 047 "Blauer Enzian"

    If I look at the photos, it seems that wire is on the outside of the bogie just under the axles. It is as if it was linking the brake shoes...
  2. Frank STENGEL

    Lego train arduino (esp8266), power/

    Nice, If I understand well, you are controling your train using an ESP8266 via WiFi with an android app. How are you driving the motor(s)?
  3. Frank STENGEL

    60154 + 4564 = 37?

    Nice! Captures the spirit of a class 37. One could try for a wasp livery by replacing the lowermost (or highest) bricks with a 3 plate yellow-black-yellow sandwich.
  4. Frank STENGEL

    China SL7 Aisa Express

    Brilliant! The detailing is impressive. I spent a lot of time comparing the HO version and your lego rendition: the are near identical...
  5. Frank STENGEL

    L-motor Frames

  6. Same for me, waiting and waiting and...
  7. Frank STENGEL

    Power to the wheels

    Nice design. It would be interesting to have a lld /ldraw file to play and experiment with. I'd love to se what is behind the wheels.
  8. Same for me. An answer would have been nice, even if negative. At least one would have known and stopped waiting...
  9. Frank STENGEL

    FS E 645

    This is an amazing build (like the two E636). It captures the essence of the caracteristic slanted nose. I see it is 9v based. Do you think there is room for a battery box, in order to convert it to PF?
  10. Frank STENGEL

    FS E 636

    Amazing !
  11. Frank STENGEL

    3mm hoses/bars

    I have used some electric wiring to simulate a hose. Quite efficient when one wants to have a bent one to simulate a pipe that runs along a boiler. A few caveats: one has to first unbend them by rolling them flat, the diametre varies a bit around 3mm and coulour matching is not that good.
  12. Frank STENGEL

    MOC: China 25K coach for DF4b

    Stunning! If I see well one of the coaches is a sleeping car. Am I right?
  13. Frank STENGEL

    Pullman MOCs for Emerald Night

    Nice work.
  14. Frank STENGEL


    That would be a great idea.
  15. Frank STENGEL

    4-4-0 "American" Steam Locomotive - 7597 MOD

    Nice LDD. I can't wait to see the actual MOC.