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  1. LEGO City

    Giant Cypress

    Great tree! I think it would look better if the black pieces were brown. :)
  2. LEGO City

    New modular building? 10224 Town Hall

    I heard it was going to be released on March 1st for $199.99. I'm going to buy two, mod them together, and I'll have one huge town hall
  3. Wouldn't it be easier to not use the plates, and just put the track directly on the green baseplates?
  4. LEGO City

    MOC: In The Park

    Simple yet effective. Excellent job.
  5. LEGO City

    California Lego City

    What an amazing City you have! This inspired me to create my own City like yours. :)
  6. LEGO City

    CITY: Bricklingston

    I can see your City is improving! Also, a little dust-cleaning would help.
  7. LEGO City

    MOC: Completing my Pet Shop block

    Wow! My jaw just dropped! This is definitely the best modular street I have ever seen. I love the custom trolley. Also a great job on the brick-built roads to make it be a steep road. 100/100!
  8. LEGO City

    REVIEW: 4436 Patrol Car (2012)

    Excellent review! The only cool thing about the set (to me) is the Police Park Ranger minifig :( Without the Police stickers, the 1x4 blue transparent tile on the roof, and the side flashlight, this could be a civilians car!