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  1. Ash

    UK Sales

    Haven't post in a while because life has been kicking my butt but I couldn't resist this one: Amazon just reduced over 100 sets by 25% (20% for Friends) from loads of lines including lots of new ones. Full list at brick badger: On top of all the 30-40% discounts over the last couple of days this has been an expensive week for me!!
  2. Ash

    UK Sales

    Amazon is price matching Lighthouse and Hillside House.
  3. Ash

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    That Elrond looks great. Was going to pick up the game anyway, but this is the icing on the cake. I like that supporting characters like Elrond are getting good figures... to me it suggests a bit of dedication to the theme with more cool stuff to come... that may be wishful thinking!
  4. Ash

    UK Sales

    Nice find Marty. Might grab the Lighthouse. I suspect Amazon is price-matching but including the postage, which is why they're a little more expensive on these. Not "sales" as such, but Amazon is finally stocking both Lord of the Rings and Monster Fighters so they're both up and running on Brick Badger. No specials yet, but occasionally there are some early deals.
  5. Ash

    MOC: Launch Complex 39 A

    I caught the first picture out of the corner of my eye as the page was loading and thought it was an actual reference photograph! That's big... and impressive. Amazing work.
  6. Ash

    SoF: Marie´s Bricklinkoffice

    That's really cool. I love the clever use of a lot of the pieces. My favourite has got to be the plain minifigure head storage box.
  7. Ash

    [Review] 9476 The Orc Forge

    Thanks for the review. I quite like the look of this set, especially the base. But yeah, way too expensive for what it is for me. Maybe if it's on sale one day.
  8. Ash

    UK Sales

    Also of note Amazon is price matching Tesco for 75% off 8076 Deep Sea Striker, my favourite atlantis set. Even if you don't like the theme that's 2p a piece! And there's a lot of cool pieces in there as well. Lots of gloss black "shell" pieces. If anyone fancies some neo-blacktron mocs they should pretty much just buy all of these. I bought 3! Out of stock Might be back at some point though. Sometimes these ones bounce around for a bit. Also it's still in stock at Tesco Direct at that price.
  9. Ash

    UK Sales

    Millennium Falcon currently 36% off at amazon. Only £85 is a huge deal I've never seen it cheaper. No problem. Hope you enjoy building it! I'd love one but don't have the room.
  10. Ash

    Ninjago 2012

    Son and I built and played with the Samurai Mech over the weekend. I feel in love with the set while building it and fell out of love with it while playing it. The build was just really cool and interesting. Lots and lots of really cool pieces (especially SNOT hinges) and the torso and legs are really solid. There's just some really clever and interesting build techniques and some older pieces put to really original uses. But for play.... it's a bit too delicate. Despite the huge feet it doesn't balance really well and I found several bit were prone to falling off when you looked at them wrong: specifically the shoulder armour and head. Kid was very diappointed and frustrated and didn't actually play with it that long. It's still and interesting and original set though.
  11. Ash

    UK Sales

    Tower Bridge currently cheap again on Amazon.It... same price as last time, around £125 shipped.
  12. While the official opening isn't until August the store is actually open now. I went today with my son and we had a great time. I took a few pics if anyone wants to check it out:
  13. Ash

    American Prices

    It's been discussed many times before. Basically it's the same reason a can of coke is cheaper in America than it is in Germany. Companies price their products to maximise profit in the market they are selling in. You probably buy stuff every day that's cheaper in America or elsewhere, you just don't notice or care about it because you're don't have as much awareness of international pricing as you do with Lego.
  14. Ash

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    For UK (and maybe some other countries) people still waiting for LOTR has a few reasonable discounts at the moment. In several cases it works out cheaper than the listed Argos price by a couple of pounds and considerably cheaper if you buy several sets and combine postage. It was giving me a delivery estimate of 18th of July (a lot of the Spanish stuff is sent form the UK anyway and gets delivered fast). So yeah earlier and cheaper than Argos! I crunched some numbers and made a blog post about it here if you want more details.
  15. Ash

    UK Sales

    Tower Bridge back up to a less spectacular price MMV still a good deal though. Here's a little one I like. has 9440 Ninjago Venomari Shrine for £4, down from £6. It's a nice little pocket money/stocking stuffer set. It's got some interesting pieces and a fun little play feature that actually works. Of every set I've bought my son, including a few more expensive Ninjago sets, this is actual his favourite.