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    What were your First and Last BIONICLE G1 Sets?

    I remember my grandma buying me Hordika Nuju in 2005. I liked it because it was a building set, and i liked imaginext at the time. So, seeing that it was a building toy, she bought it for me. Last set was...I think rahaga pouks from a thrift shop in 2013.
  2. GeluNumber1

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Boy, it's been a while since I've been online. If Bionicle really is coming back (which it sure seems to be), then I might just have to get some of them despite having lost interest in LEGO. What an exciting development!
  3. GeluNumber1

    Hero Factory 2013

    Front, why must you destroy our dreams? Well, now we'll just have to get back on track: discussing 2013's Hero Factory.
  4. GeluNumber1

    Hero Factory 2013

    ^^ And you forgot to make your text purple. I'm thinking the ranking has to do with the amount of pieces in them, just as previous waves have done. In any circumstance, I'm hoping the flip-up visors are real, not just some translation error. This is shaping up to be a great wave.
  5. GeluNumber1

    Hero Factory 2013

    Front, why do you torture us like this? And as long as we have new information on 2013, what WILL the new head be like? Transparent, solid, more connection points, less... what will it be?
  6. GeluNumber1

    Legends of Chima 2013

    Huh. So this is replacing Ninjago. ... Completely worth it. The new and recolored pieces are great, the designs look good, and the minifigures are beautiful. As an MOCer, I see a lot of potential in these sets. But there's one problem: the motorcycles used in the blister packs are clunky, and appear to be one piece. Still, I'm gonna have an empty wallet come release time.
  7. GeluNumber1

    Legends of Chima 2013

    Pictures? Would it be possible to post them (or if they're already here, direct me to them)? Thank you.
  8. I went to the TRU in Maplewood to see if they had an HF set I wanted.. and all they had of series eight was an empty box. A little annoyed, but now I have something to store the minifigures in once I get them.
  9. Crap. I'm stuck tending to a garage sale until late saturday night; they'll be sold out by the time I get there.
  10. ARGH. Which one is it? I recently came across some cash, so these these are in my range.
  11. Monday? That's the day I'm going to the MN state fair.. >.< And I'm gonna be out of money afterwards. Still, it's a good indicator it's finally coming.
  12. I feel that. I've checked in on the maplewood TRU a few times, and it seems odd that MN comes in deadlast to getting new CMFs. arghghgh. Oh, and happy birthday.
  13. GeluNumber1

    Unusual Large Amount of Leftover Pieces?

    Can you upload a picture of your completed model? That may help in determining if you left out some pieces. Also, go over the instructions again and check to see all the pieces are used. If you DO just have a lot of leftovers, you're a lucky dude.
  14. Awesome, man. I wasn't expecting S8 to come out so early. What's the pricing on them?
  15. GeluNumber1


    Fishing is my poison. It's something that keeps you occupied and takes your mind of other issues. My current goal is to catch a fish with teeth (which is harder than it looks). And Lego, of course.