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  1. billyneon

    Expanding Winter Village Happening this year?

    Hello - I was wondering the same thing. Every year I never finish an entry in time, but this year I've got the time and parts, and was hoping the competition would take place for end of 2017?
  2. billyneon

    [MOC] Corner modular building

    A very handsome creation! More than just 'pretty decent' :) I often find some modular MOCs are too extreme, so this is just to my tastes. It looks a lot like the buildings you see in European cities with its recurrent and repeating design flourishes.
  3. Hi - can anyone who owns this set tell me the dimensions of the box? W, H & D? I am travelling to the US during double VIP and near a LEGO store so tempted to pick this up and take advantage of the slight cost/exchange rate saving, and some extra points. But I don't know if it will fit in my suitcase...
  4. billyneon

    DC Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussions

    There's double points on Monday?
  5. billyneon

    holiday characters Expand the Winter Village Contest V

    Are we allowed to include a wintery build inspired by a Christmas version of an official licensed LEGO character?
  6. billyneon

    [MOC] 'The Homer' car from The Simpsons

    The big dome piece is one half of this: The small dome is
  7. I've had a bunch of licence-related MOCs on the go for ages, but this time last week, inspiration struck - and I've quickly pulled together this MOC of 'The Homer'. This is the car from The Simpsons episode Oh Brother Where Art Thou? where Homer designs a terrible, terrible car for his long-lost brother's car company. In the show, the results are disastrous... But for me, this has been a lot of fun. I built it across three evenings, and used the recent Hot Wheels version of The Homer (only £1.75 in supermarkets here in the UK!) for reference on the proportions. I avoided looking at the one or two other MOCs of this out there. DSC_0263 by MOChael, on Flickr That's the main image and the gallery has more shots, including some comparisons for size with Wetwired's excellent LEGO Ideas ECTO-1 from this summer. Most pleasing part of the build has been using part #12708 - this is one half of the Christmas Baubles you can by from LEGO S@H and the retail stores. I've wanted to use one in a build for ages (and have a bunch of ideas in my head but not had any time to implement them until now). Here, I think the contours inside the dome (which usually hold a dish when actually used as a christmas bauble) suit the windscreen really well. It's obviously an unorthodox piece, but I do consider it a true LEGO piece - the whole on the tab at the top of the dome is stud-sized! That's how I was able to make something with a Technic peg/pin that created a structure to hold the horn and also helped hold the dome in place. I build it with a bunch of PAB wall pieces - that lime green colour is rife at the moment, and spot on here - plus four Mixels packs and some of my spares.
  8. billyneon

    MOC: "The Batwing" - A Lego Movie MOC

    Congrats Brickmasta - very impressive. Not had a chance to finish mine yet - as you know (I shared pics with Brickmasta back in March) our approaches are a bit different, and I've been working on stabilising the wings, but that's lead me to diverge from the original. How did you get the turbines to fit in the end?
  9. billyneon

    MOC: The Earth (21 Inches Diameter)

    This is a staggering piece of work - beautiful, and technically impressive.
  10. billyneon

    MOC: "The Batwing" - A Lego Movie MOC

    I've uploaded my pictures to Flickr - should I create a fresh thread (as this thread is about Brickmasta's build)? I don't want to derail his project - although I'm also wary of splitting the conversation! Or maybe I should stray over to the licensed section and start a thread there?
  11. billyneon

    MOC: "The Batwing" - A Lego Movie MOC

    I'll sort out some pictures later of my build - not sure what the etiquette is when it comes to posting your comparable MOC in someone's thread though! I have had the cockpit sans nose ready for about a week, but like the wings it has needed a lot of fixing to make it more stable. Certainly, as Brickmasta has pointed out, the digital version is not designed with actual physics in mind - for a start, the very basic Technic joints and fixings get yanked straight out of their socket when you attach a wing.
  12. billyneon

    MOC: "The Batwing" - A Lego Movie MOC

    Brilliant! As I said in the Movie Set Wishlist thread I am working on the exact same kind of project - have been copying the video game's footage and layouts and have built a rough version of it all in LDD. I've now ordered all the parts and am about 2/3rds through building. I'm finding the wings unstable too, but haven't myself quite cracked how I will make it stable yet. I also don't have the right kind of hinge yet to get the wings as flush as yours. Although my Bricklink order is due today, so who knows. It will be interesting to compare our MOCs and see how we've created the same thing, but different!
  13. billyneon

    Future The LEGO Movie Sets - Wishlist

    Ah, wonderful. As i thought, stability looks like a real issue! I'll have to drop him a line, or it seems his an EB poster too - maybe he'll crop up in this thread!
  14. billyneon

    Future The LEGO Movie Sets - Wishlist

    No, that's not me. Got a link to them? I've been searching to see if anyone else has attempted this to no avail so far!
  15. billyneon

    Future The LEGO Movie Sets - Wishlist

    See a lot of people mentioning The Batwing in this thread. I'm actually in the process of building a version of it, by referring to the video game's in-game model and the unlockable build of it. I've pretty much got the LDD file and part list sorted, and am waiting on just one Bricklink order left before I start building. A few things to note about it already... - Not sure if this is true of the model used in the film, but the game version actually features bricks that are one stud wide and... five studs long, which LEGO don't actually make. This is clearest on-screen in the game during the Old West hub world, where you can see the underside clearly. - Pretty much everything else, however, is a 'real' piece (obviously, that's the film's entire 'hook') and the connections/build appears sturdy. I'm concerned the wings will be a bit unwieldy, though - and am assuming the whole finished ship (which will measure over 50cm wide given the wingspan) will be more a display piece, not something my son could easily swoop around. - In total, it's over 1,000 pieces, which suggests that, if LEGO were to release an official version, it'll be $100+. The cockpit seats four, so it'd be four figures with it, right? A lot like Benny's ship. I doubt LEGO would release it, though - it's about 990 black bricks plus 20 or so grey ones. - Also, some of the pieces are rare or at least hard to find. No UK sellers on Bricklink or Brickowl had about ten of the pieces - and each of those are some of the important final touches for the wing shape, etc and are needed up to ten times each. Anyway, will share some pictures when I'm done - should be during the week.