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  1. Garyn Dakari

    [MOC] Elite gunship

    Pretty cool. Gives me fond memories of classic sets and some other things I've built before :)
  2. Garyn Dakari

    [MOC] Batman 3 Wheeler

    Love it! Simple, yet effective! The base/pedestal is pretty neat too.
  3. Garyn Dakari

    MOC: LEGO Mascot Home 1958
  4. Garyn Dakari

    Beter late than never, right?

    Hello, and welcome(?) to Eurobricks! I haven't done much in mini-scale myself, but I've seen some pretty cool MOCs from people that have.
  5. Garyn Dakari

    Town Square

    ^^Words of truth! The MOC is great, and not speaking English well is totally fine
  6. Garyn Dakari

    My Star wars MOCs

    I like the spray painting one - It made me laugh for some reason
  7. Garyn Dakari

    MOC: Crystal Palace

    Wow....That's a lot of transparent pieces. VERY neat
  8. Garyn Dakari

    Under water map

    Cool! Only suggestion I'd have really would be to perhaps have the grassy part a wee bit higher - Although you may not have the pieces for that, so it may be out of the question :P I also like the new Diver hiding there in the background - Nice Easter Egg =)
  9. Garyn Dakari

    Review: 9465 The Zombies

    Great review! Just wanted to say, that I found your hatred towards the human guy to be quite hilarious I may have to get this set. On a tight budget though, and I'm torn between this, a LotR set, and an Avengers set
  10. Garyn Dakari

    Category C - Voting thread

    The Middleman 2 Thomas Bury 1
  11. Garyn Dakari

    Category B - Voting thread

    Nighthawk 1 Speedcat 1 The Crescent 1
  12. Garyn Dakari

    Category A - Voting thread

    Midas 1 Crazy Pumpkin 1 The Mime 1
  13. Garyn Dakari

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    WOW, is that really €90?! That seems really overpriced, even by Lego standards Yeah, I think I'll pass.
  14. Garyn Dakari

    REVIEW: 7346 Seaside House

    Nice! Been a long time since I've bought a creator set, but I may have to pick this one up...Great parts selection there. Very well written review, too
  15. Garyn Dakari

    What's in a name ???

    Before I got the internet, I was planning on making a video game, and the main character was going to be named Garyn Dakari. Had been planning that for years. Then I went to the internet, and gave myself the screen name of Garyn Dakari wherever I went... ...But now that I've used that as a screen name for so many years, I can't imagine Garyn Dakari as anything but me, so the character's name has been changed. I'm still making that game, but there won't be a Garyn Dakari in it. Or at least, not as the main character...