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  1. 9 hours ago, SCREDEYE said:

    Don't bother name calling. Some of us genuinely want to browse a thread without heaps of repetition and wishlists, it's not an unpopular opinion and someone has to say something. There was a genuine list created a page ago and every comment after that went on full wishlist mode. Many users will now come confused wondering whether genuine information is real or not. Ill be happy to stop contributing if that's what you wish but someone has to stop all this misinformation.

    It's not like I want to do this, an AFOL community should act like Adults but clearly that's not the case with all this drama (remember what happened a few days ago over SvL?)

    Sorry, but you aren't going to choke the life out of this community like you are attempting in the LEGOleaks Reddit.

    EDIT: link removed out of respect to SCREDEYE's wishes.

  2. If every rumor has to be vetted by the moderators, then what is the point of this thread anymore?

    Either let people talk, and the truth will sort itself out, or don't bother.

    Heavy-handedness such as the most recent comments are why those with actual legitimate information are leaving EB and posting elsewhere.

  3. So it's happened again with the Star Wars 2017 sets thread. A moderator has chosen to lock the thread, due to the actions of a few, even when the posters of said thread had already steered the conversation away from the controversial topic in question. Apparently said moderator needs to PM some members before the topic will be reopened.


    i am not sure why the administration of Eurobricks thinks that punishing the community is an acceptable response to subjectively inappropriate comments by the few, unless the intent is to push away members of the community, some of which have been with the site for a long time.

  4. It does seem atypical for LEGO to load a D2C vehicle, advanced model, and fairground set into one calendar year. I had assumed that 10252 would be the Fairground carousel, but with the new Beetle info, that throws things into question. I trust the information from my sources, but I question as to when this set will be released.

  5. This seems like a much better looking Hammerhead than the one on the prelim image... Seems unlikely, but is it possible the one on the LEGO image is a placeholder?

    Those are completely different ships. It's like saying a prelim for a Star Destroyer will end up being the Millennium Falcon.

  6. Will manage to send a picture of the Sith Infiltrator soon.

    To reduce waiting time, here are the First 6 Constraction sets:


    Darth Vader

    Obi Wan

    Boba Fett

    General Grievous


    Interesting - initial reports had mentioned Jango Fett, rather than Boba, and Commander Cody, rather than a Stormtrooper.

    I like your list better.