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  1. nielsv

    The Wall: Rome's Northern Frontier

    Wow, just wow! As a fun fact: this wall was the inspiration for George RR Martin's version of his wall in 'A song of ice and fire'.
  2. nielsv

    [MOC] ISD Chimaera

    Omg, just speechless
  3. nielsv

    Expand the Winter Village Contest III Voting Topic

    18. Priovit70 - 3 6. sdrnet - 2
  4. Wow, excellent review WhiteFang! TLG has done a very nice job with these series. I like the judge, police officer and mech warrior a lot.
  5. nielsv

    MOC: Turning Torso (25 000 parts!)

    WOW, this building is just magnificent!. The lights really give this MOC a nice touch.
  6. nielsv

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    There are some nice vehicles in the sets but too bad it's another wave of police and fire fighter. The van in set 60008 reminds me of the one used by the A-Team :p
  7. nielsv

    MOC: roadster California (real convertable!)

    Ouch, this is an incredible MOC. I really love all the details you put in the car. Especially the roof is brilliant! (-:
  8. nielsv

    Modular Madness

    Pffew, it wasn't easy to give points. There were so many good looking mocs.
  9. 14 alex54 - 2 21 domino39 - 1 03 Cunctator - 1 01 castor-troy - 1
  10. nielsv

    Winter Village 10229 Winter Village Cottage

    Thanks GRogall for these pictures (-: I like this set a lot. It has some nice details in the building, I really like the fireplace. The plow truck is really sweet and lots of minifigs. Overall this is one of the sub themes I like most. It's in a real nice setting.
  11. nielsv

    Review: 4202 Mining Truck

    Number: 4202 Name: Mining Truck Theme: City Year: 2012 Minifigs: 1 Pieces: 269 Price: 29,99 EUR This will be my first set review. It looks like the focus on some pictures isn't 100% accurate please forgive me. The box There is nothing special to tell about the box itself. It pretty much is a standard Lego box (which means they could have made the box a bit smaller). The picture shows the truck as a huge machine which it should be. The machines are monsters in real life as well (They still are bigger but we'll forgive Lego for that, otherwise they wouldn't fit in the overall City World (-: ) The back of the box shows an overview of the content, all available mining sets and some pictures of the set as how it can be used. The side shows a pictures of the minifig in action. The content The box contains 3 part bags, 4 wheels and one instructions booklet The instructions One booklet has been included. The back contains the same Lego survey advertisement we've seen so I didn't include a picture of that one. A picture of a random page in the manual. It's pretty straightforward. On top you have a list of the parts you need for the step and below a visual representation of the build. Here is a (pretty dark) part overview. I'll update this picture later. A close up of the sticker sheet. Luckely not many stickers are included. (my sticker skills ain't that great :p) New parts If I'm not mistaken, the dynamite is a new mould. In the past there was dynamite, but it was printed on 1x2 plates. A trans white 1x1 round plate without stud. The helmet is new as well, but it'll be on the minifigs head later in the review. I couldn't find anything about part number 4543924 so I guess it's a new part as well? I don't have any clue why they used this part in the build. The curved slope isn't even visible. It's behind the front wheels with the straight side turned to the wheels. The build It's time to open up the bags! Content of bag number 1 You can find the only minifig included in this set in it. The minifig has a new print on it's torso and face. The mining helmet on it's head is great looking. I like the minifig in general a lot. The front: And the back: After finishing the build with the first bag. The base for the truck: And everything in one shot. The base for the truck, 2 rocks (with some gold included in them), a warning sign "Explosion risk" and the minifig. It's time for bag 2. Bag 2 contains the steering (front) part of the truck. It has some nice small details. I really like how they attached the front part of the truck using SNOT. The third and final bag. I found a small aesthetic error in the manual. Nothing too serious but if you're in detail you might want to get it correct. (For the sides of the loading part, they tell you to build it twice. In the side a grill 1x2 bricks are used where on one side the lines are going horizontally and on the other side vertically. If you follow the instructions you'll build it the same twice. On the drawings afterwards it's shown correctly (-: ) After this, the build is of course finished. The front of the truck. The loading part of the truck has a nice design. I like how they build the unloading mechanism with some technic parts. This way it's a strong build. The back of the truck. In my opinion they could have put some more detail in it. (The back of the unloading platform) Spare parts We've got 2 trans 1x1 round plates, 1 golden 1x1 round plate, a 1x1 trans white round plate without stud, a 1x1 printed plate and 2 technic parts. The verdict Design & build: (8) It's a nice design where they used some nice techniques (SNOT and a bit technic). The truck is pretty big comparted to a minifig as it should be. Parts: (9) We have new parts and some other usefull parts as well. (a few 1x16 bricks, some larger plates) Figures: (7) Only one minifigure is included. A 2nd would be nice. The new prints are sweet. Playability: (9) The build is pretty robust. The included rocks might come in handy. In combination with a excavator, this could be a lot of fun to play with. Value: (8) The average price per piece is €0,11, which is average. Overall: 8 It's a nice set to have in your collection. If you don't like the mining theme, you don't need to use the stickers and you can use the truck for the construction theme ;) I hope you did enjoy this review. Feedback is alway welcome.
  12. nielsv

    Discontinuation Speculation

    From the Belgian store as well. So it lookes that's the end of the crossing.
  13. Hi I completely agreement, That woud be a Nice addition to the current sets. An idea to bring it to TLG's attention would be Lego CUUSOO. (altough i think it would be à useless attempt) Niels
  14. Not really Movie or TV, but this is a song they're playing here on Belgian radio stations. It's a song called "Lego House" by Ed Sheeran, he is a British singer/songwriter. Niels
  15. nielsv

    Maersk Madness Voting

    I did enjoy all the entries, but my vote goes to Holodocs alternative engine.