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    Maersk Train Arrives

    Got my 2 sets today But unfortunately wont have time to build till saturday
  2. Deanc

    Maersk Train Arrives

    Went to Lego store day of release . Had sold out in an hour . Ordered 2 through the store . Got email on sunday that they shipped. Cant wait for them to arrive .
  3. Deanc

    GTE: Dead Man's Mine

    Ghost Train Entry Dead Man's Mine : Decided to throw something together for the ghost train challenge this weekend . Dont have a massive collection so went for something small . So i made a small indutrial switcher and a couple of small industrial/narrow gauge cars . Then came up with the mine idea for background . Thanks for looking :) More photos here
  4. Deanc


    Finally getting around to making my intro . Have been interested in trains since i was a kid , Remember having train sets and Legos . Didnt have Lego sets mostly just tubs of bricks . Then can work, wife, kids and my dark ages . During that time computers came and brought train sims . Have a few of them and allowed me to get my fix of trains . Then about 2 years ago my sons bought me a Mindstorm set as a present . This lead to web searches that lead to finding some amazing Moc's .This renewed my interest in Legos . Then when i saw a Lego train i was totally hooked . This brought together a few of my interests in one place (trains, Legos and building things ). Been reading this site for a while and have learned much .Started with buying sets and have recently started trying my hand at moc's . Thanks for reading :)
  5. Deanc

    Category 3 - Winners Announced!

    Congrats to all the winners . Very well deserved .
  6. ENTERED Hello , this is my entry for category 3 . Its a simple freight shed based on a photo I saw in a model railroading magazine a while back . This would be my first MOC and first post . Started this a while back to fill space on a small freight yard i built to display my trains (which is why tracks run off end ). Decided to finally finish it for this contest . New to MOCing and photography so always looking for tips to improve both . Thanks for looking . More photos here