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  1. Greetings) I decided to make a home in which Harry finally received an invitation letter to study at Hogwarts. That very moment: Sequence from the movie: Inside of the house: A pair of photos of outside the house: That's all. Thanks for your comments!
  2. Thank you for comment! Unfortunately, I have no 2*2 round plate of navy blue.
  3. Elen

    [MOC] Railway station

    Hello everyone! Finally there was a time for a photo shoot. Thank you all for criticism. I really like the result of the alteration. I hope you will like it too. There are only a few Photos. It turns out that I'm not ready to photograph objects of this magnitude yet. So, the station had undergone some small changes: namely, it changed the roof, and the second floor changed a little. Lamps and the name of the station appeared. Internal rooms were not changed. Perron expanded, added a line for which it is forbidden to go. I add The locomotive. The reference locomotive is under the spoiler. The car is added also. The water tower of my railway station. I built my own, completely without looking at any particular type. So it's just a water tower. That is all) Thank you for your criticism and comments.
  4. I present you my MOC. It is a four-star hotel "Riviera" in the city of Kazan. Date of construction of hotel is 2008. It is situated on the bank of the river Kazanka. Hotel photo: Thanks for viewing and your comments!
  5. Elen

    [MOC] Railway station

    Hello! I present to your attention the railway station. Front view: Back view: Workplace of the railway station man on duty: Cafe: Passengers awaiting the train: That's all! Comments are welcome)
  6. Elen

    Sad story

    Hey. I want to tell an old story. Thank you for watching!
  7. Elen

    [MOC] The Farmer returns home

    Yes! I like pig-riding! The first I made the same as you. Then I think to make a MOC with it ) Thank you! Thanks a lot!
  8. Hello everybody. My little MOC. A Farmer after a long-long day of working. Thanks for watching!
  9. Elen

    [MOC] Lake house

    Hi! I want to show you my new MOC. It is a house at the lake. A vacationer. A general view. House from the front. The boat is at the dock Let's go some fishing. Thank you for viewing! I love your comments ;-)
  10. Elen

    [MOC] Windmill

    Thank you! Iike when it is rotating. Thank you! I like multi-color! Thank you! I wanted it to look-like a wooden. Thank you for commenting! I am not a man But, Thank you! Thank you! I forgot one photo of inner construction.
  11. Elen

    [MOC] Windmill

    The work was done for a contest "16x16: Technics" on bricker.ru One of the most important inventions of mankind - the invention of the mill. Mill has undergone many changes since its original creation. This work shows the last change of the final design in the late 18th century. In 1772, Scottish inventor proposed to manufacture the blades of the mill from small plates. Before that it was the invention of the rotatable roof. There is a lever at back of the roof of the mill to turn it against the wind. Mill is an octagonal blockhouse on the quadrangle & inside there is a working mechanism : Hipped roof with wings mills turned to the wind with long poles : Wings rotate and set in motion the working mechanism : Millstones : View of the millstone from above: Wings : Thank you for viewing and comments!
  12. Good day. Mermaid - a fabulous character. The work was done for the contest “16x16. Caracter” - http://bricker.ru/contests/44/entry/all/ Figure should have been done on the basis of no more than 16 x 16 pins. Thanks to watching!
  13. Dedicated to the brave sailors who investigated the Northern Sea Route. Thanks for watching!
  14. Elen

    MOC: Horizon Express (Micro)

    Please forgive me for not answering so long It should be micro-PF to fit it Thank you for commenting it! Thank you! Thank you too! I am glad you liked it! I will think about this. It is supposed to be more wagons inside of the tunnel. Thank you! Thank you! It is quite simple snot. You should try it yourself & I am shure you'll find it out... Thank you! I was trying to make it shorter or longer... & I like it the way it is. Thank you!Thank you all for commenting my MOC!
  15. Elen

    MOC: Horizon Express (Micro)

    Thanks! It was so little without scenery. Please write a link to your work, when you'll make it! Thank you! Can you provide some photos of what do you mean?