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  1. ludi

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    in this picture it looks really flimsy and hideous imho
  2. surely you mean 40000 or even 400000, right?
  3. imho it looks quite nice the way it is right now...
  4. shame on me, I totally did not read the "b-model" part...plz ignore my previous statement:>
  5. @aol000xw I honestly can't imagine TLG bringing out such a niche model..
  6. ludi

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    ah, thank you:)
  7. ludi

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    just finished building it...can anyone please tell me in which step I might have missed applying stickers #25?
  8. first of all, thanks for the review, I can't wait to finally own this set (although I was hesitant at first because of the look of the cabin) but excuse what may be a stupid question: how come you already have this set, when the set won't be released until 1st of august?
  9. ludi

    Clone Racers (Copycat Lego)

    thanks for your answers, almost what i suspected the thread blakbird's mentioned is quite a fun read^^
  10. ludi

    Clone Racers (Copycat Lego)

    i've come across this auction on ebay: it explicitely says that it's not affiliated in any way with TLC, but the parts look just like the real deal from what i can tell. furthermore, i'm quite sure that i've seen this car as an MOC somewhere around here... has anyone ever bought this or a comparable set and can tell me something about his experiences? i mean, 70€ for 1,3k pieces is quite a bargain i guess, and from the looks of it, the parts might just be compatible... so, any remarks?
  11. aw man, this is hard so many joints, motors, gears, actuators...i haven't chosen wisely for my first project in ages:D also i don't want to rip off somebody else's design, so after a week or so now i am still testing different designs for the claw, the turntable etc. no real success so far...
  12. i guess you're right, pneumatics would also eliminate the problem i'd be having with cable first design used a linear actuator with a motor right behind it..even if i used the IR as an extension the cable wouldn't be long enough to reach the battery pack i want to install in the chassis are there by any chance lego extension cords?
  13. so i started building the grapper arm, and already i see that this is going to be complicated..there are 3 joints that need to be positionable, i'm having trouble with the "claw"-design, not sure whether to use gears, pneumatics or LAs..oh, and not to speak of powering the whole thing:D at the moment im testing different designs for the claw, i'll keep you guys updated when i've found something i feel comfortable with oh, and on a side note, as i mentioned i started building top-down, should i rather have started from the bottom, i.e. the turntable?